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Cape Cod Summer Travel Guide

This is going to be a more unique travel recap than any of my others mostly because I relied HEAVILY on Jordan to help plan our recent trip to Cape Cod! In college, Jordan played summer baseball on the Cape and has always always talked about going back to see his old ball park and the town that he lived in with his host family. Keep in mind, this was way before I had even met Jordan, and in fact, I never actually saw him play college baseball. (I like to refer to it as his cool life before he went to law school and became a nerd.)

SO because I have gone on many adventures this year that he wasn’t able to go on, I told him that we could go anywhere he wanted for our 4th of July trip – and he chose Cape Cod. And don’t get me wrong, it was definitely on my list of must-see places, I just didn’t know much about it at all. AND NOW, I’m trying to plan when I’m going back because oh-my-gosh I fell in love with summer in the Cape! I know my photos and recap won’t nearly do it justice, but today’s post is all about our stay!

Learn more about our Cape Code trip in today’s full post!

Hat / Striped Tee / Shorts / Crossbody

Ps. I asked Jordan what a Kettleer was, and I’m not sure I got a straight answer on that…

Shirt / Crossbody / Jacket / Jeans

Where We Stayed in Cape Cod
When it came to where to stay in the Cape, I literally had zero clue, but Jordan was pretty adamant about staying in Hyannis because of it’s centralized location. Although now I’m not sure whether or not it really had to do with being very very close to JFK’s former compound. More on that to come.

Turns out he was probably correct about us hunkering down in Hyannis for a home base as we were super close to the harbor and the ferry to Nantucket which we decided to do right when we got there. There are tons of little restaurants and shops along the harbor and about two blocks away on Main Street. We literally walked most places which was really enjoyable with the unbelievable weather. I don’t think I broke a sweat once while there!

Dress / Crossbody / Sandals / Sunglasses

Some of my favorite parts of Hyannis were Jordan circling the Kennedy Compound about 7 times in our rental car, visiting the JFK Museum, eating my heart out on Main Street including delicious ice cream (dairy-free) at Katie’s Ice Cream Shop and catching Jordan’s Cape team (Cotuit Kettlers) win their baseball game!

Crossbody / Similar earrings / Similar sunglasses

And if you’re wanting food suggestions, we visited the cutest little French patisserie called Pain D’Avignon. It was possibly the best meal that we had on the Cape – and Jordan is a bit of breakfast snob so that says a lot. He got some delicious feta omlette, and I got Nutella banana crepes and a mimosa. (Duh, vacation life.) Just thinking about those crepes makes me super happy. Highly recommend for your morning coffee and newspaper – and even a bit of people watching. Pain D’Avignon is very popular for people coming in and out for breakfast pick-ups.

Tee / Jeans / Jacket / Crossbody / Shoes / Hat / Sunglasses

Trust Me, Take the Ferry to Nantucket
We almost did not take the Nantucket ferry because of how long it took us to get through 4th of July traffic to the Cape, and I would have missed out on my favorite part of the trip had we not gone! You guys, I fell in love with Nantucket and it’s hydrangeas and crazy rose bushes and tiny lighthouses.

Shirt / Shorts / Sunglasses / Hat

I literally turned into some sort of horticulturist wandering into people’s yards to look at their flower boxes. We didn’t get much past the port area, but the shops and restaurants are the most charming I’ve ever seen. I told Jordan that spending summers in Nantucket was my brand new #lifegoals. If you make it to the Cape, you absolutely MUST take the ferry to Nantucket and give yourself enough time to explore! I would have loved to make it out Sconset Beach, but they said it was an 8 mile bike ride and well… I’m just not at all prepared for all that, haha.

Head North to Truro Vineyards!
Legit one of my favorite things that we did on the trip! (I know I keep saying that. But this was SO fun.) On our way to Provincetown, we stopped in Truro to visit the town’s local wine vineyard and gin distillery (South Hollow Spirits). Not only do they have wine and gin tastings, but they also have a food truck with the most amazing lunch options! Jordan ordered the Sweet Potato tacos which were apparently so good that he conveniently ate them all before I got to try them, and I ordered the goat cheese and paté over salad. We washed it down with two delicious specialty drinks. (Please note that I took a photo of the drink menu, so that I could somehow try to recreate them.)

We also got a tour of the gin distillery and had a wine tasting where we tried 10 different wines – no surprise, rosé was my faves. I could have stayed all day under the umbrella tables with light bites, wine and yummy drinks. The reality is that we did stay there most of the day… which gave us less time at our next stop – Provincetown. (But in my opinion, I’d rather have stayed all day at Truro Vineyards.)

On to Provincetown
Provincetown is the most northern tip of the Cape and is known for Commerce Street which actually kind of reminded me of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. All sorts of restaurants, little touristy shops – and all kinds of interesting characters walking around! I do wish that we would have been there on a normal weekend instead of 4th of July weekend, because it was a bit congested with people. We weren’t really able of doing some of the things that we might have otherwise been able to, but it’s definitely worth going. After suggestions from a super helpful Snapchat friend (thanks Emily), we walked as far as we could down Commerce to the jetties that went out into the water. We sat there for a while as Jordan read a book, and I watched a family hilariously try to take family photos on a bunch of jagged, uneven rocks. It was very amusing, and I would not recommend haha.

What We Missed Out on

Here is what I would do next time and the order of each part of the trip:

Fly to Boston

Rent a car / drive to Cape Cod (about 1.5 hours in a car on a good traffic day)

Stay the Night in Hyannis or immediately rake the ferry to Nantucket (ferry is about 1 hour)

Stay in Nantucket for at least one night if not more

Take the ferry back, drive 30 minutes to Chatham

Stay at the Chatham Bars Inn

(SO pretty here. We drove by, but didn’t get to stop and get out)

Make the drive north to Truro Vineyards and Provincetown (about 45 mins from Chatham)

PS. The Boston part of our trip to follow!

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  • Reply Chanel | Cultural Xplorer

    Awesome tips – I cannot wait to get back to Cape Cod to try out some of these things in a few weeks!

    July 8, 2018 at 10:32 pm
  • Reply Leanna

    Thanks for your insights, going to the cape with my mom next week and needed some suggestions since im unfamiliar. Appreciate it!

    August 30, 2019 at 9:27 pm
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