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5 New Hair Products That Actually Do What They Say

With the addition of my fancy new ring light, I’m looking forward to doing more product review posts here and on IG Stories! My first go ’round is all about new hair products that I’ve tried and continued using because well – they do exactly what the say! If you’ve been looking to upgrade your hair care, give these products a look to see if you think they’d be a good addition to your current routine!

5 Hair Products to Try Now

Keep Reading 5 Hair Products to Try Now

5 Hair Products to Try Now | Living Proof Detox Shampoo

In-Shower: Living Proof Triple Detox

Have you every used dry shampoo so many days in a row that you feel like your scalp needs a good scrub? That’s basically what this shampoo does – it removes ALL the buildup. It leaves your hair fresh and clean – literally product free. My head felt like it could actually breathe again after I used it for the first time. You can use it once a week or when needed in place of your normal shampoo!

5 Hair Products to Try Now | Olaplex Bond Smoother

Leave-In Treatment: Olaplex Bond Smoother

I chatted about this product recently in my Amazon Prime Day blog post! I’ve recently started incorporating this into my post-shower routine to help mend broken and split ends. I put a small amount on damp hair like a leave-in conditioner and this stuff smooths your hair like none other. I let my hair air dry for as long as possible and then blow dry for soft ends. (I find this product works better if you’re actually going to be drying your ends rather than air drying.)

5 Hair Products to Try Now | ghd Classic Wave Wand

Safe Heat Tool: ghd Classic Wave Wand

What makes this wand any different than every other wand? A few reasons why this one stands out to me. First the oval shaped barrel instead of the typical round barrel. It creates effortless waves instead of more tight curls. Second, there is no temperature setting. It automatically heads to 365 degrees, the scientifically-proven safest heat to use on your hair! And lastly, there’s an actual soft tip for your hand on the end of the barrel which most wands lack!

5 Hair Products to Try Now | Playa Hair Oil

Styling Serum: Playa Ritual Hair Oil

After using heat tools on your hair, you might want to add a little moisture back in. I like how the Playa hair oil adds a healthy shine back to your locks using all natural ingredients. Not only that, it smells incredible. Like you’re spending the day on a California beach type of incredible! I add a few drops in my hand and rub together before softly applying through my ends. I’ve also talked about their volume powder and dry shampoo before!

5 Hair Products to Try Now | Ketastase Magic Serum

Hair Mask: Kerastase 12 Hour Magic

Cheers to a hair mask that you don’t have to wash out! This new Kerastase product is a hair mask you apply before bed, and you literally wake up with softer, healthier looking hair. Use once a week in between wash days when your hair needs a pick me up from dry shampoo and other styling products!

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    Thanks for all the recommendations! Been wanting to try out Living Proof’s products for a while now! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    August 12, 2019 at 1:19 am
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