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Friday Favorites

    Friday Favorites, Lovely Favorites

    Friday Favorites | 1.12.18

    New Wall Art | Friday Favorites

    1. Blank Canvas

    Kinda taking the new year, fresh start, blank canvas thing literally in our house right now! I’ve basically removed every painting and piece of art off the walls and am looking to refresh our home decor this month. While I still love the print above our bed, I think I want something a little different now. I also removed our gallery wall behind our couch a few months ago because I want to find to large scale pieces that will replace it. I haven’t quite found what I’m looking for yet, but please email me if you have local artist suggestions or a favorite site to find artwork. Hope to update you guys on this progress soon as I think wall art can really transform a room.

    Favorite New Beauty Product | Tata Harper Clarifying Mask | APOL Friday Favorites

    2. Tata Harper Skincare

    I’ve heard a lot of really great things about the Tata Harper skincare line, namely that it’s 100% natural and non-chemical. I had this clarifying mask for about a month before I actually tried it though. It was right after Christmas, my skin was majorly freaking out on me from all of the added sugar in my diet. I had multiple small breakouts pop up on my cheeks – and this is normally where I get them when I’m eating poorly. I had heard this particular Tata Harper clarifying mask was a miracle worker on blemishes and wanted to see if all the reviews were true. You. Guys. The hype is real.

    I wore this mask at night not expecting much. My skin was definitely softer and a little dewey right after, but when I woke up the next morning, the blemishes had basically disappeared. Now this is a pretty small jar, so I’ll most likely only use it for those exact instances where I want to hopefully wake up with clearer skin. I also have used the Tata Harper clarifying moisturizer that goes with it, and now I’ll wear it on in-between days when I’m just working from home. I’ve definitely had clearer skin after using these two!

    The Most Annoying Things Bloggers Do On Instagram | IG Poll Results

    3. Favorite Blog Post This Week

    Ask and you shall receive. That’s exactly what I learned last week when I polled my audience on IG Stories. I asked for people to direct message me the one thing that bothers them most about bloggers/influencers on Instagram. OH BOY, did I get a response! I thought about sharing the most helpful screenshots on IG, but even better – I did a full blog post on it! I shared all of the feedback that I received in one big post, and in case you didn’t catch it yet, READ IT HERE. I’m really excited to share this one!

    Two Books to Start Your New Year With | Books For Entrepreneurs | Tribe of Mentors

    4. Reading List

    I picked up a new book this week that I saw on The Skinny Confidential’s IG Story called Tribe of Mentors. I’ve been meaning to get back into reading – it’s literally been months since I’ve picked a book up. I usually listen to podcasts while multi-tasking because I can’t seem to set aside time to devote to a book. BUT because one of my main intentions this year is to keep learning, I wanted to start with this one in particular. Will let you guys know how I like it – would you be interested in a post about my favorite books? A few of my other favorites are The 4-Hour Work Week, The Secret (have read this one multiple times), and I also started Your Best Year Ever.

    5. Best Weekend Sales

    Score 40% off full-price items at Ann Taylor

    Anthropologie is offering 20% off select home items

    Use promo code 3038 for $25 off every $100 at Express

    Fresh new arrivals at Loft are 40% off

    Urban Outfitters has up to 40% off home items right now

    Friday Favorites, Lifestyle

    Friday Favorites: Wellness Products

    Today’s post is dedicated to my favorite wellness products that have been helping me recharge my health. At the end of last year, I was feeling, so blah – no energy, no focus, always in a funk. I have been calling them my slug days. Because I basically felt just like a slug – leaving a trail of sluggish bad energy behind me everywhere I went. I wanted to majorly overhaul my self-care and wellness to start the new year, so I started integrating easy, little habits to kickstart the process of getting back on track.

    I definitely want to expand on these three categories in the next few months, but as a quick intro, I am sharing what’s been helping me FEEL more like me!

    See below for three of my favorite wellness products this month!

    Favorite Wellness Products | Swapping out Carbonated Sodas for Carbonated Water

    Nike Juvenate in gray | athletic leggings | gray long tee | Timex watch | Sole Society bag | Zevia water

    Favorite Wellness Products | Adding Essential Oils to Your Morning and Bedtime Routines

    Essential Oils

    Essential oils are quickly becoming part of my everyday routine! Right now, I’m using a mixture of both Doterra oils and Aveda’s balancing chakra oils. I use the Doterra Lavender on my inner wrists to help me sleep deeper and Breathe in the diffusor if I’m having sinus issues before bedtime. To get the morning started, I add Lemon to my water for my workouts. After workouts, I’ll pick a chakra oil to spray depending on what my motivation for the day is. I would love love love to get more into essential oils in a longer post soon! Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites or combinations I should try!

    Favorite Wellness Products | This handheld skin exfoliator is an easy way to achieve microdermabrasion at home!

    Dry Brushing / Exfoliation

    I’ve talked about dry brushing before and how important it is to the body’s lymphatic system, but I’ve discovered this little handheld exfoliator that basically acts like a dry brush for my face! Crystal Smooth has a crystalized head that comes in three different strengths. (I’ve worked my way up to moderate!) I use it in between my PMD sessions for a routine that’s super close to microdermabrasion at home!

    Favorite Wellness Products | Swapping out carbonated sodas for carbonated water instead

    Carbonated Water

    You guys… I LOVE Diet Coke. It’s been my biggest vice for years!! But I knew to make any healthy progress this year, ditching the soda was one thing that had to happen. My Diet Coke served as my afternoon pick-me-up after my morning coffee wore off. That first sip out of the can – it was like a drug – anyone feel me on this? There was basically no way I was going to quit cold turkey. I had to find something that still gave me that little fizzy lift. Since around November, I have officially switched to carbonated water (or sparkling if you wanna be fancy). There are a ton of flavors out there if you can’t get on board with just normal carbonated water. Zevia has a TON of flavors that almost feel like you’re drinking a soda. So, I am still giving myself an afternoon treat now without all the chemicals!

