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    Five Budget-Friendly Spring Outfits | Wednesday Wishlist

    At the beginning of the year, I shared a poll in my IG Stories asking what YOU want to see more of this year. One thing that came in by a land slide was budget-friendly outfit ideas. With today being the first official day of spring, I am sharing my spring favorites under $75. (AND actually most items in the collage are under $50!) Below are five complete budget-friendly spring outfits – shoes to bag and all the accessories in between that are perfect for sunny days ahead!

    PS. Let me know if you like this format of full-outfit ideas compared to just collages with individual pieces! And don’t miss last week’s Amazon Deals wishlist post!

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    More Picks Under $75

    Which spring outfit is your favorite? I’m kinda loving them all!

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    Hospital Bag Packing List

    I have been beyond lucky to have so much help prepping our hospital bags. Between close friends forwarding me their exact lists to all the Instagram direct messages that I received with feedback, I can say we are packed and ready to go! There are a ton of things that I probably would have never thought of on my own, so I wanted to share the full lists (all three of them) in today’s post. Keep in mind, I’m a total over-packer no matter where I’m going, so to some, these lists probably look crazy long. But I’d rather be over prepared than have forgotten anything! (Plus, first-time mom here, so I’m not exactly sure how this whole thing is going to happen, haha.) Click through to see my full hospital bag packing list!

    PS. Some of these items might be TMI, but I want this post to be as helpful and thorough for you guys as possible!

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    Hospital Bag Packing List for Baby, Mom, and Dad

    What’s in my hospital bag:

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    Product Roundup, Shop With Me, Wednesday Wishlist

    Recent Amazon Favorites | Weekly Wishlist

    Confession: I’m basically addicted to seeing people post about their recent Amazon finds on Instagram. Turns out, I’ve never actually shared my own, so I wanted to do a quick round up of my recent Amazon favorites. They include Amazon deals and dupes for spring + some of my more practical purchases. Sharing a little bit of additional info about each of the purchases below too!

    I also set up this Amazon storefront where I can save all my product suggestions by category for you to find at all times! You can easily find this storefront link in my Instagram bio too. 

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    Starting from the Top L to R:
    Tinkle Razors: I use these to dermaplane my face at home. (Lots of tutorials available on YouTube)
    Pearl Barrettes: The biggest hair trend that I’ve seen for spring + these are budget-friendly options.
    Oversized Pearl Earrings: LOVE that pearls are in for both hair and ears right now
    Himalayan Salt Night Light: Got these for soft light during night time diaper changes
    Day Designer Planner: I use this planner every day because each day gets a full page.
    Handheld Steamer: Can’t live without this steamer both at home and while traveling.
    YSL Heart Sunglasses Dupes: Get the look for a whole lot less
    Drawer Organizers: Picked up a few of these for the nursery dresser drawers
    Designer Dupe Initial Necklace: Big statement piece at a small price
    Makeup Travel Case: You can adjust compartments to fit your products + keep them in place.
    Pom Pom Swimsuit: Have heard crazy good things about this suit for under $30
    Dupe LV Damier Check Wallet: My favorite LV print for spring
    Pom Pom Straw Bag Dupe: I have this one in black and also love the multi-color.
    Pom Pom Tassel Keychain: Add to any bag to update for spring.
    Pom Loafers: How cute are these slip-on flats?!
    Dog Cave Bed: Odie LOVES his dog cave for burrowing!
    Dupe Woven Bag: Comes in three colors.
    Acrylic Organizer: One of my all-time favorite Amazon finds!!

    More of my Amazon Favorites:

    Do you guys have Amazon favorites? I’d LOVE for you to share them with me in the comments!

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    Blog Q&A | How to Deal With Negativity Online

    When you have a digital presence online, you’ll probably receive a little hate or snark at some point. It’s inevitable. People hiding behind their screens, using anonymity to their advantage, making assumptions about your life. To be honest, I’ve often let the fear of negativity dictate what I’ve posted on social media. If I receive hundreds of positive feedback but one negative comment, that one bad remark has the potential to drag me down for days. For that reason, I’ve always been a little more private about my personal life on Instagram. But I’m finding that my pregnancy journey has really given me the opportunity to open up a little more.

    My blog posts have become a little more intimate and raw – especially yesterday’s pregnancy skincare post where I shared an untouched acne photo. That being said, getting personal means occasional criticism in this space is a constant possibility. A few of you asked how to deal with negativity online, so I wanted to chat a little bit more about it in today’s Q&A post.

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    How to Handle Online Criticism and Haters on Social Media

    Jockey Loungewear Favorites

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    Hormonal Breakouts During Pregnancy

    First and foremost, I have been VERY blessed with what I consider an easy pregnancy. I know there are so many health issues that can arise during these 9 months, so this post is not meant to complain about a superficial inconvenience. I have gotten many messages/DMs regarding hormonal breakouts during pregnancy and safe skincare solutions, so I wanted to devote an entire post to it. That being said I am definitely counting my blessings and hope this post can help alleviate a little bit of pregnancy strife for those looking for options!

    I touched lightly on this topic of hormonal breakouts in this pregnancy skin myths and truths post. But, I really wanted to do a deep dive and share a little bit more about what I’ve learned about safe skincare during the past few months. Like I mentioned before, my skincare included a lot of ingredients that are considered not safe for pregnancy like retinol and salicylic acid. I’ve since had to overhaul my skincare products, and I’m sharing every single product swap that I’ve been using in today’s full post!

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    Skincare Solutions for Hormonal Breakouts During Pregnancy

    Shop Natural Skincare Solutions:

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