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6 Things to Do to Prepare Your Home For a Little One

As I’m moving along in my third trimester, I’m definitely feeling the urge to get my home in shape for our little one ASAP! You guys may have seen on Instagram that I’ve already purchased some of the furniture needed for the baby room – and our nursery is slowly coming together. I’ve even started to receive gifts from friends and family. (You can check out what’s on my registry here.) But aside from furniture and baby essentials, it’s finally time to start thinking about how I can baby-proof our space with only about 10 weeks left until the due date. If you’re also expecting, I’ll be sharing 6 ways you can prepare your home for a little one today!

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6 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Baby

My Nursery Picks:

6 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Baby

1. Keep hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes nearby

I’m expecting lots of visitors over once baby’s home, so I’ve been stocking up on hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes. Since I anticipate most of them will want to hold baby, hand sanitizers will help keep germs away from a newborn with an underdeveloped immune system. I can also be a bit of a germaphobe, so having wipes within reach will easily allow me to wipe down faucets, door handles, and other surfaces.

2. Check your cords and cover your outlets

Another thing I’m planning on doing soon is covering my outlets. Fortunately, there are tons of options from outlet caps to plate covers, which are all great for keeping them plugged and out of sight. Just make sure you double check that you’ve covered ALL of them. And don’t forget to check your cords to make sure they’re not unraveling or falling apart. For the ones that are too long, consider grabbing some plastic cord shorteners to wrap them up.

6 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Baby

3. Swap out chemical household products to non-chemical ones

Although babies don’t start crawling and getting into everything till about 6 months, I can only expect that it’s going to fly by. That being said, I’ve slowly started to swap my chemical household products out for less harmful and non-toxic options. If you’re looking to do the same, think about your cleaning products, dishwasher pods, bug sprays, laundry detergents, and medications. I can only imagine that it’s easier to prepare now than when I’m exhausted and too tired to do anything else later.

4. Make sure all your furniture is secure

Knowing kids grab and tug on everything around them, it’s important to check that all your furniture is secure and sturdy – especially cribs, high chairs, and play sets or changing tables. This is also a great time to minimize opportunities for climbing. I know I’m checking shelves, cabinets, knobs, and handles – and will be replacing anything that is unstable or wobbly. You can also look into installing baby-proof locks and latches on your drawers and cabinets.

6 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Baby

5. Baby proof sharp edges and corners

Sharp corners and edges have also been making me nervous until I discovered these edge and corner guards! You can cover any edges around your house from book cases to tables and walls. They work like a charm and provide a nice buffer for the little ones.

6. Set up stations where possible

This might sound silly, but I’m trying to stay as organized as possible through this process. I’m planning on setting up stations where possible – especially a diaper changing and nursing station. Keeping these areas stocked with supplies like diapers, wipes, nursing essentials, bottles, blankets, and others means I’ll have everything I need in one place. I’m hoping this will be useful during late nights when I’m sleep-deprived.

I hope these tips help you prepare your home for the little one. If you have other tips I missed, drop them in the comments below.

Photo by Lainey Reed

6 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Baby 6 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Baby


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