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A Q&A with Mercedes-Benz on the Benefits of Buying CPO Vehicles

As part of my recent partnership with Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge, I’ve not only learned so many impressive aspects of their brand new car offerings (see initial blog post on the 2021 GLE here), I’ve also gotten to sit down and learn about their next best thing – the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle options. I remember when we were car shopping a few years ago, I had a lot of questions in regards to buying new vs. buying a CPO vehicle, so I thought this might be a helpful topic to break down directly from the source. If you are considering going with a CPO vehicle, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that I had answered directly by MBBR.

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A Q&A of the Benefits of Buying CPO Vehicles with Mercedes-Benz

Where do CPO vehicles come from at MBBR?

The majority of our CPO inventory are lease returns. These lease returns are normally one owner vehicles and are more than likely lightly used.

What are the main benefits of buying a CPO vehicle from Mercedes-Benz?

The main benefit is an unlimited mileage warranty! Also, you know the vehicle was certified through an authorized dealer with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Restoring operating efficiency/safety features to optimal levels means restoring as close to new as possible.


What is the average price reduction/mileage limits one can expect?

A vehicle over 75,000 miles cannot be certified, so every CPO vehicle will have less than 75K. The average price reduction varies so much but the unlimited mileage warranty is a great value for industry standards.

*Mileage limits will vary per automaker.

What is the difference between dealer-certified and manufacturer-certified?

All CPO should be manufacturer-certified by the local dealer.

* CPOs are backed by the manufacturers. Dealer-certified vehicles are subject to the whim of said dealers. Dealer-certified warranties lack the uniform guidelines of CPOs which come straight from the automakers.

Can you request the CPO vehicle’s history report?

Yes, absolutely!

What does the Mercedes-Benz CPO warranty include?

It’s probably easier to note what it does not include. The certified pre-owned vehicle coverage is extensive. You can find more information here about the certification process:

Can CPO vehicles be leased?

No that is very uncommon. CPO vehicles can ONLY be leased if they have not been titled. In a rare case you could lease a CPO vehicle that was a previous a “Courtesy Vehicle” at the dealership.

What are the current CPO offerings at Mercedes-Benz and MBBR?

The CPO event is happening now and MBUSA is offering an unlimited mileage warranty with up to 2 month’s payment waiver and competitive financing rates. More details here:

Of course, every CPO case will be completely different depending on the automaker, so be sure to pay attention to the paperwork! Thank you to Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge for partnering on today’s post!

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