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The Best Shoes for Mardi Gras

shoes to wear for mardi gras
As someone who has been to at least one parade nearly every year of my life, I’d like to think I have some experience under my belt on what shoes to wear for Mardi Gras parades. For some, this might come as common sense, but for those who have never experienced a full-fledged carnival season, you might need a few pointers. And to all my Louisiana ladies, here’s a little recap on how to put your best (and comfiest) foot forward when the floats start rolling!

See which styles I’m choosing as my parade-favorites in today’s post!
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As you can see, low-heeled booties are at the top of my list for proper Mardi Gras footwear for two reasons – comfort and versatility. You want an ankle bootie with a low-heel so you can stand for long periods of time and walk along the parade route without aching feet. But booties are also SO versatile that they can accommodate both warmer or cooler weather outfits. No one wants to be lugging around in heavy boots all day long, and you’ll notice the only tall boots on my list are a pair of Hunter rainboots in case of rain. And if it is raining, you will want tall rainboots especially in New Orleans! I have also included select sneakers on my list of parade shoes as well – but not the exercise kind. These are sneaker options that are deemed appropriate to wear with jeans! 🙂

I will have outfits over the next two weeks showing you how you can wear both booties and sneakers on parade days to give you some ideas. I thought I’d go ahead and show you some great shoe options beforehand to help you start outfit planning!

ps. Check out my post with Nikes and Skinny Jeans  and this Converse Outfit Post for extra inspiration!

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  • Reply Mirabili Vestium

    Nice edit. I loved ASOS and Nordstrom most, great colors, too.

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    Everybody has known about Mardi Gras, however few truly know how to appreciate it to the greatest potential. There's parcels to find out about jubilee season in the event that you are new to New Orleans, and this article will point you in the right course, paying little heed to how you need to encounter the greatest free gathering in the USA.

    June 3, 2016 at 4:48 pm
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