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Meet Kristin from Living In Color Print:

1. Where is your happy place?

My happy place is right where my loved ones are: my family, friends, loving boyfriend of almost 7 yrs, and my baby [aka my fat english bulldog] mean the world to me, so there’s no where else I’d rather be than in their company. 

2. Can’t live without?

Pandora. I know that seems kind of old school, but it’s true! I love me some Pandora, pretty much all day everyday. Yes, I realize there are probably far more tech savvy ways of listening to countless songs these day, but you know what they say – can’t teach an old dog new tricks. And I’m happy with Pandora. 

3. What’s one recipe (can be a drink!) that you make really well?

Cheesy potatoes! So I’m not a huge cook in the kitchen, although I try, but my favorite food is potatoes so anything incorporating those starchy babies I can pretty much conquer. My Mom has made cheesy potatoes for years, so it’s one of those hand-me-down recipes I just love. Seriously easy, basically frozen hashbrowns with a ton of unhealthy goodness, mixed in a glass baking dish – goof proof and finger linkin’ good!

4. What are you currently coveting – doesn’t have to be a monetary thing.

The ability to travel far and frequently. I absolutely love traveling and wish I had more time and money in this lifetime to simply pick up my bags and travel the world to experience new things. Until then, I’m content gushing over my ‘travel’ pinterest board along with annual trips to NYC, Colorado, and elsewhere. Ok, so I do get out a little! 

5. Random fact about yourself!

I’m extremely expression-ate/animated, or so I’m told haha. My closest friends and family laugh at my constantly for making silly noises to exude my thoughts or feelings, along with my numerous facial expressions. Sometimes I look back at photoshoot outtakes and think ‘what the heck am I doing here’?! I certainly can’t hide my emotions, thoughts, or feelings very well, it just seems to all creep out in my facial expressions letting the entire world know what’s going on in my head. 

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  • Reply Kristin Clark

    This turned out SO CUTE! Thanks so much for the sweet feature Krystal!!


    June 25, 2013 at 5:06 pm
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