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    How To Plan A BumbleBFF Meet Up

    Engaging with my readers and audience is by far one of the most rewarding parts of starting this blog! So when BumbleBFF reached out and challenged me to connect in-person with new people in my city, I was SO excited to begin planning an intimate coffee date. Plus working from home every day can have me missing out on social interaction! You see, BumbleBFF is all about making connections with potential friends or new BFFs in your area. It’s like the Bumble dating app – but for finding besties instead!

    I’m recapping my BumbleBFF meet up and introducing my beautiful coffee dates in today’s full post!

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    Floral Arranging Brunch | How To Plan A BumbleBFF Meet Up Floral Arranging Brunch | How To Plan A BumbleBFF Meet Up

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    Advice to My College Self + An Easy Back-To-School Outfit Idea

    This week I’ll be heading back to college! (Well not quite.) I’ll be visiting with the ladies of Delta Zeta and Alpha Phi during LSU’s Rush Workshop as they prepare to welcome potential new members and expand their sisterhoods! I can remember those days of my own life vividly – I mean how can one forget being in a house with 200 other girls bouncing, clapping and singing for two weeks straight? Oddly enough, those are some of my favorite memories/stories from the sorority now!

    After I got emails from both chapters inviting me in, I started thinking about my own college years and what I’d tell myself if I could. I quizzed Jordan too. And it turns out that my advice to my college self is also advice I’d give my present and future self. Check it out in today’s full post!

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    Fall Utility Cargo Jacket | Cropped Cargo Jacket | Gold Crossbody Bag

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    How To Get Dressed Faster – Ironing Hack

    How many times have you been in a hurry, pulled something out of your closet and put it back because it was a big, wrinkled mess? (ahem, raises hand) Because let’s be honest, the process of ironing is a giant time suck. In fact, I despise ironing, and I haven’t actually used an iron in probably over three years! I’m spilling on a big time and travel hack that enables me to get dressed faster – my hand-held garment steamer.

    If you haven’t tried a steaming vs. ironing yet, you’ll want to keep reading for the details on my Rowenta Steam ‘N Press that’s only $30 at Target!

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    Hand Held Travel Steamer | Wardrobe Steamer | Travel Hack | How to Get Dressed Faster

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    How to Battle Your Inner Introvert + Get Past Blah Days

    You might have read the title of today’s post and been like wait what – isn’t blogging the complete opposite of being an introvert? But the truth is most days, I’d pick staying in with a Lifetime movie over heading out to a social event. (I like to blame this on astrology and my dual Gemini personalities!) In many ways, blogging has helped me overcome my urge to be a homebody. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert, staying home can sometimes keep me in “a funk” (for lack of better words). I’m sharing a few ways to battle your inner introvert to get past those blah days!

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    How to Beat Your Blah Days | Battle Your Inner Introvert | High Waisted Denim Skirt | Summer Outfit Ideas

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    How To Balance Business, Relationships and Travel

    I fully believe that travel is one of the few things you can buy yourself that will make you richer. And, I’ve been beyond blessed this year (and last!) with all of the amazing travel opportunities that have come my way! But traveling once or twice a month has taught me the importance of balance and discipline. I’m constantly looking for insight on how to balance business, relationships and travel, and I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned this year.

    Plus, I get asked a lot about how much I travel without Jordan. It’s especially hard for me to visit all of these amazing destinations and not share it with him – not to mention being away from home so often. S0, I’m talking about how we are making it work in today’s full post.

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    How to Balance Life and Travel | Lessons in Blogging How to Balance Business, Relationships and Travel | Lessons in Blogging

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