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225 Magazine – June Issue

I realized the other night that I’ve gone almost the whole month without writing about my 225 cover! I  cannot even tell you how grateful and humble and just flat out flabbergasted I was when I was asked to be on the cover of the June issue featuring some of the Top 25 Baton Rouge Twitter accounts.

Social media has been – and still is – a constant learning experience for me. I get major tweet and instagram anxiety. Is this witty enough, how should I word this, can this be misinterpreted… I would estimate that it takes me 3-5 minutes to compose a tweet before it actually goes out and even longer for Instagram because I ponder over filters for days. Literally, days. I’m super cautious of what gets sent out and how it can reflect not only my blogging business, but also my full-time job. But most importantly, I want it to accurately reflect ME and my personality.

What most people do not realize – social media takes up large chunk of my life. Planning, scheduling, correctly tagging handles seriously adds up especially when I’m working with different brands. I’ve designed a social media template sheet to help me organize hashtags and phrases as soon as they pop into my head. Quite often, I’ve caught myself wondering if it’s even worth all the work – and THIS cover confirms for me – Yes, it’s definitely worth the work. It means that someone is following and someone likes what they are reading, and that’s all that matters.

So THANK YOU to everyone following along on Instagram and Twitter. And THANK YOU to 225 for including me in your outstanding list of 25. I only hope my tweets and photos continue to live up to your expectations!

Twitter: @KrystalBennett
Instagram: @KrystalBennett

Now I’m super pressured to compose a witty tweet about this post…

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  • Reply Alice Sibley

    Yay! Congrats on the cover! I need to go pick up this issue and check out the article

    June 18, 2013 at 6:31 pm
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