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One of the questions I’m most often asked relates to how I balance my personal and professional life online. Finding the answers to these questions have been a personal journey that’s become more and more challenging since I began blogging full time. And I have to admit, it’s the ultimate struggle in an overly connected world. So, I have to continually re-commit myself to it every day. Sharing some strategies I use to keep me grounded and balanced, and hopefully they will help you too!


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How to Balance Life and Social Media

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How to Balance Life and Social Media

Physically and Mentally Clock Out

Our relationship with work has changed a lot with the invention of smartphones – and it seems that I’m always somewhat “on the clock.” We have email and work apps at our fingertips, and are expected to be responsive at all times!

Setting designated times for work can help you reclaim some structure and allow you to let go once you’re “clocked out” – even if you work from home. Often, I’ll use the timer on my phone or an online timer like Tomato Timer to track my work intervals. Set parameters for how long you will work on one task, and when the time is up, do something totally different to focus your mind on something else.

I also believe in actively dedicating chunks of the day to my family and personal life. This is so important no matter what your job is. You can achieve this by setting a hard cut off time for work everyday where you refrain from checking emails or social media.

How to Balance Life and Social Media

Set Boundaries for Your Social Media Presence

Work-life balance is both a blessing and a challenge as a blogger because it allows one to share the details of their personal life and earn a living. At the same time, you’re never completely turned off. That being said, a big piece of advice I’d offer is to know your limits of what you’re willing to share or not share.

For example, some bloggers might start out only showcasing their closets with their personal life details left out. Others let their audience into their family life, vacations, home etc. Either path is totally okay! It’s just a matter of deciding what you feel most comfortable with. I personally find that setting limitations allows you to protect the things that matter most – and at the same time, allows for more balance between work and life.

Also, when it comes to enjoying and “capturing” the moment, I usually allow myself to take a few snaps and then I’ll try to completely put my phone away. Otherwise, I’ll miss out on what’s happening. Setting these kinds of boundaries allows me to be present and actually enjoy the moment!

How to Balance Life and Social Media

Know When to Put Your Phone Away

Although many of us use social media regularly in our work and personal lives, research shows that sites like Instagram are literally designed to make our brains addicted to it. Becoming more aware of your usage makes it easier for habits to stay reasonable and not spiral into full-on addiction.

The iPhone has a great new feature that has helped me track my Instagram usage to become more aware of times when I need to refocus my attention to the present moment. You can find “Screen Time” in your settings, and view how much time you are viewing certain apps per day and on average. This data will increase your awareness of how much you’re on social media. You can even set time limits on particular apps. Your phone will give you an alert when you’re within 5 minutes of your set time limit, and once you’ve surpassed the limit, the app will “lock.”

Putting these practices in action can be challenging at first, but ultimately, the separation between work, personal life, and internet presence will help you maintain a healthy balance.

How do you balance life and social media?

Thank you to Jockey for partnering on today’s post! As always all opinions and product styling are my 0wn.

Photos by Lainey Reed

How to Balance Life and Social Media How to Balance Life and Social Media How to Balance Life and Social Media

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  • Reply Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    I love your tips! I’m trying to stay away from Instagram as much as possible – seems like I’m addicted to that app! Definitely making an attempt to be more present in real life this year. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    February 27, 2019 at 8:56 pm
  • Reply Romona Geohaghan

    Hi Krystal! Thank you for this mind opening blog. This has helped me to recognize how much social media has become intertwined into my life. I often do not realize how much it is affecting me negatively. The truth is a lot of important tasks gets put off, because of a lot of time spent on social media, which lessens my level of productivity for a given day. Sometimes, I really need to take a break and just unwind. Use that time to meditate or get work done, but I operate an online business and so I utilize social media a lot for customer interaction and retention. Also, I attend College and so this is how I communicate re group assignments, etc. I know I need a balance, but I can’t just shut my phone off or hide notifications, because my business is fairly new, so how do you suggest I balance this?

    P.S. I would really love to hear your response.

    February 10, 2020 at 9:58 pm
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