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    My Top Five Designer Handbag Wishlist

    It may be the glamorous holiday dresses I’m eyeing or all the Selling Sunset episodes I’ve been watching lately, but I’ve started mentally assembling my very own designer handbag wish list for Christmas. Scrolling through sparkly shoes and luxe handbags has become a serious weakness. Not to mention – there are so many tempting new pieces that I don’t have in my closet yet.

    So where do I start? When I think about making a new designer purchase, I think about it in terms of investment. Which designers and pieces will hold their value – or even go up in value. It’s crazy to think how some of my handbags have actually increased in value over the last two years. For this reason, I generally tend to purchase designer bags as they prove to be smart investments in terms of resale.

    designer handbag wishlist

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    Postpartum Recovery Tips to Feel More Like Yourself Again

    I think the most surprising – and most difficult – part of becoming a new mother for me was the 4th trimester – aka postpartum. I know people’s experience with postpartum recovery rwill greatly vary, mine was more like a strange out of body experience after I had Bennett. I didn’t know what day it was, who I was or what I was supposed to be doing most of the time. (Besides taking care of a baby, of course.) Sleep deprivation on top of a bit of pregnancy brain and no longer being able to recognize my face or my body in the mirror. I was in a complete and total state of no longer feeling like myself.

    I actually *hated* the feeling and only realized later that I was dealing with postpartum anxiety. After a few months of motherhood under my belt, my child sleeping through the night, and being able to get back to work, I finally started feeling “normal” again.

    Since this was my second go-round with Finn, I was determined to be better prepared for this postpartum recovery stage and hopefully try to avoid the same distressing feeling as the first time. Now two months in, I can honestly say, I feel more like myself, and my recovery has been much faster. (Still waiting for Finn to nail sleeping through the night though…)

    To all the mamas out there who are able to breeze through and embrace the postpartum stage, I have mad respect for you. I am just NOT one of those people.

    Again, everyone is different and every pregnancy/labor is different, but these are a few of the things that are helping me feel like me again after two months in. Yes, some of them are a little “extra” I’m not going to lie. And I’m definitely not suggesting these things will work for everyone. But I’m hoping that maybe even one thing might be helpful or provide a little escape from postpartum anxiousness! And it goes without saying, always check with your doctor FIRST.

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    A Q&A with Mercedes-Benz on the Benefits of Buying CPO Vehicles

    As part of my recent partnership with Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge, I’ve not only learned so many impressive aspects of their brand new car offerings (see initial blog post on the 2021 GLE here), I’ve also gotten to sit down and learn about their next best thing – the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle options. I remember when we were car shopping a few years ago, I had a lot of questions in regards to buying new vs. buying a CPO vehicle, so I thought this might be a helpful topic to break down directly from the source. If you are considering going with a CPO vehicle, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that I had answered directly by MBBR.

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    A Q&A of the Benefits of Buying CPO Vehicles with Mercedes-Benz

    Where do CPO vehicles come from at MBBR?

    The majority of our CPO inventory are lease returns. These lease returns are normally one owner vehicles and are more than likely lightly used.

    What are the main benefits of buying a CPO vehicle from Mercedes-Benz?

    The main benefit is an unlimited mileage warranty! Also, you know the vehicle was certified through an authorized dealer with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Restoring operating efficiency/safety features to optimal levels means restoring as close to new as possible.


    What is the average price reduction/mileage limits one can expect?

    A vehicle over 75,000 miles cannot be certified, so every CPO vehicle will have less than 75K. The average price reduction varies so much but the unlimited mileage warranty is a great value for industry standards.

    *Mileage limits will vary per automaker.

    What is the difference between dealer-certified and manufacturer-certified?

    All CPO should be manufacturer-certified by the local dealer.

    * CPOs are backed by the manufacturers. Dealer-certified vehicles are subject to the whim of said dealers. Dealer-certified warranties lack the uniform guidelines of CPOs which come straight from the automakers.

    Can you request the CPO vehicle’s history report?

    Yes, absolutely!

    What does the Mercedes-Benz CPO warranty include?

    It’s probably easier to note what it does not include. The certified pre-owned vehicle coverage is extensive. You can find more information here about the certification process:

    Can CPO vehicles be leased?

    No that is very uncommon. CPO vehicles can ONLY be leased if they have not been titled. In a rare case you could lease a CPO vehicle that was a previous a “Courtesy Vehicle” at the dealership.

    What are the current CPO offerings at Mercedes-Benz and MBBR?

    The CPO event is happening now and MBUSA is offering an unlimited mileage warranty with up to 2 month’s payment waiver and competitive financing rates. More details here:

    Of course, every CPO case will be completely different depending on the automaker, so be sure to pay attention to the paperwork! Thank you to Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge for partnering on today’s post!

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    Loungewear Under $50 to Keep You Cozy For the Rest of 2020

    Have you finished up your Christmas shopping yet?! I’m excited to say that I only have TWO things left to get! After that, I’ll be done and my plans going forward consist of staying in loungewear as much as possible. (That third trimester feeling on top of it being the cold outside + holidays – it’s a serious mood y’all.) Hopefully, you guys are almost finished with your holiday purchases and can enjoy a little extra time to relax in your comfiest pieces too. Plus, it’s been a YEAR, and we all deserve a much-needed break… I’ve rounded up some pretty great comfy loungewear under $50 if you’re looking to maximize your relaxation through the rest of the year.

