Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Wore... Tacky Sweater

It's amazing what a couple packs of glue sticks and pom poms can this case, amazingly tacky sweaters. Two hours before our friend's tacky sweater party, we had no sweaters and no time to go thrifting. After surveying the options at Wal-Mart, I made an executive decision to get some sweatshirts and make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby. About 45 mins later...

TAA-DAAAA! DIY ugly sweaters! Odie also decided to get in on the fun as he donned his very own Ho Ho Ho sweater.

Really quick project to do. The faster you glue, the uglier it gets!


  1. Your Mimi said she loves these sweaters! And I see that O.D.B. is stylin' as well. :D

  2. Rex says that he really likes Odie's sweater & is now trying to convince me to buy one for him. Sometimes I really wish Rex wasn't blessed with the ability to speak human.

  3. hahahha Linda. Rex needs a sweater anyway! I'm sure he's freezing in all that "snow" that Bree made for him!


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