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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with my Sisters

Just a couple of pictures from Christmas in lieu of an outfit post. If not today, I'm not sure where I can squeeze it in! These are some pictures of the LSU tree in the den, complete with Mike the Tiger as the tree topper! We have this tree every year, but it keeps getting better.

Pictures from Christmas Eve. This is when Brinkley refused to take a "sister" picture bc she was too busy taking quarters out of the slot machine, so Amanda and I took one by ourselves. Consequently, there was a meltdown over by the slots, which by the way is not a Christmas decoration. It's there all year round.

After the meltdown, Brinkley agreed to take a picture with us. After a couple of retakes and her almost turning over the entire table of ornaments behind us, we finally got a framer. Turned out really cute! You almost wouldn't guess that this one shot took about twenty minutes and two different locations.

Decorations on the table for gumbo,  a Christmas Eve tradition. But most times, I stuff myself with the snacks first, and this year was no different.

About to unwrap presents on Christmas morning. About 95% of those presents are torn through by Brinkley in a matter of 10 minutes. Play hair dryers, walking dogs and puzzle pieces everywhere.
By far, one of the most interesting Christmas gifts I've ever received. These were supposed to be wine glasses with mine and Amanda's face painted on them. Which in theory is an original gift. Just not really sure who those people on our glasses are!! I think the decision was unanimous that these look absolutely nothing like the two of us.

I decided to display mine on top of the refrigerator anyway.  Makes me think of Christmas with my two sisters. :)
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