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Blog Lessons Part 5 – Finding Content

So you’ve started blogging and have some great posts rolling out, and then at some point, your content ideas start wearing thin… now what? Where are you going to find some content ideas?

This is why I think it’s important to map out your posts in advance. Once you see all the posts fitting together it’s easier to plug in the holes. You’ll be able to flip through and see the last time you posted about Subject A or Subject C. Even better, keep a running list of companies, websites, boutiques, artists etc. that you want to feature. Anytime, you get stuck in a rut, consult the list.

Far better than a written list (you knew I was going here, right?), there’s Pinterest. And far better than normal Pinterest boards, there are secret Pinterest boards. In case you’re afraid of spoiling your content by pinning ideas for all of your followers to see, create a secret board for blog content ideas. I actually do this ALL of the time. Make sure you’re following your favorite bloggers and brands to get the most relevant pins. Following people who pin recipes and cute animals is not going to help out your content board!

* Etsy has a similar system that keeps track of all of your favorited items and makes it easy for you to find them again.

Start up a blog roll or Google Reader list. It’s always been really helpful for me to have all of my favorite blogs and websites just a click away. When I’m feeling less than creative, they always seem to get me back on track and motivated. I’m definitely not saying rip off someone else’s content idea, but you might see a product or outfit on another site that will help jump off a new idea of your own.

And last, be alert. Blogging is more than just sitting behind a computer screen – so start taking notice – there are content ideas all around you. Keep a list; constantly jot down/pin ideas, and you’ll never be stuck without good post material!

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    I'm loving your entire blog lessons series! Thanks for all of the great advice! I've really kicked my blog into gear this year and I know this will help me stay on track!

    More Mascara, Please

    January 8, 2013 at 9:23 pm
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