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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So some of you might be scrolling down confused you are on the wrong site! Nope, this is my first Deconstructed post to feature someone else!

I saw Kerri one night when we started talking about A Pinch of Lovely. Literally within minutes, this new post came to life -  a Deconstructed style post that would feature a different person each month. The criteria? They would be well put together, have a wardrobe I admire and would be willing to let me raid their closet. Lucky me (and you), Kerri agreed to be my first feature for the month of April! (Okay, so it's a week before April, but I couldn't help myself.)

Of course, I was excited because it meant I got to dig through Kerri's closet and piece together outfits with her, but I also got a little unexpected inspiration. Kerri's jewelry collection is, in a word, amazing. But never, in my entire life of dressing myself have I ever started an outfit by picking out my jewelry first... thoughts? Kerri says she starts by picking out the jewelry she wants to wear first and chooses her pieces of clothing around that. A completely new way to think about your outfits - accessories first.

Another thing that I loved was Kerri's assortment of high and low items. Her staple wardrobe pieces are also her investment pieces. This girl has three pair of Louboutin's but opted for fun Charlotte Russe wedges for our shoot - proving that you can be well-dressed on any budget.

Thanks Kerri for being my first little guinea pig!! :)

Anthropologie lace top; skirt from Blink Boutique; necklace from Dillard's; Urban Outfitters belt, Marc Jacobs watch; assorted bracelets; Charlotte Russe wedges.
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