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    How to Curate Your Everyday Jewelry Collection

    Everyone knows about investing in must-have wardrobe essentials. Chances are your closet has at least one signature pair of denim, a little black dress, the classic white shirt… the pieces you’ll love season after season. But what about when it comes to your jewelry? I’ve teamed up with locally owned jeweler Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry to talk about those key finishing touches and how to curate your everyday jewelry collection in today’s post!

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    How to Curate Your Everyday Jewelry Collection | Finding Your Signature Jewelry Style

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    The Late Summer Cocktail Dress

    Between bridal showers, bridal luncheons and various fundraiser events, I’ve recently found myself in search of the perfect late summer cocktail dress! Of course, I turned to my favorite site, Nordstrom, to find exactly what I needed. I’m sharing a few of my favorites that are great for wearing right now and well into September events as well! (The blush lace midi dress in today’s post also comes in a beautiful blue color that will be amazing for fall!)

    Also, these gray ankle strap heels have been my go-to neutral lately! I found them in the Nordstrom sale last month, and they might be my most worn sale item so far!

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    Blush lace cocktail dress | Late Summer Cocktail Dress

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    How to Create a Space For Positivity and Productivity

    How do you feel when you walk into your house? Overwhelmed or tired? Do you want to collapse on the couch and not get up for hours? (No judgment, I definitely enjoy a night with my good “friends” – wine and reality tv.) Working from home has given me fresh perspective on changing the “vibrations” of our house and creating a space for positivity and productivity.

    While I do work a lot on my computer, about 50% of my time is spent in our master bedroom. That’s where I put together outfits, pack for trips, steam all of my clothes and organize all of my accessories, shoes, products. I love spending time in this room – it’s actually my favorite spot in our house because it makes work FUN and enjoyable. Using just a few of the tips that I’ve applied in my own bedroom, you can create yourself space for positivity and productivity too!

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    Master Bedroom Inspiration | How to Create a Space For Positivity | Canopy Bed

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    A Trip to Upstate New York with MacKenzie-Childs

    There are moments in your life that make you realize that time is a flat circle (True Detective reference). And for me one of those moments of clarity and appreciation of life’s little coincidences was on my recent trip to upstate New York. When I was younger, I would travel with my grandparents to upstate New York during the summer. It was the first place I tried my hand at ceramics as I fired my little pieces in my cousin Sarah’s kiln. And 20 years later, I was back in the same area with one of the most whimsical ceramics brands, MacKenzie-Childs! I’m sharing details on my trip to Camp Courtly Check in today’s full post. 

    Meet the other bloggers and their favorite Mackenzie-Childs picks here!

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    Upstate New York with MacKenzie-Childs

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    How To Plan A BumbleBFF Meet Up

    Engaging with my readers and audience is by far one of the most rewarding parts of starting this blog! So when BumbleBFF reached out and challenged me to connect in-person with new people in my city, I was SO excited to begin planning an intimate coffee date. Plus working from home every day can have me missing out on social interaction! You see, BumbleBFF is all about making connections with potential friends or new BFFs in your area. It’s like the Bumble dating app – but for finding besties instead!

    I’m recapping my BumbleBFF meet up and introducing my beautiful coffee dates in today’s full post!

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    Floral Arranging Brunch | How To Plan A BumbleBFF Meet Up Floral Arranging Brunch | How To Plan A BumbleBFF Meet Up

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