    All of today’s picks would also make great last-minute gifting, since they’re all from Walmart. Stack a pajama set with a pair or slippers or skincare gift! Check for their two-day shipping option online or if you can use their in-store pickup option. Plus, they just introduced the new Walmart+ membership that gets you free shipping/no minimums AND free delivery from your local store.

    If you’re looking for budget-friendly winter outfits, check out my Under $50 Outfits post featuring my Walmart winter fashion picks – a lot of them have been marked down since the post went live!

    Click Anywhere Below to Shop Loungewear Under $50

    Even More Options:

    Thanks to Walmart for partnering on today’s post. As always all opinions and product selects are all my own.  

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    Mercedes-Benz GLE Review with Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge

    It’s been a wild year with not that many things to look forward to, BUT last month, I started a partnership with Mercedes-Benz Baton Rouge that actually has me looking forward to driving around town and even getting stuck in crazy traffic. (How often does one actually look forward to traffic, right?) Let me explain. I was tasked with reviewing the Mercedes-Benz GLE from a down-to-Earth, real-life mom perspective. And I’ll be real honest here, I’m not sure how they expect me to hand this car back over in a month! But before I get ahead of myself, I want to share my top FIVE standout features of this model in today’s Mercedes-Benz GLE review if you’re in the market for a new SUV or interested in taking advantage of the Mercedes Winter Event going on right now.

    Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV review

    1. Room For Little Ones

    There are honestly so many things to love, including the new car smell, and obviously I want to mention the beautiful, sleek exterior, but those two things are pretty much a given. What you might not assume is how much ROOM is inside the GLE. As a mom, having a spacious backseat is the most important part of this car for me. We need enough room for a toddler seat in the back, and we will be adding an infant seat as well.

    With Jordan being 6’4 and me at 5’9, the space between the two rows is KEY. We can both sit comfortably in the second row of the GLE without feeling cramped, and the car seats do not create a problem with the amount of leg room we need in the front seat. As a bonus, there’s even a third row that makes this car a seven-seater, without feeling like youre driving a school bus. I think the optional third row is really what makes this the ideal mom car” without it feeling like a mom car” if you get what I mean.

    2. Touch Screen Technology

    Lets talk about the technology system next! The first thing that catches the eye when you get into the GLE is the impressive touch screen that can be controlled by dual touch pads. You get a fully digital dash that spans door to door along with a console that houses your main touch pad. You also have a mini touch pad directly on the steering wheel, so your hands never have to leave it.

    Both touch pads allow you to navigate your dash screen without having to actually touch it. (Or you totally can touch it, because that part is pretty cool as well.) The main home screen is organized and categorized so that you can find every feature of the car simply by swiping to your left or right on either touch pad.

    3. Hands-Free Phone Connectivity

    While on the subject of technology, I definitely want to mention the wireless charging pad + Bluetooth connectivity for your phone. We are all so attached to our phones which can be a dangerous thing while driving, but the GLE gives you hands-free / phone-free capabilities.

    The charging pad means theres no messing with tangled charging wires. You get in, put your phone down, and it automatically charges as you drive. And once its there, you never really need to pick it up again because the car syncs up to your phone and directs all incoming calls through the dash system. You can answer or hang up directly from the steering wheel – again your hands never need to leave the wheel.

    You can also ask the car to call people in your contact list just by saying “Hey Mercedes…”

    In addition, with a few swipes across the home screen, you can access your phone media to play Spotify, Apple Play, and other music apps without ever having to pick up your phone!

    4. Safety Extras

    Next, I want to share a few of the convenient safety features of the GLE – the first being the automatic blind spot indicators on the side mirrors. I know at all times when there is another vehicle on either side of me, just by glancing at the mirrors – a small little arrow will light up indicating if something is there.

    And of course, you have the rear backup cameras, but another reassuring feature – if you live in a busy neighborhood with kids on bikes – the GLE will automatically brake and stop on its own if it detects something behind you. Theres also a great number of camera views from above and outside of the car for parking lots and an option to have the car actually assist you in finding a parking spot!

    One last safety feature is actually the Mercedes-Benz phone app that will ping your phone if youve left the car unlocked. Directly from the app, you can lock, unlock and even start or stop the car. This is a feature that I never knew I needed until recently – especially getting out of the car with hands full of groceries, or getting a child out of the car. Its easy to forget to lock a door, but the app will alert you in a matter of minutes!

    5. Cabin Atmosphere

    I saved the most fun feature for last – custom mood settings in the cabin. Theres a 64-color LED ambient lighting system that lets you create your own atmosphere inside the GLE. For example, I currently have it set to flow from blue to violet to magenta as I drive, and I can also pick how I want the dash settings to appear.

    I just now discovered this little option, but you can refresh the cabin with ionized-purified air that can be infused with a scent… this is so crazy right? The options range from Joy, Refresh and Wellbeing. I think a lot of us probably need this refresh and wellbeing option after a long 2020.

    I love how customizable the in-cabin experience is in the GLE. You could have the same car and it feel completely different depending on who is driving it and how they’ve set up their mood settings!

    The Winter Event is happening right now at Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge and they have some of the best offers of the entire year with up to $1000 off select models. Swing by to see some of them in person including the GLE, or check out the specials page on their website HERE:

    Thank you to Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge who partnered on me for this post. MBBR has  won the Best of the Best” award from MBUSA 8 times – more times than any other Louisiana dealer. The award recognizes superior customer service and management in the MB community. For more information: