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The Most Annoying Things Bloggers Do On Instagram

Like I mentioned in my 2018 resolutions post, one of my major priorities this year is getting to know YOU! So one of the first things that I did was create a poll on Instagram Stories asking what you’d like to see more of this year on APOL. And then I got a little crazy. In the last story I asked you to DM me the most annoying things bloggers do on Instagram.

I went back and forth about asking this question – to be honest, I was a little scared haha. I ultimately decided that yes, I was opening myself up to criticism, BUT I’ve always wanted this blog to be like having an open and honest conversation with friends. So I did it, and guess what?

You guys BLEW. ME. AWAY.

Some of the messages had me laughing hysterically, and others had me rethinking the way I look at blogging and content creation.

Not only did you 100% confirm that I have the nicest readers and Insta fam ever, you gave me genuine, heartfelt feedback that was more than just superficial. You dug deep, and it was SO good that I decided to dedicate a post with the most popular responses. THANK YOU to every person who took the time to share with me and inspire this post!

Keep Reading The Most Annoying Things Bloggers Do on Instagram

The Most Annoying Things Bloggers Do On Instagram | IG Poll Results

Outfits That Are Too Expensive

This was by far the most sent feedback that I received. You guys are moms, college students and even high school students on a budget. You appreciate beautiful designer items, but you want to be able to recreate looks for less. You’re down to splurge on an investment piece every now and then, but it’s not always an option.

This definitely will vary depending on the blogger and their personal style. For me personally, this feedback serves as an important reminder to explore brands of all different prices points! I’ve already started planning a post about my favorite budget-friendly brands for later this week.

Outfits That Are Out of Stock / Not The Same Items Linked

This is from my users who are tired of falling in love with a beautiful outfit only to find out (sigh) it’s not available. Even worse, it’s linked to something that’s not even very similar.

It’s a best practice to link to similar items to provide users with multiple price options. However, I agree it would be great if everyone could call out in the caption if they’re only linking to similar items. For example, “I’m linking up to similar options because this top is no longer available.” 

The Perception of Perfection

It’s easy for social media to give the illusion that bloggers lead perfect lives because we’re constantly posting a highlight reel of our best moments, best outfits, best travel experiences, best meals etc. We have a full face of makeup on in our photos, and all the wrinkles have been perfectly steamed from our clothes. The majority of our posts can seem impossible (and honestly, pretty unrealistic) to live up to.

This one definitely made me stop and think because I never want to make anyone feel inadequate in any area of life. When I create content, it’s meant to be a resource for inspiration while also offering some sort of value – whether it’s what to wear, home decor questions, helpful skincare tips etc. I’m here to help you find your most confident self not inhibit it!

Trust me, there’s a lot of imperfect happening over this way. If I’m wearing sunglasses in my photos, there’s a good chance it’s because I didn’t have eye makeup on that day. In fact, most days, I’m messy-bun-getting-stuff-done at my computer from 8 am until 8 pm, but that’s not the side that I usually share on social media. The proof is in ALL of the blog post outtakes – those are some real gems. Should I share and make #APinchofNormal a thing on IG Stories?

The Most Annoying Things Bloggers Do On Instagram | IG Poll Results

More Real Life, Less Curation

This one is a lot similar to the above feedback about perfection but in terms of real life scenarios and situations. You want to hear more personal stories and struggles – captions with real thoughts! And you want to see less staged photos – more of us doing things in real life.

I think there is a lot of bravery in being raw on social media these days. We are in a world where keyboard bullies are a real thing. I’ve seen fake IG accounts made JUST to comment mean-spirited things on bloggers’ posts. There’s a website forum made specifically to pick apart the flaws of bloggers, their photos, their families etc. Getting “real” can be scary. So with that in mind, this is something I am constantly working to get more comfortable with!

Overuse of the Word “Favorite”

“This is my favorite sweater ever.” But wait, didn’t you say your sweater from two days ago was your favorite?

You guys are tired of the word favorite, and I don’t blame you because c’mon, not everything can be your “favorite.” Running a close second is the overuse of the word “cute.”

This is actually a huge pet peeve of mine. I try to never use the word favorite unless I am whole-heartedly obsessed with something. Let’s find some new adjectives (or use a thesaurus) in 2018!

Brand Partnerships That Don’t Feel Genuine

You guys are not fools when it comes to #ad or #sponsored. And you know when something just feels icky and insincere about a brand partnership. Transparency is important to you, and you want bloggers who have product recommendations – sponsored or not – that you can trust.

I hope 2018 will be the year that really separates those bloggers that are in it for the right reasons (community, creativity, connections) and those that are in it for the $$$ only. Keep in mind, I will never partner or share a brand/sponsored product on my platforms that I would not personally recommend to a friend in real life. 

International Loop Giveaways

International Loop Giveaways spamming up your IG feed?! Y’all. Let’s let 2018 be the end of the loop giveaways for good. You’re tired of them, I’m tired of them. I’m tired of feeling like I have to participate in them because everyone else is. I’m really hoping we can break the cycle on this one. (fingers crossed)

But let’s face it, with Instagram choosing what you see and when you see it, people will continue look for ways to beat the algorithm and win the engagement game.

Honorable Mentions:

When an IG Story is “a zillion tiny segments that look like periods.”

Too many selfies.

When bloggers wrap themselves in Christmas lights. (I LOLed so hard at this one.)

Try-on sessions that last too long.

Too many creepy animal filters. (My personal fave)

Have something to add to the list? Or would you be interested in me doing a FULL post on any of these things? Let me know in the comments or email me:

Photos by Eric Garcia

The Most Annoying Things Bloggers Do On Instagram | IG Poll Results

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