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    20+ Budget-Friendly Walmart Picks For Summer

    I’ve been telling you guys for months not to sleep on the amazing finds that Walmart has been offering this spring. But ICYMI, there are plenty more budget-friendly Walmart picks for summer. I think this is my favorite product round-up yet because of the easy breezy maxi skirts and outdoor furniture options make me ready for sunshine. (In fact, I’ve already ordered several of the things in today’s collage and will be doing a try-on in my Stories later today!) A few things I wanted to call out from the collage:

    The gold gladiator sandals and slip-on sandals – look expensive in person

    The white maxi skirt (is a little see-through) is perfect to wear over swimwear.

    There’s a convenient closure on the printed rompers to prevent wardrobe mishaps.

    Still stocking up on the Volcano dupe candle that’s only $6.

    Also really loving the fact that I can order things like cute skirts and candles all in one online cart with the other household products that we need instead of having to checkout across multiple sites. (I’ve also really been taking advantage of Walmart’s grocery pick up on the app too.)

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    Our Post-Quarantine Bucket List

    To say I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I’m going to do AFTER quarantine is an understatement. Every single day, I think I’ve mentioned at least one thing out loud that I miss about pre-coronavirus days. This might sound like I’m being negative, but I think it also makes me appreciate even the smallest of things that I previously overlooked before now. So I started making a list of everything that popped in my head – even the littlest things – that I am going to look forward to once this is over. And surprise, surprise, almost all of them involve being outside of our house and plenty of sunshine. I thought I’d share mine in case you want to start your own post-quarantine bucket list to look forward to checking off.

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    My Most-Loved Jewelry Brands + Timeless Jewelry Collection

    When I think about some of the most timeless pieces in my wardrobe, jewelry immediately comes to mind. If you’re a regular reader here, you probably know that I almost always have at least one piece of jewelry on – even if it’s just classic studs whenever I leave the house. (And sometimes even during quarantine.) I recently spent a morning taking inventory of all the jewelry that I own – some pieces I’ve had for years while others are fairly new. That’s when I realized that I’ve never actually shared a list of my most-loved jewelry brands, so I immediately started working on a list to share my current jewelry collection for reference.

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    Top Jewelry Picks:

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    Mother’s Day Gifts Every Mom Will Love

    Waited a little late to shop for mom this year? I’m usually a gift-buying procrastinator, so I am totally with you… I’ve rounded up some easy and practical Mother’s Day gifts every mom will love – even if they show up a little late. (And with shipping delays due to COVID, who really knows when things are going to arrive anyway?)

    Make sure to scroll all the way through to see some EXCLUSIVE discount codes from various retailers that you can use for Mother’s Day or for yourself – I wouldn’t blame you if you found something you want. From farm-grown roses to CBD products and photobooks to skincare, there’s a little something for everyone!


    Click Anywhere Below to Shop Mother’s Day Gifts

    The Flower Lover: Grace Rose Farm

    If you haven’t heard of Grace Rose Farm – go check out their Instagram feed NOW. It’s the most insanely gorgeous rose farm in California, and they are shipping bouquets across for Mother’s Day – any mom would be so excited to get these beauties!


    Also see my post from last year on handmade flower gifts!

    The Nostalgic Mom: Chatbooks

    Earlier this year, I finally sat down and made a photobook with all of Bennett’s photos from 2019. I don’t know what took me so long because Chatbooks is SO insanely easy to use. You can make one directly from their phone app that syncs to your camera roll! Surprise your mom with a book of her own or a credit to make one from her own photos!


    The Beauty Queen: Tula Skincare

    Okay, one thing every woman needs is a great face wash. I have not found one better than the Tula Cult Classic face wash. I kid you not, it changed my face washing forever. Grab one for mom along with one of their rose eye balm sticks or the hair, skin, and nail gummies!


    The Wellness Expert: Equilibria CBD subscription

    So many reasons why I love this brand – especially since I did a full podcast episode on it! (LISTEN HERE) Start mom off with the Brilliance Box as a starter kit or one of their limited time Mother’s Day bundles!


    The Mom Who Has Everything: The Sis Kiss Mama necklace

    It may be too late to get a personalized name necklace from TSK, but it’s never too late to grab one of the best-selling “mama” necklaces or one of the many initial style pieces.

    20% OFF CODE: SYS20

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    Most Used Baby Items Months 6-12

    I can’t believe I’m already writing a post on our most used baby items months 6-12! I’ve been keeping a running list of new things that we get for Bennett as he reaches new milestones. It’s crazy to think about how much he’s already grown since the newborn to 6 months post + there are so many more “essentials” than when he was smaller. Our new normal is now so much more than just boppy pillows and sleepsuits. But, it’s SO FUN to see all his different skills start to develop using all of the items in today’s post.

    [Also See:] Baby Feeding Essentials

    [The things we still use from the list in Most Used Baby Items Newborn – 6 Months:]

    I’ve divided the list up into different sections, but all babies will be different. These are just the things that work for us and Bennett right now! And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at anytime to ask!!

    Meal Time

    Sippy Cups: We have sippy cups with handles + sippy cups without handles.

    Silicon plates: I like these that stick to the tray so he can’t knock it around.

    Silicon Utensils: He likes to mimic scooping but can’t quite eat with them yet.

    Food Storage Containers: Got both 4 oz containers + 6 oz containers

    Small Food Processor: I use a small one to chop up food we eat that he isn’t able to chew yet.

    Portable Booster Seat + Tray: Great for travel and doesn’t scoot around on surfaces

    Convertible High Chair: We got this one and like that it has a double tray for messes.


    Bathtime + Bedtime

    Whale Bath Tub Mat: So that he doesn’t slip and slide around the tub

    Whale faucet cover: To prevent any head bumps

    Bath Tub Basketball Goal: He loves dunking with ducks and basketballs

    Toothbrush: Just to get him familiar with it

    Humidifier: We turn this on when he’s sniffly or stopped up.

    Zarbees Chest Rub: Love the smell of it, and it’s become a nighttime ritual.

    Diaper Doublers: We add one to his nighttime diaper bc he is a heavy overnight wetter.



    Developmental Toys: Dimpl, Name Puzzle, Stackable Rings, Shape Blocks

    Panda Crate subscription: Use code KRYSTAL for 30% off

    Fruit Teethers: Random Amazon find that he is obsessed with

    VTech tablet + phone: We know all the songs by heart now.

    Play Table and Chairs: He loves to stand up at the table right now.

    Jumper: Used until about 10 months

    Zebra walker: Used from 9 months – current


    Have any most used baby items months 6-12?

    I’ll continue to add to this list if I think of anything I missed. And now that we are ONE, I’ll start on the next list!