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    6 Inspiring Podcasts For Personal Growth & Business Strategy

    It’s crazy to think that just six months ago, I had never really listened to a podcast before! After leaving my full-time job, I started looking to fill that coworker void that occurs when you work from home. I did so by finding relevant webinars and inspiring podcasts to listen to throughout the day. Now my podcast list has quadrupled, and I’m wondering what took me so long. Not only are they great for personal development, podcasts can help you create the career and life you want to live!

    But how exactly do you go about finding inspiring podcasts aimed at creative entrepreneurs and personal growth? Other than opting in to numerous newsletters, word of mouth has been the BEST way that I’ve discovered my favorite podcasts. So consider this post my word of mouth to you if you’re looking for new inspiring podcasts to dive into!

    (I’m including a few guilty pleasures if you love some reality TV too!)

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    6 Inspiring Podcasts for personal growth and business strategy

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    Friday Favorites: Wellness Products

    Today’s post is dedicated to my favorite wellness products that have been helping me recharge my health. At the end of last year, I was feeling, so blah – no energy, no focus, always in a funk. I have been calling them my slug days. Because I basically felt just like a slug – leaving a trail of sluggish bad energy behind me everywhere I went. I wanted to majorly overhaul my self-care and wellness to start the new year, so I started integrating easy, little habits to kickstart the process of getting back on track.

    I definitely want to expand on these three categories in the next few months, but as a quick intro, I am sharing what’s been helping me FEEL more like me!

    See below for three of my favorite wellness products this month!

    Favorite Wellness Products | Swapping out Carbonated Sodas for Carbonated Water

    Nike Juvenate in gray | athletic leggings | gray long tee | Timex watch | Sole Society bag | Zevia water

    Favorite Wellness Products | Adding Essential Oils to Your Morning and Bedtime Routines

    Essential Oils

    Essential oils are quickly becoming part of my everyday routine! Right now, I’m using a mixture of both Doterra oils and Aveda’s balancing chakra oils. I use the Doterra Lavender on my inner wrists to help me sleep deeper and Breathe in the diffusor if I’m having sinus issues before bedtime. To get the morning started, I add Lemon to my water for my workouts. After workouts, I’ll pick a chakra oil to spray depending on what my motivation for the day is. I would love love love to get more into essential oils in a longer post soon! Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites or combinations I should try!

    Favorite Wellness Products | This handheld skin exfoliator is an easy way to achieve microdermabrasion at home!

    Dry Brushing / Exfoliation

    I’ve talked about dry brushing before and how important it is to the body’s lymphatic system, but I’ve discovered this little handheld exfoliator that basically acts like a dry brush for my face! Crystal Smooth has a crystalized head that comes in three different strengths. (I’ve worked my way up to moderate!) I use it in between my PMD sessions for a routine that’s super close to microdermabrasion at home!

    Favorite Wellness Products | Swapping out carbonated sodas for carbonated water instead

    Carbonated Water

    You guys… I LOVE Diet Coke. It’s been my biggest vice for years!! But I knew to make any healthy progress this year, ditching the soda was one thing that had to happen. My Diet Coke served as my afternoon pick-me-up after my morning coffee wore off. That first sip out of the can – it was like a drug – anyone feel me on this? There was basically no way I was going to quit cold turkey. I had to find something that still gave me that little fizzy lift. Since around November, I have officially switched to carbonated water (or sparkling if you wanna be fancy). There are a ton of flavors out there if you can’t get on board with just normal carbonated water. Zevia has a TON of flavors that almost feel like you’re drinking a soda. So, I am still giving myself an afternoon treat now without all the chemicals!

    Do you guys have any favorite wellness products that I should try? Leave them in the comments below or over in Instagram!

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    Instagram Outfit Round-Up 1.11

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted an Instagram outfit round-up, but I’ve been sharing what feels like a ton of new outfits lately! A lot of these won’t make it on the blog for a full post, so I wanted to share the links in case you missed any of the LTK emails etc. Let me know if you guys find these types of posts helpful! 🙂

    And as always, you can find ALL of my IG outfit posts with ready-to-shop links, under the SHOP tab at the top of this site OR via the link in my IG bio.

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    High Slit Top | Instagram Outfit

    Lanston top | cognac crossbody | Sole Society heels

    distressed jeans (similar style) | Kendra Scott Staley necklace + Shelli bracelet | Timex watch

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    5 Smart Desk Accessories To Get Organized & Productive + A GIVEWAY

    We’ve got the first full week of the new year under out belts to see how we’re feeling! Are you still motivated or are you losing some steam? In case you’ve already been pressing the snooze button, I’m sharing 5 of my favorite desk accessories to get organized and productive! AND at the very end of this post, you’ll find one amazing giveaway. Up for grabs you’ll find all of the essentials you need to GSD (get shit done)! Now let’s get started!

    desk accessories to boost productivity!

    See all 5 desk accessories to get organized and productive below + shop my favorites by clicking anywhere on the image below:

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    Seven 2016 Trends To Wear In 2017

    My favorite wardrobe pieces from last year just happen to be on my list of trends to wear in 2017! Which is great news for me because I can continue to remix these pieces into new outfits. But it’s also great for you guys who have already invested in some of them too. Like with some trends, I’m can be hesitant to jump on board, so if you had any doubts about the below pieces, you can rest assure, they are making a comeback in a major way!

    7 Trends to Try in 2017

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