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In My Summer Bag with meClear

I got such a great response recently to a posting about my meClear – a blue light anti-breakout device that I’ve been using since I left for Key West – so I decided to include a little bit more information on it in today’s post. I’m spilling what’s in my summer bag. My Gigi New York Monterey tote can really pack a ton and is super lightweight which is why I’m loving it for all of my recent summer travels. 

More on meClear

About two months ago, I discussed my skin concerns and how debilitating they can be to one’s self-confidence. I was so incredibly moved at how many of you guys commented on that Instagram posts with your stories and struggles about living with your own skin insecurities. I recently tried high-electricity therapy on my recurring chin blemishes, and although I saw instant results, it’s not a permanent fix. (And it’s not at all practical to go to the dermatologist every time I get a breakout.) So meClear is a product I’ve been using at home to get similar results using blue light technology. I’m so thrilled that meClear has also agreed to offer you guys a 20% off promo code to try it out too. Use code LOVELY20 and let me know what you think!

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