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The Most Inspiring Person I’ve Met Through Instagram

The world of social media can be tough – there’s not one day that goes by that I do not have some sort of anxiety about what to post, what time to post, will people even like this, is this photo totally stupid… etc. Not to mention the infamous Instagram algorithm that has no doubt already started to kick in as I get more and more of you saying that you no longer seeing my photos in your feeds. (I get stomach pangs thinking about this.) I’ve noticed that more and more, my feelings towards Instagram are well, very negative which basically defeats the entire purpose of me sharing and creating content for social media and for you guys.

Someone recently has put all of my negativity towards social media into perspective. A person who has all the reason in the world to be negative, but instead, is spreading a positive message on not only her own account, but on mine which is why I’m highlighting Kathleen DiMartino as the “softie” in my life as a part of Splendid LA’s Spread Softness initiative

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Meet Kathleen in today’s full post!

Let me back up a bit. 

A long time ago, I held an Instagram giveaway, and it was time to pick the winner. As I scrolled through the entry comments, one handle stuck out more than the others because it was one that always posts sweet comments on my photos. So I picked @sweetkandykat as the giveaway winner because I knew she truly enjoyed my content and commented not only on just giveaway photos, but on my other photos as well. 

When she emailed me to claim her giveaway item, she shared with me how much winning meant to her that day and why such a small giveaway was impacting her – which led to her sharing her struggle with chronic migraines. Here is Kathleen’s story in her own words that she so kindly agreed to include in today’s post:


About four years ago, I began suffering from chronic migraines. Before I knew it, I was forced to leave my job and stop going to school.

For months, I couldn’t grasp what had happened to me. I would lay in bed at night soaking my pillow with tears, questioning God and life. For a few months, I was just about bed bound, and following that, I was practically homebound.

I got to a point where I was disgusted with the way I was feeling. Besides my migraines, there was a heavy depression I felt that I could not shake. I could not control the physical pain I was in, but I could control my mood. I finally made a promise to myself to never let my emotions control me like that again. 

Staying positive is vital to my healing. I see life so much differently than I once did. It truly is all about the little things. It’s about the sun shining on your face when you walk outside, or the first sip of a latte that just tastes so good. Its being able to take a shower daily, since I once couldn’t shower for days at a time. It’s about living life to the fullest and saying “yes” more and stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s about loving life more and loving others more and being thankful for all that you have.

It’s about being alive. It’s about stopping the cycle that we have gotten caught up in and slowing down. It’s living and it’s beautiful. 

I am happy to say I am doing much better now, and although I am not back to work or school just yet, I plan on both in the near future!


When I read Kathleen’s story, it becomes apparent how easily I often lose track of the positives and give my main focus to the negatives instead. Kathleen is inspiring me to adopt a more positive attitude and outlook on life – something that I think we all can benefit from! I’m so glad that she agreed to share her story in today’s post and serve as an inspiring light for all of us!

And I’m so glad that Splendid LA is creating awareness around their Spread Softness initiative so that I had an opportunity to share Kathleen’s story with you guys. They want to remind everyone that softness comes in many forms, and that it’s so much more than their cozy tees and fabrics. It’s about highlighting and appreciating those people in your life who are the catalyst for kindness. 

To join me in Splendid LA’s #spreadsoftness initiative, I’m hosting a giveaway on Instagram at 7 pm tonight where you can comment and tag the biggest “softies” in your life. The winner will receive a two pack of exclusive Splendid tees that you can only get in this giveaway!

For more details, visit @apinchoflovely on Instagram and find the first image from today’s post!

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Thank you to Splendid LA for partnering with me on today’s post!

Prize/Official Rules: One randomly selected winner will receive two exclusive Splendid “Soft Tees” and Soft Pack bag. Size and style of “Soft Tees” are subject to availability (approx. retail value $160). PT. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. U.S. residents only, ages 18+. Subject to Official Rules ( Not sponsored by Instagram, LLC. On/about (END DATE: 5 days after post), Splendid will randomly select one winner from all eligible entries and contact him/her via email. 

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