    Do you guys have any favorite wellness products that I should try? Leave them in the comments below or over in Instagram!

    Behind the Blog, Friday Favorites, Lovely Favorites

    5 Things To Know About This Weekend!

    1. Gigi New York Sale Friends & Family Sale

    One of the best Gigi New York sales of the year is going on now! Use code WEAREFAMILY to take 30% off handbags sitewide like my Jenni saddle bag!

    Ps. I will be giving away this exact Jenni bag on Monday night over on Instagram!

    2. This Week’s Favorite Articles

    I read A LOT of internet articles every week. Some for entertainment and some for learning purposes. Here are just a few things that I read this week that I’d recommend checking out:

    Instagram Ad Visibility

    How to Automatically Block Offensive IG Comments

    How to Take Gorgeous Photos with Your Phone

    All You Need to Know About the Twitter 140 Character Update


    3. Things I Ordered This Week

    Should I be embarrassed about this one? Probably. But there were so many good sales going on this week! Here are a few things that I picked up to enhance my fall wardrobe – and some that I’m currently contemplating too! (Shop this look here!)


    4. Cheers to the Weekend with Barefoot Bubbly

    Did you see my super fun Instagram post inspired by Barefoot Bubbly’s newest flavors? Of course, I picked the berry-infused sparkling wine because bold berry colors are my absolute favorite for fall. If you love the bubbly and fruity flavors, definitely give it a try – I’ll be toasting to the weekend with a glass (or two) later tonight! (Shop this look here!)

    5. Sneak Peek of What’s Coming Up Next Week!

    Want a run down of what’s happening with APOL next week? I’ll be:

    • Celebrating National Handbag Day (with a giveaway!)
    • Sharing my new favorite camel boots
    • Spilling about two very BIG fall sale events
    • Putting together a round-up of all things SUEDE
    • Talking tips for taking better blog photos
    • Attending a fun beauty event at Saks on Thursday
    • Crashing a meeting with LSU Fashion Merchandising Students

    It’s going to be a good week ahead you guys, have a safe and fun weekend! xo

    Friday Favorites, Product Roundup

    Labor Day Weekend Favorites + The Best LDW Sales!

    I missed my Friday Favorites post yesterday – mainly because I was running around the mall all day trying to find outfits for fashion week – you might have seen my distress and then triump on Snapchat yesterday haha. SO instead here are my WEEKEND favorites complete with all of the best Labor Day sales and promo codes. (Some that I’ve already shopped.)

    1. New Products I’m Loving This Week

    Tous Perfume / Pixi Fall Lip Colors

    Dermalogica Phyto Replenish / This Works Pillow Spray (LOVE THIS STUFF)

    Simplified Planner keeping me organized

    Read more

    Friday Favorites

    Friday Favorites + Timex Giveaway – 8.26

    1. Kendra Scott Nail Polish Launches Today!

    Ever wish your nails were as pretty as those Kendra Scott jewels on your wrist? Um, yes – the Kendra Scott polish collection launches today! I was lucky to get my hands on a few colors and the top coat in my favorite colors for fall, or should I say metallics? I’m trying out the metallic gold and rose gold polishes as well as the classic red lacquer to go with all my heavy metals this season! 

    I mean how pretty are these bottles? 

    Scoop them up and see the entire Kendra Scott Nail polish collection here!

    2. Cute & Quality Clear Bag Options for Football Season

    Ever since the NFL rolled over to a clear bag only policy, we’ve been slowly seeing college stadiums slowly following suit. So the problem now for fashionistas is trying to find a quality clear bag that isn’t made of flimsy plastic or chain so thin it will snap on you second gameday. 

    Simply Chic Baton Rouge is exclusively carrying these Savvy Root clear handbags that come with both a chain strap and a black leather strap. Swing buy the store or place your order over the phone!

    (More gameday fun with this bag and clothing options coming up next week!)

    3. Two Hair Sprays Getting Me Through Rainy Days

    I have a dramatic love affair with hair spray. I use way too much of it. I love it. I coat my bathroom countertops with it. SO to say I’m a bit of a hair spray aficionado might be an understatement. Two that have been taming my mane during all of this summer rain have been Pantene’s Air Spray and Keratin Complex Bold Hold. I don’t use them together – I use them for different types of hair styles. 

    When I want to go with air dried waves, I use my Pantene Air Spray that helps lock in the moisture and keeps the waves soft. I use this mostly on my every day hair. When I have somewhere special to go, and I’m curling my hair with a wand and really want those curls majorly locked in place – I go with my Keratin Complex. Both smell really good too!

    4. Swedish Fish Shoes

    Everything that’s old is new again – I feel like I’m seeing so many styles from my junior high and high school days coming back this year! Another major flashback happening in my closet right now are clogs and wooden platforms. Swedish Hasbeens are making a major comeback, and this tan pair will be SO cute with flares and suede skirts. I’m also getting kinda crazy with some fringe Dansko clogs next week in an outfit post! You have to check back for that!!

    5. Timex Watch Giveaway!

    I’m excited to announce another fun giveaway with Timex to get your arm party perfect for fall! I wear my tan Timex and blue striped version ALL of the time, but there are so many new good ones that just hit the site – including this oversized gold watch that I’m drooling over. 

    One lucky winner will have their pick of the site just in time for fall bags and lush knits! Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win!