Monday, July 11, 2011

Cocoa & Hearts via Adore Home

I was clicking through Adore Home's latest e-magazine issue, and I fell in love with this spread of home photos. It's so crisp and white while having both modern touches - like those translucent bar stools and bursts of color - like the brightly colored paintings. Reading a little deeper into the article, I learned the home pictured belongs to the artist behind Cocoa & Hearts. She makes those vibrant circle paintings and sells them! (They sort of remind me of someone drawing with lipstick...) There are also smaller sized paintings featuring different palettes.

But mainly, I'm loving all of the white - walls, couches, chairs! How hard would it be to keep a house that white?? If I were certain I could maintain that bleach white color (and didn't have a dog with black hair),  I'd run out and buy a can of white paint.


  1. love. it. it's so graphic and vibrant!

  2. Wow I adore the color scheme of black & white paired with pops of color! Thanks for introducing me to this artist! She's great!

    <3 Kelly


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