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Charleston Girls’ Trip Itinerary

I’m excited to be starting the week off with a little travel inspiration for your spring trips! But, I have to tell you a secret because I can’t take all of the credit. When it came to planning the perfect Charleston girls’ trip itinerary, I had a little help! Jennifer Stuart of Explorateur Travel helped me put together the best itinerary for our time in Charleston and made sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible! From giving restaurant suggestions, walking tour options and our afternoon bakery stops, we were actually able to enjoy our trip instead of wasting a second wondering what to do next!

I’ve found that one of the biggest time sucks when we travel is trying to figure out where to eat on the spot. We also spend a a lot of time looking up the correct addresses to put into Uber or Google Maps. Jennifer sent us this amazing trip itinerary that synced with our iPhones so that we were able to quickly see our day in one glance. We could also click right onto specific addresses that were already included in the document. Lifesaver you guys! If you are interested in getting help planning your next spring vacay, let Jennifer help you – here’s her website: Explorateur Travel!

Keep reading to take a look at what we did, what we ate and where we stayed  – here’s our Charleston girls’ trip itinerary!

charleston girls trip itinerary charleston girls trip itinerary

top | tote | heels on Zappos | heels on Nordstrom | similar white jeans

Where to Stay:

Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary

Zero George

PROS: Breakfast | Wine and Cheese | Bikes

Hands-down one of the favorite places that I have EVER stayed while traveling. It literally feels like you are staying in a house – a friend’s house. A friend who gets up and makes you breakfast and has a 24 hour coffee bar and hosts you for wine and cheese every day from 5-6 and also lets you borrow their super cute, mint bicycle to ride around town. OH and lets you lounge on their gigantic daybed on the porch for however long you want. Spoiled. No way. I LOVE this hotel.

Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary

Food: Lunch Spots

Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary

Poogan’s Porch

Right next to The Mills House (the cute pink hotel everyone takes photos next to), this restaurant is a must. You know what else is a must? Their pimento cheese balls. IDK if that’s the proper name, but that’s what they are, and they are heaven. And yes, I ate a ton of stuff on this trip that my stomach hates me for (like that mac and cheese above), but it was so worth it at the time. I tried to play it somewhat healthy with a salad, but it was the famous fried chicken salad… so there’s that.

Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary

The Watch Rooftop at Restoration Hotel

Don’t be fooled by the word rooftop – all of the roofs and buildings in downtown Charleston are very short! We were later told that no building in the area can be over 7 floors high because they didn’t want anything to be taller than the church steeples. (Love that) You’ll still enjoy the view though, and you’ll enjoy their lunch even more! We ordered fish tacos, the shrimp roll and the BLT between the three of us. The salt and vinegar chips were a unique and delish twist.

Charleston girls' trip itinerary

167 RAW

YES. This restaurant was recommended to us by several locals, and we were immediately glad that we left our last lunch open in case we found somewhere we wanted to try. Guac. Swordfish tacos. Lobster Roll. Crispy oyster basket. Possibly one of the best meals (definitely the freshest) of the trip. It’s also about two or three blocks from Zero George which was the perfect walk back once we stuffed ourselves.

Food: Dinner

Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary


A newer restaurant on East Bay Street, all of the smells when we walked in were a good sign of what was to come! For apps, we ordered tuna tartare on crispy rice cakes and truffle fries. Truffle anything is a must-order for me – case in point, I ordered the potato gnocchi with truffle mushroom sauce. I was really sad when I wasn’t able to make a happy plate. I was also really sad that I didn’t have room to order the milkshake for dessert.

Xiao Bao Biscuit

This restaurant seemed to be on every foodie blog that I read – and although I couldn’t understand anything on the menu, we were excited to try it out. In what looks to be a former gas station (or oil change lube maybe?) this place had a laid back vibe and was very lively. We ordered a ton of stuff that I couldn’t pronounce, and it was SO good. I don’t even know what to recommend – but it was all delicious. Everyone says to order the cabbage pancake! I also appreciated that they played old school R.Kelly and Usher slow jams in the background. Didn’t get any photos, but this place is A++!


Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary

Charleston Sole Walking Tours

One of the first things that we did was go on a walking tour of Charleston, but there are also carriage tours you can take. We thought walking would be more beneficial for us to get our directions straight and because we had more of an opportunity to stop and take photos. Plus, the weather was perfect for walking! (Gotta get my steps in y’all!)

Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary

Sugar Bakeshop

We got a sweet tooth craving and headed to Sugar Bakeshop for some cupcakes! This cute little bakery is located in a more college-oriented side of downtown, so it was interesting to compare to Baton Rouge’s college scene. (You’ll see a lot of people walking around in College of Charleston clothing all over though.)

Charleston girls' trip itinerary Charleston girls' trip itinerary

Rainbow Row

You’ve got to see Rainbow Row in person to marvel over all of the candy-colored houses and flower boxes on every window. It really is the most charming little area to get lost in!

King Street Shopping

Literally every brand that I could think of has a store on or around King Street. You could walk from Gucci to handmade candles. So if you forgot something in your suitcase or need an extra pair of shoes –  you do not need to panic!

Have suggestions for my next Charleston trip? I’d love to hear your favorites to try next time or if you’ve been to any of these spots!

photos by Lainey Reed

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    Wow, everything looks wonderful, from food to the location!

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    what a fabulous trip!!! beautiful blog!

    February 16, 2017 at 8:17 am
  • Reply Marianela Lencina Bosco

    Hey! I went to Charleston recently and I absolutely loved it! I would recommend one place to go for dinner that I thought was amazing. It’s called Basil, and it was on upper king street. If you’re looking for more traditional southern cooking, then Jeanine’s Kitchen was the place to be (not super healthy but very satisfying).

    February 16, 2017 at 9:04 am
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    loved this post! and your outfits are so cute! looks like you had such a great time!


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    That sky is so blue! Looks like y’all had a blast! 🙂

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    I love all your looks and now I really want to visit Charleston!!!! Great post babe!
    Xx Brandi

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    Sounds like a great trip! The food looks AH-MAZING!

    xo, Carey

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