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2019 Power Words | Coffee & Questions with Jordan

This post series started off as a half-joking conversation between me and Jordan, but somewhere during it, I was like “Wait a minute… it’s not actually a bad idea.” So here we are, Jordan now has his own guest post which I’ve named “Coffee & Questions with Jordan” – a spot we can pick his brain on his REAL thoughts about being married to a crazy person who decided to jump head first into self-employment. I’m also excited to have a space where we can share little tips that we’ve picked up during the last few years of marriage, blogging and future parenting together. In today’s post we are both spilling on our power words for 2019you might remember I did a full post on the importance of power words two years ago!

To help ease Jordan into his first post, we brewed a big pot of Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake of course. (Because hey, it’s carnival season in Louisiana right now, and this is the only time of year you can snag this limited-time flavor!) This was my absolute favorite coffee flavor when I worked for Community Coffee – it’s a mix of vanilla and cinnamon. I’d pop a K-cup in every morning as soon as I got to the office. If you don’t believe me when I say it’s like dessert in your cup, check all the 5-star ratings on their site!

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Coffee and Questions | 2019 Power Words + How Couples Can Keep Each Other Accountable

Jordan’s Word for 2019

While watching Clemson University celebrate its recent football national championship, I was struck by a postgame interview with Clemson coach Dabo Swinney. Amidst the celebration, Swinney calmly noted that “joy” had been his word for the year and that he’d “tried to be intentional with that” in his daily actions. Diving deeper, I learned that, every year, Swinney “chooses a word that God puts on his heart to help him maintain a specific focus.” That struck me as a fantastic idea to implement in my life. Almost immediately, I knew my word for 2019: ACTION.

It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane, trivial aspects of life. Just floating by, promising yourself that one day you’ll do it, whatever “it” may be. Whether it’s a personal goal, professional goal, spiritual goal… anything. It’s simply too easy, and far too common, to promise yourself that you’ll eventually do it… tomorrow. I’ve resolved to make “action” the theme of my year. That means committing myself to act on goals written down, taking more chances, not being afraid to swing and miss. Something I admire seeing Krystal do daily. I’ve plastered the word at my office, in my car, and at home as a constant reminder.

Highlighted by baby Bennett’s arrival, 2019 promises to be an exciting year. I choose to make it a year involving ACTION.

Krystal’s Word for 2019

Normally by the beginning of a new year, I have a clear and vivid vision of what I want out of it, but 2019 has been a big question mark for me. We are almost one month in, and I’m juuuust now figuring out that my main word needs to be – FOCUS. This year more than any other before it, I’ve had to start with some major plans in mind. Plans for this blog, plans for our house updates, and especially plans for baby. There hasn’t been much time for daydreaming or procrastination – two really BIG Gemini traits of mine. Instead I’ve really had to buckle down and put my blinders on to any distractions so that I can hone in my my plans that I’ve set for myself.

While 2018 was a year of travel and dreaming up what’s next, this year will really be my time to focus in on those things and make them happen. I’m a believer in manifestation (anyone else read The Secret and The Power?). I’m hoping to spend a little more time manifesting and focusing on decision making instead of flying by the seat of my pants!


Some people are better at holding themselves accountable for their plans than others, but I find that I do a better job at this when I have someone to help me. So far, Jordan has been helping me focus on tasks that I’ve forgotten about (probably while daydreaming), and I’ll get little reminder texts and emails from him, if he hasn’t heard back about their completion. This actually has helped me do them on my own because I’d rather not hear him tick off my checklist every day hahaha.

I’ve also been continuing to encourage Jordan to take action on some ideas and plans that he has for himself. Because I am the daydreamer/visualizer in the relationship, I SEE the things that he is capable of doing, and I want to keep pushing him to make those baby steps however I can whether it’s from a entrepreneur perspective or supportive wifey position.

So what’s your power word for 2019? If you haven’t found one yet, pour yourself a big cup of coffee (preferably Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake). Take a review of your last year and what you see for yourself in the next 11 months and pay attention to which words continue to pop into your head!

Have an idea for the next coffee & questions post? Leave a comment or send it to me on IG!

photos by Lainey Reed

Coffee and Questions | 2019 Power Words + How Couples Can Keep Each Other Accountable

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  • Reply Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    I love the word action for 2019! This year will definitely be the year where I stop thinking and start doing. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    February 25, 2019 at 7:46 am
  • Reply Jen

    Well now I have to go find that coffee! I remember how much I loved it last year and forgot about it!!

    February 25, 2019 at 6:55 pm
  • Reply Elizabeth

    Too cute! Love that Jordan shared some thoughts with us. And also I’m def #teamoldschool on the coffee. Grounds all day over pods lol

    February 25, 2019 at 10:22 pm
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