What's Your Daily Vice?


Thursday, July 30, 2015

We all have our vices. Mine would be coffee, sleeping in late, wine, SHOPPING. But luckily for me, one of my vices has turned into a rather enjoyable outlet for myself - this blog. (I don't see coffee or wine giving me many career opportunities, but maybe I'm not doing it right?) Anyway, one of my vices has been made even more accessible and affordable through the new DAILY VICE app. Each day, DAILY VICE hosts a 24-hour-only flash sale on items marked down on super sale. And if I've proven anything at all with my recent Nordstrom posts, I LOVE a good deal. And being the deal lover that I am, I have teamed up with DAILY VICE to curate today's sale - what!! For the next 24-hours, you can find my hand-picked ring set for only $38 marked down from $120!

The Star Crawler ring totally steals the show and can be worn by itself or with additional rings which is why I also wanted to include the Roman Numeral ring which is a great ring for pairing with statement pieces. 

Download the DAILY VICE app to get more information and to order the set! And see the full post to get any additional outfit details (it's on sale too!)

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A Letter to My Future Self with Clinique


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Today's post is somewhat serious and reflective because Clinique has challenged me to join their #FaceForward campaign and answer the question "If I could give my future self any advice what would it be?" This question would be relatively easy if we were talking about my past self... but my future self? I had to sit down and ask myself some pretty real questions about where I envision myself in the future and what I hope to be doing at certain points in my life.

I've reached a point in my graphic design career where I'm realizing my worth in an entirely different skill set, and I'm getting more and more comfortable (and maybe even looking forward) to the idea of being more involved in the creative process. One could look at this blog and my social media accounts and venture to say that I am, in fact, my own creative director. This blog has become my brand and every decision that I make in terms of content, photo locations, social media interaction - it's all basically creatively branding myself. So what would I tell my future self as a creative director? Instead of writing out a typical list of advice for my future self, I thought I'd make it a little more interactive by "creating" my list through these images!

These top 4 pieces of advice are also things that I try to remind myself every day, but sometimes, they seem to get lost. At the beginning of the year, I filled out a goal sheet for myself that I recently read back over. It was surprising how energizing reading over that small list of goals could be (most of those goals have already been surpassed even)! Leaving little reminders for your future self or even noting where you at now in your goal stages can remind you later of that purpose when you lose sight.

Clinique challenging me to answer their #FaceForward campaign reminded me to continuously set new goals and continue to ask myself where I'd like to be in the future. 

Do you have any affirmations you'd want to tell your future self or past goals that you can be re-inspired by? Be sure to share it on social media using the #FaceForward hashtag, and you can search the hashtag to be inspired by more stories too!

Thank you to Clinique for sponsoring this post and challenging me to set new goals!

Nordstrom Sale Picks to Wear Now Pt. 3


I hope no one is tired of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale yet - because if you don't love a good sale, you probably shouldn't be reading this blog, am I right?! I know I mentioned in yesterday's post how I plan on wearing my sale picks to work, but I'd like to further that conversation with this Nordstrom wear-to-work outfit post. Literally, loving everything about this camel and red combo for transitioning into fall. I would definitely wear these black cropped pants and white v-neck tee with a great heel to work - right now. The camel waterfall cardigan is just an added bonus for walking around my building also known as an icebox. The fabric is so soft and perfect for snuggling right back into your desk chair... : /

Okay, so the cardigan has sold out - that was fast! For those who love the look, here is the link to a waterfall cardigan on sale for the same price in 3 different colors: http://rstyle.me/cz-n/69aj3qaj6

See the full outfit and get more information in today's full post!

nordstrom sale items to wear to work
steve madden fringe heels nordstrom
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nordstrom sale blogger outfit
nordstrom sale items to wear now
henri bendel calfhair clutch
nordstrom sale outfit favorites
krystal faircloth of a pinch of lovely
what to buy now in the nordstrom sale

Wayf cropped black pants c/o / Nordstrom Sale item
camel waterfall cardiganNordstrom Sale item
Steve Madden red fringe heels Nordstrom Sale item
When the temperatures actually do drop, I could see this cardigan also being a great layering piece under jackets or vests too. Just thought I would mention that since it's the perfect color for being a staple layering piece. Plus, it will go with all your camel boots and booties too!
Remember to check my two previous outfit posts with Nordstrom sale picks for more ideas on what to snag before the sale ends!

This Maxi is a Keeper


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This Keepsake floral maxi dress is ah-mazing y'all. I'm obsessed with this floral pattern, and if it came as pillows or curtains or wallpaper, it would be somewhere in my house by now. But it's not, so I will justify my obsession by sharing these outfit photos with you guys. I know someone else out there will love it as much as I do! And it might be worth mentioning that it's on sale right now! (It seems like everything is on sale right now doesn't it? But that's only good news!) 

See how I wore this Keepsake maxi on my recent trip to Watercolor/Seaside and what else I wore that's also on sale in today's post!

summer vacation maxi dress
blush clutch on sale
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