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    Hospital Bag Packing List

    I have been beyond lucky to have so much help prepping our hospital bags. Between close friends forwarding me their exact lists to all the Instagram direct messages that I received with feedback, I can say we are packed and ready to go! There are a ton of things that I probably would have never thought of on my own, so I wanted to share the full lists (all three of them) in today’s post. Keep in mind, I’m a total over-packer no matter where I’m going, so to some, these lists probably look crazy long. But I’d rather be over prepared than have forgotten anything! (Plus, first-time mom here, so I’m not exactly sure how this whole thing is going to happen, haha.) Click through to see my full hospital bag packing list!

    PS. Some of these items might be TMI, but I want this post to be as helpful and thorough for you guys as possible!

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    Hospital Bag Packing List for Baby, Mom, and Dad

    What’s in my hospital bag:

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    Hormonal Breakouts During Pregnancy

    First and foremost, I have been VERY blessed with what I consider an easy pregnancy. I know there are so many health issues that can arise during these 9 months, so this post is not meant to complain about a superficial inconvenience. I have gotten many messages/DMs regarding hormonal breakouts during pregnancy and safe skincare solutions, so I wanted to devote an entire post to it. That being said I am definitely counting my blessings and hope this post can help alleviate a little bit of pregnancy strife for those looking for options!

    I touched lightly on this topic of hormonal breakouts in this pregnancy skin myths and truths post. But, I really wanted to do a deep dive and share a little bit more about what I’ve learned about safe skincare during the past few months. Like I mentioned before, my skincare included a lot of ingredients that are considered not safe for pregnancy like retinol and salicylic acid. I’ve since had to overhaul my skincare products, and I’m sharing every single product swap that I’ve been using in today’s full post!

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    Skincare Solutions for Hormonal Breakouts During Pregnancy

    Shop Natural Skincare Solutions:

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    South Walton Babymoon | 30A Travel Guide

    If you follow along on Instagram, you know that we were able to sneak away for a few days to one of our favorite places. We made a last-minute decision to have one final getaway before Bennett comes! (Of course, getting the okay from the doctor at our 34 weeks appointment also gave us a little added motivation.) We packed up the car and took a little drive over to South Walton for a few days of sunshine and sand in Florida. Recapping our stay with a quick 30A travel guide + details on the beach community of Seaside in today’s full post!

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    30A Travel Guide

    See what I packed:

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    2019 Power Words | Coffee & Questions with Jordan

    This post series started off as a half-joking conversation between me and Jordan, but somewhere during it, I was like “Wait a minute… it’s not actually a bad idea.” So here we are, Jordan now has his own guest post which I’ve named “Coffee & Questions with Jordan” – a spot we can pick his brain on his REAL thoughts about being married to a crazy person who decided to jump head first into self-employment. I’m also excited to have a space where we can share little tips that we’ve picked up during the last few years of marriage, blogging and future parenting together. In today’s post we are both spilling on our power words for 2019you might remember I did a full post on the importance of power words two years ago!

    To help ease Jordan into his first post, we brewed a big pot of Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake of course. (Because hey, it’s carnival season in Louisiana right now, and this is the only time of year you can snag this limited-time flavor!) This was my absolute favorite coffee flavor when I worked for Community Coffee – it’s a mix of vanilla and cinnamon. I’d pop a K-cup in every morning as soon as I got to the office. If you don’t believe me when I say it’s like dessert in your cup, check all the 5-star ratings on their site!

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    Coffee and Questions | 2019 Power Words + How Couples Can Keep Each Other Accountable

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    Body Confidence Tips During Pregnancy

    There are a lot of scary parts of pregnancy, but one of my biggest fears has always been not knowing how it would impact my body. How much weight will I gain? Will I be able to wear normal clothes? There’s absolutely NO way that I’ll be posting photos of my bare belly on social media…

    Somewhere around the middle of my second trimester, I realized none of my pants fit anymore, and I had a full-out meltdown in my closet y’all. It wasn’t pretty. But my waist wasn’t the only thing that was growing. For the first time in my life, my chest was larger than a 34B, and all of my bras were increasingly uncomfortable. Even though I was still able to size up in most non-maternity clothing, I was starting to struggle with my own body image.

    And while people still tell me 34 weeks in that I “look so small,” I don’t FEEL small.

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    Body Confidence Tips During Pregnancy

    More Soma Favorites:

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