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Boston Trip Recap!

The second part of our Fourth of July trip (and actual 4th) was spent in one of America’s oldest cities – Boston. I was really excited to nerd out and take the historic tours while Jordan was mainly interested in going to watch baseball, but I digress. Here is more information on our trip and our must-see list!

Where We Stayed

After some research, I landed on The Colonnade Hotel for it’s contemporary vibe and close proximity to lots of local spots in the Back Bay area (including the mall across the street that really came in handy once I realized I hadn’t packed enough clothes). The Colonnade boasts one of Boston’s only rooftop pools which overlooks the city (seen in the photo above). If you catch it on the right night, there are events held on the rooftop throughout the summer, but I went for the people watching and rosé!

Where We Ate

Our first meal was right at our hotel at Brasserie Jo where I had the most delicious Croque Madame that I washed down with a bellini (and truffle frites – don’t judge me). You may have seen this meal on my Snapchat – we sat right here on the patio for some great people watching because the different trolley tours stop right in front of The Colonnade! This later came in handy when I made Jordan go on the historical tours, but more on that below.

We also literally only had to cross the street to grab two hamburgers at Five Napkin Burger. More fries please. Jordan got some tots that were pretty legit too. And because you just kind of have to do it when you’re in Boston, we ate at Union Oyster House – the oldest restaurant in America. My other meal of sorts was at Fenway Park at the Red Sox game – I am a lover of all ballpark food…

Trolley Tours!

We took two must-see trolley tours while in Boston. The first being the typical history tour – there are more than one that run through the city, so look up both to see which you would prefer. (They both very conveniently pick up and drop off at The Colonnade Hotel.) We learned about the Freedom Trail, saw the Cheers bar, traveled over to Cambridge/MIT/Harvard, and passed where the Boston Tea Party occured – there’s a real life museum where you can dump tea crates over the side haha. I actually wanted to do this but didn’t have time. 

The second trolley tour – wait for it – was the haunted Boston tour. We hopped on board with Ghosts and Gravestones to tour the different spooky areas of the city. We paid respects to Alexander Hamilton and Paul Revere’s graves. We also learned all about the Boston Strangler and other ghost stories in the area. I was way more excited about this one than I think Jordan was.

Jordan’s Pick

If I had to ask Jordan his favorite part of our few days in Boston, of course, he would say Fenway Park and watching the Red Sox game. Again, conveniently enough, the ballpark was within walking distance to The Colonnade, so we were able to do a little sight-seeing and pick up some coffee on our way to the park. 

I actually surprised Jordan when I told him about the bar underneath the outfield of Fenway – he literally had zero idea it was there. So we stopped in and had a few beers beforehand. The bar has an door that opens to the outfield that you can look out into before the game, so I’d definitely recommend stopping in to see it!

What We Missed Out On

We only spent two days in Boston, so it’s safe to say that we did miss out on a few historic sites that I would have loved to see. I also would have liked to try out a few more of the restaurants and nightlife scenes, but visiting during the holiday made that a little harder too. 

The main thing that I missed out on was trying authentic Boston Creme Pie!! Majorly disappointed in this one. I wanted to visit the Omni Parker Hotel to scoop up their famous pie and maybe try to see if I could run into a ghost or two there. But that’s for next time!

Let me know if you have any other Boston trip suggestions, and I’ll add to my next itinerary!

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