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    Brow 101 | Eyebrow Before and After

    Brows are indisputably the biggest beauty trend for 2017, and microblading has become THE treatment to try. But, I’ll tell you the reasons why I’m NOT microblading and what I am doing instead in today’s post. I’m including my eyebrow before and after – as well as what I learned at my brow consultation at HiBrow Beauty Bar!

    To understand why I’m not considering microblading, we need to go back to my high school days. Those were the days of the skinny brow and my obsessive compulsive relationship with the tweezers. I could have literally titled this post “Lessons In Over-Plucking,” but I digress. When I look in the mirror today, I see sparse, assymmetric brows that are the direct result of my teenage plucking sprees. And compared to photos of my pre-plucked brows, it’s really quite tragic.

    So you must be thinking – this is exactly why one should get microblading – to fill those spaces semi-permanently. BUT that’s exactly why I’ve decided against it. I narrowly escaped one eyebrow trend in my lifetime! I am lucky to still have the brows that I have left. So yes, I am being super cautious and overly-protective of my eyebrows during this second wave of brow popularity. And just to be sure, I met with Lauren Prats, the owner of HiBrow New Orleans to get a professional’s perspective on the situation. See what I learned in today’s full post!

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    Brow 101 | Eyebrow Before & After | Hi Brow Nola Brow 101 | Eyebrow Before & After | Hi Brow Nola

    Brow 101 | Eyebrow Before & After | Hi Brow Nola

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    My Favorite Aveda Products | Eco-Friendly Beauty

    I’ve mentioned Aveda products here and there in my Friday Favorites posts before. BUT it’s quickly become one of my can’t-live-without brands. Not only is it eco-friendly, it also strives to use all-natural ingredients which I love. So, it only makes sense for me to round up my favorite Aveda products that are currently in my beauty arsenal – get ready there are quite a few!

    I also frequently visit the Paris Parker Aveda location for everything from highlights + lowlights and spa services. If you have an Aveda location in your area, I’d highly suggest trying one of their facials! I made a facial appointment recently when I had a round of hormonal breakouts, and it was a major lifesaver in clearing it up! Talk to them about your skincare concerns, and they will come up with a facial to fit your skin needs.

    And since I already have talked about their chakra essential oils, the massage services are a no-brainer favorite for me too! I love their use of essential oils as a combination to the massage therapy. Ps. Baton Rouge peeps – the Paris Parker spa area is getting a major update and renovation soon to enhance the spa services even more!

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    hair color and style + makeup c/o Paris Parker Aveda

    Aveda Favorite Products | Eco Friendly Beauty Products

    Read more about these products in today’s full post!

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    New Product Alert | Cellulite Contouring Cream

    Once it’s officially spring, we tend to kick our bikini body fitness routine into overdrive. (Juice cleanse, treadmill workouts. Let’s kick it up a notch.) What if I told you that there’s a new product that is dedicated to speeding up the process? Heck yes! Enter Clarins Body Fit – a cellulite contouring cream formula that helps visibly reduce cellulite. Clarins is challenging me to test out their newest product to see if I can get firmer, toner looking skin just right in time for my next beach vacay!

    Consider this product the extra step in your fitness routine that you never knew you needed. And after taking a few weeks off from my regular Tread BR classes due to travel, I’m definitely ready for a new jumpstart! I’ve already started using it, and it smells SO good you guys. I apply after dry brushing, and it’s almost like a luxurious spa appointment at home. Here’s one of those #treatyoself kind of moments while banishing cellulite – I think we can all get on board with that!

    Have you guys tried any sort of home treatments for cellulite contouring or skin firmness? Would love to hear what you guys think. And of course, I’ll be sure to share some updates and results to this post later!

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    New Product Alert: Clarins Body Fit | Cellulite Contouring Cream New Product Alert: Clarins Body Fit | Cellulite Contouring Cream

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    My Recent 3 Day Juice Cleanse Review

    In case you missed my first juice cleanse review post, you can see it HERE + my post about why I first decided to try a juice cleanse HEREIn terms of online juice cleanses, I have tried Juice From the Raw twice now, and I have been happy with the fresh delivery and the juices both times! (Available on Amazon too.)

    Before this past cleanse, I was drinking one to two juices a day to help transition into the full swing of things. My go-to daily juices that are pretty easy to work into any daily schedule are a sweet greens juice and a beet and/or carrot juice – normally called a root juice. My advice – start your cleanse on a weekday like Monday so that you aren’t faced with all of the weekend temptations!

    Monday | Day One:

    I always start my day off with a coffee, so starting off the morning with the Juice From The Raw Cashew Coffee is a delicious option. It’s not as strong as the coffee I normally drink, so I add my cold-brew to it so that I don’t crash later in the day. Juice two is always the hardest for me. It’s the spicy lemonade with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. I CANNOT make myself like this juice. I never finish a full bottle – always about half before I move on to my green juice.

    The sweet greens juice is never hard for me to drink, but it’s also not quite as filling as my usual mid-morning snack. This is where I cheated and ate cashews and almonds. I figure they are raw, so it can’t be THAT bad, right? I was actually kind of excited because the Juice From the Raw Pineapple Mint juice is my FAVORITE. I also really like root juices that are beet based, so dinner time wasn’t that bad. 

    Around 8-9 pm, I was feeling hangry, but not the I-want-tacos kind of hangry. Just a little uneasy and wishing I could chew… anything. I ate some carrots and went to bed early – like 9 pm early because Jordan made dinner and the house smelled delicious. Day One was FAR easier this time around than my very first cleanse when I wanted to faceplant at 2 pm. I attribute it to getting used to integrating juice into my normal routine before starting – definitely made the transition easier.

    My tip for Day 1 – If you have to cheat, make sure it’s an acceptable raw food. 

    Read Day 2 and 3 in today’s full post!

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    Juice Cleanse Review | 3 Day Juice Cleanse

    Juice Cleanse Review | 3 Day Juice Cleanse

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    Gym Bag Beauty Products | Friday Favorites

    Because this whole working-out-every-morning thing is so new to me – I’ve had a few things to learn along the way. One of them being – do NOT go run errands after spin class because you WILL see everyone you now in the process. Rookie mistake. To save face during errand runs and literally save my face from breakouts, I’ve come up with a list of my favorite post-workout beauty essentials. They fall into five different categories of gym bag beauty products for those days you want to go from barre to brunch.

    From face-cleansing wipes to hair refresh sprays, you’ll also find a few necessary post-gym makeup essentials like light-coverage skin tints. Because the last thing you want to do after sweating is cake on a thick foundation. What are your gym bag heros? I’d love to get some suggestions and hear your favorite on-the-go favorites! #beautygamestrong

    See all of my favorite gym bag beauty products in today’s post!

    Gym Bag Heroes | Post workout beauty essentials to take you from barre to brunch! | Gym Bag Beauty Products

    Gym Bag Heroes | Post workout beauty essentials to take you from barre to brunch! | Gym Bag Beauty Products

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