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5 Simple Acts of Kindness You Can Practice Every Day

In our first New York City Uber ride this past week, I was chatting away with our driver who commented that he loves when he gets Southern passengers because “New York needs more of your hospitality.” We hear it a lot southerners, but it got me thinking about all of the little ways I can be more hospitable with next to no effort at all. I also asked myself if I’m practicing those little acts of kindness in true southern fashion. So I teamed up with the Lela Rose x Payprus collection (one of the first stationery collaborations of its kind!) to put together 5 easy ways to be a kinder, more considerate person in today’s post.

1. Send a simple thank you

When did sending a personal thank you card become so obsolete? I am a HUGE advocate of sending actual paper thank you cards in lieu of an email. In fact, I blocked off today to write and send all of my thank you cards for NYFW so that they go out as soon as possible!

How gorgeous is the stationery inspired by the Lela Rose spring collection – and what better way to say thanks during fashion week than with cards inspired by fashion week? Because of my graphic design background, I think that I have an affinity towards quality paper products and believe it says a lot to send something crafted and beautiful in the mail. I love these Papyrus especially because of the textured fabrics, detailed embellishments and oramented envelopes you’ll find in every collection. They really say – if you’re receiving this note, it’s because you’re a special person to me!

My personal favorites from the Lela Rose x Papyrus collection are the illustrated dresses – I stocked up on these to send to my fashionable friends too!

The entire Lela Rose xPaypyrus collection (also includes gift wrap and gift tags) is available here!

2. Be a better listener

Some days I am simply the worst at this. I’ve got so much running around in my own head, I can’t even stop to really listen to what other people are telling me. How many times am I quick to text someone instead of picking up the phone – or worse just not doing either because I don’t have the patience to listen. (I personally know that I need to work on this one the most!) 

3. Smile at someone

The easiest thing to do on this list and it literally takes zero time and zero effort, but yet, I sometimes forget the significance of a simple smile. Plus, it’s hard to smile and actually not be happy afterwards – instant mood changer! (It’s also a good way to get me out of my resting you-know-what face.)

4. Surprise someone with flowers.

Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet of blooms? If you have a friend who needs a pick-me-up or a co-worker who is having a rough week, even the simplest little bouquet will do. Every time they look at them, they’ll be reminding that you have their back! (Insert muscle flex emoji!)

5. Show the love on social

After recently realizing how many people will stop to like and comment on my social media accounts, I’ve really made more of an effort to pay it back. I schedule breaks into my work day to reply to comments on Instagram through the app or through Iconosquare. In the process, I’ve felt a lot more community and gotten to know so many new people. At fashion week, I had SO many girls come up and to talk to me in person all because I either left a comment back on their Instagram or returned their direct snaps on Snapchat – it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to interact with you guys!

Special thanks to Papyrus for partnering on today’s post
and spreading the kindness with the Lela Rose stationery collection!
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