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    Tie Front Dress Styles For Summer

    While in Palm Beach (see my travel recap here), we made sure to make a visit to Major Alley, the spot in today’s post with MAJOR (get it?) floral wall #goals. It’s a spot nestled right off of Peruvian – the same street from this post about packable vacation dresses. But instead of the slip dress, I’m talking about another summer dress trend to try now – the tie front dress.

    The midi dress has always been a fave of mine, but it’s getting a little summer update with a twist – literally. I’ve been seeing a lot of these tie front styles lately, and they are adorable for vacation packing. This tie front dress is especially great because of the light material and no-fuss wearability. I found it for under $100 and wore it to dinner at Pizza al Fresco! (I figured that I might need the room for an extra slice!)

    I’ve already raved about these heels over on Instagram (@apinchoflovely) because they are beyond comfortable! You can also see them in this recent postSee the ready-to-shop widget below for even more tie front styles!

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    My Favorite Aveda Products | Eco-Friendly Beauty

    I’ve mentioned Aveda products here and there in my Friday Favorites posts before. BUT it’s quickly become one of my can’t-live-without brands. Not only is it eco-friendly, it also strives to use all-natural ingredients which I love. So, it only makes sense for me to round up my favorite Aveda products that are currently in my beauty arsenal – get ready there are quite a few!

    I also frequently visit the Paris Parker Aveda location for everything from highlights + lowlights and spa services. If you have an Aveda location in your area, I’d highly suggest trying one of their facials! I made a facial appointment recently when I had a round of hormonal breakouts, and it was a major lifesaver in clearing it up! Talk to them about your skincare concerns, and they will come up with a facial to fit your skin needs.

    And since I already have talked about their chakra essential oils, the massage services are a no-brainer favorite for me too! I love their use of essential oils as a combination to the massage therapy. Ps. Baton Rouge peeps – the Paris Parker spa area is getting a major update and renovation soon to enhance the spa services even more!

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    hair color and style + makeup c/o Paris Parker Aveda

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    Read more about these products in today’s full post!

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    Palm Beach Girls’ Trip Recap

    OH Palm Beach, how you’ve stolen my heart! On my recent and (very first trip) to Palm Beach, I could not get over the glamour and beauty of this little island. Mainly because when you hear the word “island,” you get a totally different visual in your head. Palm Beach is unlike any other island that I’ve ever seen, and I think you’ll see why in today’s trip recap. I’ve put together a post sharing where we stayed, the amazing meals we ate, and all of the things we learned along the way on our Palm Beach girls’ trip!

    Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | Where to Stay in Palm Beach | Palm Beach Itinerary

    Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | Where to Stay in Palm Beach | Palm Beach Itinerary

    Best Packable Vacation Dresses | Summer Slip Dress | Peruvian in Palm Beach

    Where To Stay in Palm Beach

    The Brazilian Hotel is a luxe boutique hotel nestled quietly into neighborhood streets. But I’m not talking any neighborhood. These houses are bougainvillea manicured perfection – you’ve never seen more attractive garage doors, I promise you. The very first thing we did was drop off our luggage and explore the area taking in every picture perfect corner. We quickly found out that nearly everything worth seeing is within walking distance from The Brazilian Court: restaurants, shopping, the beach – more on these in the full post. We only took transportation twice during this trip outside of going to and from the airport!

    Plus, The Brazilian Court has so much to offer its guests. Every morning, we either had breakfast downstairs at Café Boulud or coffee and fruit delivered to the room. (Finally, good hotel iced coffee!) There’s also an on-site salon. You won’t be surprised to hear we arranged for blowouts at the Frédéric Fekkai salon the first morning of our trip. Is there ANYthing better than someone else shampooing and blowdrying your hair? I think not.

    Another thing I loved about the hotel was hearing the history behind it! You can almost imagine the glamourous 1920’s parties that probably took place in its tropical, yellow courtyards. Two of the luxury suites are named Brando and Hepburn after the Old Hollywood celebrities that frequented them. And if you’re into Bravo like me… THIS is where the Countess and Tom got married. Yep I did a twirl in the ballroom for them. See the end of today’s post for a promotional offer from The Brazilian Court!

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    Festival Inspired | The Boho Dress

    I’m so excited to be heading to Hangout Fest for the first time ever this weekend! Festival fashion is always a big trend for spring and summer – also see this post for more festival outfit ideas. So, I wanted to share how I’m wearing the festival inspired boho dress and how you can wear it for weekends even if you aren’t heading out to fest!

    This gorgeous blue maxi dress is by Spell (also in a shorter version) and has really fun cutout details on the side, and I’ve also found this similar version on Nordstrom that’s about half the price. I’ve been wanting to wear this silver bib necklace combo for the longest time, and it was the perfect opportunity to pair it with my silver Loren Hope crystal bracelets!

    Ps. I’ve also mentioned these Sole Society Esme heels on Instagram already, but they are SO comfortable. I’ve been wearing them all over the place. I even wore them all night during a recent wedding with no ouch-moments – highly recommended!

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    Best Packable Vacation Dresses To Throw On and Go!

    Having traveled so much this spring, I can honestly say there’s now a strategy in place each time I plan travel outfits. I’m always attempting to fit as much as I can into one suitcase without getting that overweight bag fee. (Unless I’m flying Southwest – hello, two free checked bags.) Let me tell you – shoes and handbags will get you every time when it comes to your bag being overweight! SO to allow myself a little extra lbs for accessories, I pack lightweight dresses that will tightly roll and take up zero space. Which is why I’ve teamed up with Nordstrom in today’s post to talk about why the slip dress is one of the best packable vacation dresses!

    So why is the slip dress such a great option for travel? (Also mentioned in this slip dress post.) Not only is this floral Billabong slip dress oh-so-cute and easy to pack, it also comes with a budget-friendly price tag – under $50! (It also happened to perfectly match the bougainvillea on Peruvian Street in Palm Beach.) It’s a no-hassle dress style that only requires a quick steam or iron. It can be worn with your favorite denim jacket or even as a swim coverup. It’s also easy to dress up with fun heels or dress down with a pair flat sandals. All of these reasons make the versatile slip dress a must-have in my suitcase for every trip!

    More of my packing tips for shoes and accessories coming later this week!

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