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Blogger Q&A | Updated 1.23.17

I recently realized that my Blogger Q&A section of my blog was WAY outdated and basically impossible to find, so my weekend mission was to get this thing whipped into shape. Some of the answers are truly meant for longer blog posts, so I have a plan to get started on those as well for better clarity. BUT in the meantime, if you have any questions for me pertaining to blogging or general life shoot me an email! I’m hoping to get everything answered for you guys and make this page more visible with easier access once questions/answers are updated and added.

Email me: [email protected]

‘Read More’ to see the full post of Blogger Q&A + these outfit details.

ruffle sleeve sweater ruffle sleeve sweater

What was your career before blogging? 

I graduated from Louisiana State University in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. From there, I accepted a job with the LSU Athletic Department as a Graphic Design Coordinator where I specialized in branding and design. I worked my way up to my position as the Creative Services Director where I focused on brand management. By this time, I knew I wanted to explore new areas in digital marketing, so I accepted a job with Community Coffee Company as their Design Manager so that I could work with their agencies to create social media content.

Why did you start a blog? What does A Pinch of Lovely mean?

Fun fact! My blog started as a creative outlet to showcase my design projects and rarely ever featured outfits in the beginning. The name A Pinch of Lovely came from me wanting to share just a bit of inspiration that I found in the design world. Over time, APOL evolved entirely into a fashion and lifestyle site but the motivation to share the “pinch” still rings true!

How did you decide to go full-time with your blog and as a content creator?

There’s a full post on this here!

What kind of camera do you use and who is your photographer?

I have been so incredibly lucky to work with so many fantastic photographers that are amazing at their jobs! (I tag them on IG and credit them at the end of every blog post.) They all use different cameras, but I personally use a Nikon with a fixed 35mm lens for any still shots of products that I might take around my house. My husband has gotten quite skilled with his iPhone 7. 😉

Blogger Q&A w/ A Pinch of Lovely | ruffle sleeve sweater

This outfit was shot by Lainey Reed Photography who uses a Canon DSLR with a Sigma lens. 

What’s your advice for people who want to start a blog or be a full-time blogger one day?

Currently writing a full post on this topic, but in a nutshell, here’s the most important step: If you want to start a blog – make sure you are starting it around a niche that you love. And if you’re starting a blog with the intention of becoming a full-time blogger, know that you’re going to eat, sleep, dream and hustle for that niche every single day. So first thing you need to do is figure out what that one thing is that you will never get tired of! (insert muscle emoji) Promise a dedicated post to this topic is coming soon!

What have you learned while blogging?

I love being a business owner and continuing to learn new things about digital content and influencer marketing. I am constantly listening to entrepreneur podcasts and watching marketing webinars – I love learning from other people and their success. This past year, I’ve struggled with specific areas like taxes and bookkeeping and have recently learned it’s okay to delegate those tasks to professionals. One big lesson I am still learning is how to be more disciplined with my schedule when working from home – hoping to dedicate a full post on this soon! 

What does your daily schedule look like now that you work from home?

Working on a full post with this information – will include the link here once it’s live.

What’s your favorite part about blogging?

I have met the most incredible people on this journey – both bloggers and readers. Connecting with so many talented, smart, inspirational people across social media is definitely the best part about blogging. I have three best friends that I would have never found without my blog, and I have worked with the amazing creatives and PR agencies! I also really love getting surprise emails from people no matter how random the message. 🙂

What do you use to edit your iPhone photos and schedule your IG posts?

My two favorites are by far Snapseed and A Color Story. I know a lot of people use VSCO cam, but I haven’t personally tried it yet. (I’d love to do a more comprehensive post on the actual steps that I use to edit!) To schedule, I use the Planoly app that allows me to move images around my grid and also leave placeholders for images that I haven’t taken yet. This gives me a good sense of how my feed will look to potential new followers who find my account. My rewardStyle app is where I tag my products and write my caption.

How do you make money blogging?

This is a question that I get a lot! I am able to monetize my blog and social media accounts through rewardStyle affiliate marketing, brand collaborations and (a platform available via rewardStyle). You can apply to be a rewardStyle publisher HERE, and you can also have other bloggers refer to you become a part of the network. There are also third party companies that will connect bloggers to brands. I have worked with third party sites like Collectively, Revfluence, Social Native + more!


How do you keep your hair curled in Louisiana humidity?

My hair soaks up moisture so fast from the air because of my color-treated hair!! It still gets poufy and frizzy – especially on rainy days – but I use some products to try to keep it to a minimum. Before showering, I try to use a hair mask about mid-way down to my ends about once a week. I use a moisturizing conditioner and then I spray a leave-in conditioner before drying. The Pantene Moisture Renewal line is a good drugstore brand to try.

I also use the Living Proof No Frizz oil midway down to my ends. I use Biosilk Silk Therapy after every shower just on my ends. A dime-size drop is all you need, and the bottle lasts forever. I just try to keep it really moisturized about midway down to the ends because that’s where I use my wand the most.

What are your favorite self-tanners?

I am the ultimate pale girl living in a city that stays HOT and has shorts-appropriate-weather for most of the year, so I’ve dabbled in self-tanners pretty frequently. I def want to do a full post on this, and I have a few new ones that I still need to try.

Right now, I love the St. Tropez Express foam – use the St. Tropez mitt to apply it. It doesn’t really smell that bad, and it comes out tinted to help you see where it’s going. The longer you leave it on, the darker it can get. So after one hour if you are happy with the color, you can just rinse it off. I like it because you can quickly rinse it off, and the color isn’t orange-y. I still manage to mess it up though if I’m in a hurry, but it’s the easiest one that I’ve used. Full post coming as I try a few new ones this season!

Blogger Q&A w/ A Pinch of Lovely | suede mules + ruffle sleeve sweater Blogger Q&A w/ A Pinch of Lovely | suede mules + ruffle sleeve sweater suede backless loafers

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photos by Lainey Reed

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