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    Why The Classic Pantsuit Solves Every Outfit Dilemma

     About a month ago, we were invited to an event that was business attire, and I had the most difficult time deciding what to wear. I knew most of the people attending were from law firms and political groups, and here I was a work-from-home fashion blogger… Not exactly the closet full of workwear options, right? But a light bulb went off, and I reached for a classic pantsuit that I’ve had for YEARS.

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    Classic Navy Pantsuit | Why Every Girl Needs A Classic Pantsuit In Her Closet

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    A Trip to Upstate New York with MacKenzie-Childs

    There are moments in your life that make you realize that time is a flat circle (True Detective reference). And for me one of those moments of clarity and appreciation of life’s little coincidences was on my recent trip to upstate New York. When I was younger, I would travel with my grandparents to upstate New York during the summer. It was the first place I tried my hand at ceramics as I fired my little pieces in my cousin Sarah’s kiln. And 20 years later, I was back in the same area with one of the most whimsical ceramics brands, MacKenzie-Childs! I’m sharing details on my trip to Camp Courtly Check in today’s full post. 

    Meet the other bloggers and their favorite Mackenzie-Childs picks here!

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    Upstate New York with MacKenzie-Childs

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    Instantly Upgrade Your Summer Moments

    Summer finally being here can only mean two things – warm days and cool drinks. And I don’t know about you, but I’d like to enjoy the best of both worlds by putting them together. That’s why I’m sharing an easy and quick summer refreshment hack to instantly upgrade your summer moments with Ecco Domani Wines!

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    Instantly Upgrade Your Summer Moments | Summer Wine Cocktails | Ecco Domani Wines x Christian Siriano Instantly Upgrade Your Summer Moments | Summer Wine Cocktails | Ecco Domani Wines x Christian Siriano

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    The Details on Our Private Villa in Tuscany

    Finally! I’m spilling all of the details on our private villa in Tuscany today! First and foremost, I cannot take any credit for finding this amazing home perched among the cliffs above Greve in Chianti. Jenn’s (Haute Off the Rack) stepdad found this 20-person villa for their family vacation in Italy, and Jordan and I were lucky enough to snag an extra invite! By the end of the week, we were practically a part of the family ha!

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    The Details on Our Villa Rental in Tuscany | Renting a Villa in Italy | Private Villa in Tuscany Picnic Inspiration | Tuscan Hillsides at Sunset

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    Brow 101 | Eyebrow Before and After

    Brows are indisputably the biggest beauty trend for 2017, and microblading has become THE treatment to try. But, I’ll tell you the reasons why I’m NOT microblading and what I am doing instead in today’s post. I’m including my eyebrow before and after – as well as what I learned at my brow consultation at HiBrow Beauty Bar!

    To understand why I’m not considering microblading, we need to go back to my high school days. Those were the days of the skinny brow and my obsessive compulsive relationship with the tweezers. I could have literally titled this post “Lessons In Over-Plucking,” but I digress. When I look in the mirror today, I see sparse, assymmetric brows that are the direct result of my teenage plucking sprees. And compared to photos of my pre-plucked brows, it’s really quite tragic.

    So you must be thinking – this is exactly why one should get microblading – to fill those spaces semi-permanently. BUT that’s exactly why I’ve decided against it. I narrowly escaped one eyebrow trend in my lifetime! I am lucky to still have the brows that I have left. So yes, I am being super cautious and overly-protective of my eyebrows during this second wave of brow popularity. And just to be sure, I met with Lauren Prats, the owner of HiBrow New Orleans to get a professional’s perspective on the situation. See what I learned in today’s full post!

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    Brow 101 | Eyebrow Before & After | Hi Brow Nola Brow 101 | Eyebrow Before & After | Hi Brow Nola

    Brow 101 | Eyebrow Before & After | Hi Brow Nola

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