It’s All Coming Up Roses

Today, I’m talking about something that I have yet to ever post about – fragrance. It occurred to me that such a thing might be super difficult to convey through a blog post since the sense of smell is subjective and different for everyone, but can we all agree that the smell of fresh flowers is ALWAYS amazing? I mean, I’ve never met a fresh floral that I didn’t like, and who doesn’t love a receiving a gorgeous bouquet of roses? That’s why I’ve teamed up with AERIN Beauty to talk about their beauty and fragrance collection that infuses the beauty and smell of a rose garden so that you can enjoy a fresh bouquet every day of the week through their products!

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It’s not a secret that I love pink, so when Jordan gave me hot pink roses for our first wedding anniversary, it was pure perfection. They were so beautiful that I never wanted them to wilt, but it was also the fragrance that I wanted to last as well. It’s also not a secret that I can’t keep plants alive, so needless to say, the flowers went very quickly. It was sad. This is why I’m super excited to try AERIN Beauty‘s rose fragrance AND beauty collection because it’s more than just a perfume. The collection also includes a hand and body cream, a lip conditioner, a balm and a full lipstick collection all infused with the flower’s scent.

I’m maybe most excited about the rose balm and lip conditioner specifically! The balm is crafted with an extract of over 350 petals. It’s purpose is to soothe and deeply moisturize dry skin anywhere you need it including eyes and lips – and even cuticles. Plus, I always keep a lip balm next to my bed at night and apply right before bed, so the lip conditioner will be put into effect immediately.

The AERIN Beauty collection also includes 10 shades of lipcolor. They all include the same luxe balm texture while providing medium color coverage. Natural wax helps seal in moisture and the colors have a shine finish. I can’t wait to tie these into future posts on APoL!

I haven’t even mentioned the packaging yet, but as you probably have already guessed coming from a graphic designer, I’m in love with the AERIN Beauty packaging. These products are so beautiful making them gorgeous gifts for anyone to receive. Everything in the collection seems very intimate and personal from the carefully curated products to the perfected scent. I guarantee a swoon reaction from anyone who were to open their perfectly pink boxes!

Thank you to AERIN Beauty for inspiring and partnering on this post. All thoughts and opinions will always remain my own.

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