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5 Little Luxuries to Upgrade Your Holidays

With the holidays around the corner, the next few weeks may be a whirlwind of activities, so I’ve teamed up with ThirdLove to help you survive December’s hustle and bustle! This month is also a time of year where you might get so caught up thinking about others that you forget to consider yourself. So, I’m sharing five little luxuries you can find right at home to upgrade your holiday season.

ThirdLove is an innovative intimates brand that offers signature sizing options to provide a more precise fit. I’ve been wearing the t-shirt bra for a few months now, and it’s perfect for me and my days working from home!  You can use promo code lovely10 until 12/9 for 10% off!

Find out more about ThirdLove and see all 5 of my favorite little luxuries in today’s post!

thirdlove little luxuries at home thirdlove style at home

thirdlove little luxuries at home thirdlove little luxuries at home

1. Keep the Bedroom a Quiet Place

In our house, the bedroom is tv-free keeping it a place of relax and retreat. It’s so important to have a spot in your home where you can go to unplug and unwind. I value my quiet mornings here every day!

thirdlove style at home thirdlove style at home

2. Take a Time Out to Enjoy Your Coffee

Instead of grabbing a coffee and dashing out the door, take a second to stop and enjoy your first sips. I use my coffee time in the morning to look over my to-do lists and plot out my day. Odie especially likes these little time out moments. 🙂

thirdlove little luxuries at home thirdlove little luxuries at home

3. Upgrade Your Loungewear and Intimates

Looking sloppy at home has always translated into me feeling sloppy as well. It’s amazing how this one little upgrade has made me so much more productive at home!

Now that I don’t have an office to head off to, I still try to get ready for the day, and ThirdLove has great pieces for staying comfortable at my desk. They offer styles for the perfect fit, and it’s super easy to use the app for instant sizing or their Fit Finder on! Say goodbye to slipping straps, gaping and overflow.

Plus, they’re SO pretty right?!

thirdlove style at home thirdlove little luxuries at home

4. Give Yourself a Mani/Pedi Spa Day

I like to designate a specific day of the week for “upkeep,” and this is when I fix my chipped polish, put on a face mask, apply a deep conditioner etc. Running around during the holidays, you can totally forget to keep up with these things!

thirdlove style at home thirdlove little luxuries at home

5. Celebrate Every Happy Moment

And no matter how stressful the holidays get, remember the celebrate all of the good things that they bring! It’s easy to get caught up in the shopping, gift-buying, cooking etc, but I like to remind myself to enjoy all of the little joyful moments of the season and to take a time out to enjoy the little luxuries!

thirdlove style at home

24/7 Lace Balconette Bra c/o ThirdLove

24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra c/o ThirdLove

backless sweater c/o Bobi

Baublebar Pisa cuff c/o / Baublebar Deco Gem earrings c/o

World Market mirror tray c/o

copper Anthropologie candle

similar pom pom blanket / dalmation print pillow

photos by Lainey Reed

Thank you to ThirdLove for partnering on today’s post! As always, all styling and opinions are my own.

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