What You Need to Know About Probiotics for Babies

    I’m sure you know how important probiotics are for everyone, but did you know that they’re also important for babies? I’ve been learning how critical baby gut health is from birth through the first 6 months especially for proper immune and metabolic development. I honestly wasn’t super aware of baby probiotics until recently when I began researching formula and how different types can affect gas, fussiness and trouble sleeping. (We have been supplementing my low supply – we are now on our third kind trying to find one that agrees with Bennett’s tummy!) I wanted to put this post together to share some of the interesting things I’ve learned about using a baby probiotic as well as my experience with Evivo.

    If you are interested in trying Evivo for your little one, they are offering a few discounts!

    $10 Coupon Code: BLOG5FW7P  | $20 Coupon Code: BLOG9GWZ6

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    Solving Infant Tummy Issues | Should You Use a Baby Probiotic?

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    How To Wear a NEON Lip Color for Summer

    It’s hard to pick up a fashion magazine or look at your favorite blogs without seeing this summer’s big NEON color obsession. There’s no denying that neon is back, but if you’re like me, you’re probably apprehensive about how to wear it. I tend to lean into rosy hues that compliment my complexion, so while I’m likely not going to rock a full neon ensemble, there are ways to tie in those electric tones. One easy way to wear a neon lip color this summer is with a quick lipstick swap! On my recent visit to Mary Kay headquarters, we got a sneak peek of their new Limited-Edition* Mary Kay® Matte Lipstick in Paparazzi Pink. Embracing a statement lip can be daunting, so I’m sharing how to incorporate it into a normal makeup routine with confidence in today’s full post!

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    How to Wear a Neon Statement Lip for Summer | Mary Kay Pink Paparazzi Matte Lipstick

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    How I’m Getting My Pre-Baby Body Back! | Post-Baby Health + Wellness Tips

    For nine months, you get used to seeing your little bump grow right before your eyes… until suddenly the baby is out and that bump STILL remains. There was nothing that prepared me for how I’d feel looking at myself in the mirror the first two weeks postpartum. (And even still today two months out.) Hopeless, helpless and inside a stranger’s body looking back at me. You might remember from my 4th trimester blog post, that I wore a belly band to help jumpstart things. But even that isn’t enough to fully get back into normal jeans again. After my six week checkup and the okay to exercise again, I’ve been trying to remind myself of three post-baby health tips that I’m outlining in today’s post.

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    Post-Baby Health and Fitness Tips

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    5 Summer Outfit Ideas | Everything Under $40

    Looking to make some updates to your summer wardrobe? If so, I found a ton of budget-friendly pieces, so you can save some extra spending money for travel plans instead! From head-to-toe, I found some great picks ALL for under $40! Woven bags, stunning sandals and versatile dresses and jumpsuits. I LOVE the two jumpsuit options below for travel days like road trips and stops in the airport. I also found some great day dress options you can wear during the day and dress up for night time. Take a look below and let me know your favorite from these summer outfit ideas.

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    More Budget-Friendly Picks Under $40

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    Serena + Lily Sale | Memorial Day Weekend Sale

    I can’t believe that Memorial Day is already here, but I’m excited for all the great sales going on this weekend. As you guys know, we’ve been updating the home quite a bit these last few months, so I’ve been obsessed with all things home decor. Now that the weather is warmer, I’ve been really drawn to natural textures and one of my favorite places to grab them is Serena + Lily. They have so many great options you can add to the home for a touch of summer.

    Currently, they are running a Memorial Day Weekend Sale where you can save 20% off everything. It’s the perfect time to stock up on new decor pieces or even a few accessories for those summer getaways. I’m loving this soft plush towel that’s great for the beach or pool!

    Click to shop more of my favorite home decor pieces below!

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    If you’re in need of cute summer outfit ideas, be sure to check out my last post, featuring my May favorites!