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    My Spring To-Do List + Striped Romper

    Spring is my FAVORITE season. Hello, ruffles and florals and stripes and blush. I mean, these things are basically everything my blog is made for! So it only makes sense for me to especially love spring and all the sunshine-y things that it brings. I’ve set my sights pretty high this year, and I created a pretty fantastic spring to-do list for myself. Writing things down always gives me a bit more initiative to take action on my thoughts. So, I thought that I would share my little list along with this striped romper from Buddy Love that basically has SPRING written all over it!

    Ps. I also did a to-do list for fall here – I’m all about the lists you guys!

    If you’re not super familiar with Buddy Love, I know you are going to love it. They always have really fun printed pieces for under $100. Make sure to check out their new arrivals, get ready to swoon over their palm print + pink combo! Right now you can use BUDDYLOVESKRYSTAL for 20% off sitewide!

    What are you guys most looking forward to doing this spring? I’d love to hear your suggestions if you have any to add to my list!

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    Striped Off The Shoulder Romper | Spring To-Do List | Spring Outfit Ideas Striped Off The Shoulder Romper | Spring To-Do List | Spring Outfit Ideas

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    Road Trip Essentials For a Girls’ Getaway

    It’s hard to believe that after years of traveling together, Jenn (Haute Off the Rack) and I had never hopped in the car for a road trip! We decided spring was the perfect time for us to head to 30A, and we started planning our first adventure on the road. Normally for trips to the beach, I’m in the car with Jordan – and that’s a whole different dynamic. Talk radio, country music, limited bathroom breaks. Needless to say, I was excited for a girls-only beach escape, and I started rounding up some road trip essentials perfect for our beach getaway!

    In between Jenn’s incessant Disney musical performances and many rest top breaks, we also had a list of podcasts to listen to as well as snacks. I think Lainey, our photographer, might have wanted to throw herself out of the car a few times. I was in charge of snacks and treats, and I had packed away a few bags of Werther’s Cocoa Crémes – new flavor alert! (And these are not the Werther’s you remember from your grandparent’s house. These are chewy caramels filled with the most delicious chocolate filling. Talking more about them + about a fun giveaway below.)

    See what other road trip essentials made our Top 5 List this trip in today’s full post!

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    Road Trip Essentials Road Trip Essentials

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    New Product Alert | Cellulite Contouring Cream

    Once it’s officially spring, we tend to kick our bikini body fitness routine into overdrive. (Juice cleanse, treadmill workouts. Let’s kick it up a notch.) What if I told you that there’s a new product that is dedicated to speeding up the process? Heck yes! Enter Clarins Body Fit – a cellulite contouring cream formula that helps visibly reduce cellulite. Clarins is challenging me to test out their newest product to see if I can get firmer, toner looking skin just right in time for my next beach vacay!

    Consider this product the extra step in your fitness routine that you never knew you needed. And after taking a few weeks off from my regular Tread BR classes due to travel, I’m definitely ready for a new jumpstart! I’ve already started using it, and it smells SO good you guys. I apply after dry brushing, and it’s almost like a luxurious spa appointment at home. Here’s one of those #treatyoself kind of moments while banishing cellulite – I think we can all get on board with that!

    Have you guys tried any sort of home treatments for cellulite contouring or skin firmness? Would love to hear what you guys think. And of course, I’ll be sure to share some updates and results to this post later!

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    New Product Alert: Clarins Body Fit | Cellulite Contouring Cream New Product Alert: Clarins Body Fit | Cellulite Contouring Cream

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    Ladylike in Lace-Up Flats with Rockport

    When you’re thinking about your spring travels, you probably never really consider how much time you’ll spend on your feet. That is until you realize you didn’t pack any practical shoes. (Ahem, me on most trips.) If you’re like me, you get really excited about your vacay outfits and pack all of your heels and wedges. BUT what you really need is a shoe to save your feet in between all of the fancy footwear. That’s where these Rockport lace-up flats come in!

    Because you want to be comfortable, but you don’t want to look like Sporty Spice every day of your vacation, right? I’ve owned quite a few lace-up flats in my day, but none have been as comfortable as this pair! There are cushions on the inside that are like little feet-saving clouds. These Rockport flats were perfect for me to wear on my recent 30A beach trip because at night we were walking to restaurants for dinner. I never once had to stop and think about my feet – just the menu!

    Not only are these lace-up flats a travel must-have, they’re also perfect for any gal on her feet all day. I have been raving about how great these shoes would be for anyone with a job that requires a lot of standing or walking. They also offer a lot of versatility because they can be dressed up or down – definitely a good option to go from desk to dinner!

    PS. After getting to know the Rockport brand a little better and experiencing their shoes firsthand, I can absolutely tell their commitment to quality. Since wearing these lace-up flats, I’ve also tried another amazingly comfortable style that I’ll be sharing soon! 

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    Rockport lace-up flats - a comfy AND pretty option for gals on their feet all day Spring's comfiest lace-up flats

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    How to Wear Spring Neutrals w/ Nordstrom

    This time of year, pastels are usually taking over my closet! (You might have seen this post already on Instagram.) BUT I realize not everyone is into baby blue and blush as much as I am – which is crazy right? Just kidding. So I want to share how to wear spring neutrals using some budget-friendly pieces from Nordstrom and the most amazing studded heels!

    ICYMI, I dedicated a recent post to my favorite Nordstrom spring shoes!

    First of all let me say, these Dolce Vita sandals are the most comfortable heels that I’ve worn in a while! The block heel makes them super supportive, while the cork makes them extra comfy to walk around in. And don’t be fooled by the buckles – there is a tassel zipper on the inside for easy access! Paired with this off the shoulder top and calf hair clutchboth under $50 – you have a great set of neutral basics to update your spring outfits.

    And perhaps the most important spring neutral piece of all – your white denim. I’m rounding up some great white denim skinny jean options below available from Nordstrom! Style Tip: Cropped jeans are a big trend this season and pair well with tall sandals like the ones in today’s post.

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    How to Wear Spring Neutrals | Budget-Friendly Picks from Nordstrom How to Wear Spring Neutrals | Budget-Friendly Picks from Nordstrom

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