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    DIY Wall Art with timeshel

    (Second post of the day! What!!)
    Today, I’m partnering up with timeshel to improve my current workspace and wallspace! It’s been quite a while since I posted any sort of DIY project, so today’s project is way overdue! To jump back into crafting, I came up with a super simple way to print out my photos that I’d been hoarding on my phone and display them in a more modern collage that fits my design aesthetic.

    Hop through to the full post to learn more about the timeshel subscription service and see the end result of my weekend project.

    This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and timeshel, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #timeshelprints

    The timeshel app (available for iOs for free on iTunes/Apple Store) gives you two different levels or subscription service: 10 prints a month for $5.95 or 30 prints a month for $14.95. I chose the 30 prints a month since I have a major amount of photos saved on my phone right now. I can’t even tell you where my point and shoot camera is right now. I pretty much take all of my candid snaps using my iPhone which means I never end up having any printed photos from all of these moments. So I love the fact that I can have at least 10 prints a month that just start at such a low price point!

    For me, I knew that my office wall was lackluster, and the typical collage pin-board wasn’t up to par. So when I started looking through the app to decide which photos to print first, I went with my favorite snaps from the past year blogging. They range from outfit posts, home posts, travel posts and Odie even made it in there too! With all my photos always going onto the blog, it was fun to finally get them printed for once!

    I bought a 24×36 poster frame and laid out my prints in an arrangement I liked. I even pulled out my old school T-square from design school to make sure all my photos lined up perfectly. Using double-stick tape permanent tape, I quickly adhered them into place and voila, I had my personal wall art ready to move into my office.

    I’ve used other iPhone printing services before and wasn’t too impressed with their quality, but timeshel’s prints are exceptional. I’m sort of a photo snob especially when it comes to paper and color quality, and I’m very happy with how these came out. Because the quality is so great, timeshel would be a great way to capture memories as a gift for someone. Especially family photos put into a collage type project like the one in today’s post.

    How would you display your timeshel photos? Do you want to see more DIY posts soon?


    Best FREE Printables for 2015 Goals

    free 2015 calendar and planner printable

    2015 free calendar printable

    2015 blogging goals free printable

    goal planning printable

    2015 calendar printable

    Ready to get started on all your goals for the new year but not sure where or how to organize all your thoughts? I’ve enlisted the help of a few resourceful printables from some very inspiring bloggers. These include printable daily calendars and printable worksheets. If you love making lists, here’s your chance to get started on your first lists of 2015!

    1. Blog Planner and Editorial Calendar – AKA Design

    2. Printable Calendar – Swell Made Co.

    3. 2015 Blogging Goals – The Nectar Collective

    4. Printable Goal Sheet – The Plumed Nest

    5. Printable 2015 Calendar – Oh The Lovely Things

    On Monday, I’ll be sharing my own goals for the new year and how I’m getting organized!


    Beauty How To: 3D Fiber Lashes

     below: one coat of mascara

     below: after using 3D Fiber Lashes

    3D Fiber Lashes c/o Deni Troxclair – Younique rep

    I’ve been seeing a lot of things about “fiber lash mascara” lately, so I was rather excited to get to try it out first-hand. I’m basically the worst at applying fake lashes on myself. I think I’ve successfully done it only one time. The other times, I ended up looking like a forest creature or I had to rip them off early because they were hanging halfway off my eye. Younique’s 3D Fiber Lashes is for ladies like me who cannot master eyelash glue but still want to add a little extra oomph to our regular mascara routine.

    On any normal day that I’m heading to work, I switch between Great Lash or bareMinerals Lash Domination. Both are perfect for my everyday, no-fuss makeup, but there are certain times that I need to step it up a notch with my eye makeup. Now, I think I’ve found a product that provides me that option.

    The photos from today’s post are literally the first time that I ever attempted to use 3D Fiber Lashes, since I wanted to give an honest to goodness post on how easy or difficult using the product might be. Here are the basic steps:

    1. Apply one coat of your regular mascara
    2. Apply the Younique Transplanting Gel
    3. Apply the Natural Fibers before the gel dries
    4. Apply the Transplanting Gel to lock in the fibers
    You can repeat steps 2-4 until you get the look you want!

    Deni also offered me these helpful tips before I began:

    The most important thing is to make sure you use it in the order Gel, Fibers, Gel. The Gel goes first so the fibers have something to stick to, and the gel goes last to lock the fibers in place. Not doing one of those will result in a mess of fibers on your face! I also remove large clumps of fibers from the wand before starting so that I don’t have those on my lashes and only use the fibers from mid-lash up!

    Heeding Deni’s advice and taking the time to make sure I was going through the process correctly, I was able to get longer, thicker looking lashes without any type of mess. After practicing a few times, I can now apply the fibers more quickly, and it’s MUCH faster than me failing at fake eyelashes! (I have to admit, it does kind of get addicting too.)

    Have you tried Fiber Lashes yet? If not, check out the Younique product page for more info!

    If you have any questions, email me at I can try to answer them or direct you to Deni for more information!

    Design/DIY, Wedding

    DIY Gold Heart Totes

    Here’s a quick and easy project that I made for tote bags that held each of my bridesmaid’s gifts. I knew I wanted something other than just a paper gift bag and something that matched the rest of the wedding details. I contemplated dip dying canvas bags into blush colored Rit dye but decided on black canvas bags with metallic gold hearts instead.

    To get started, I printed out a heart on computer paper, cut it out, and traced it onto the back of contact paper. After that, I cut out the inside of the contact paper heart to create a custom stencil. (Each heart stencil would be sticky enough for about 5 bags.) I used a flat foam brush to tap on the soft gold fabric paint – two coats seemed to be just the right amount. Once the paint was dry, I could easily peel off the contact paper stencil and voila, the finished product. So quick and easy to create something a little personal to put gifts inside.

    For my little sister’s gift, I used a hot pink canvas bag with a gold heart that came out equally as cute! And yes, I made an extra to keep for myself too. 🙂

    All you need for this project:

    canvas bags

    gold fabric paint


    pen or pencil

    contact paper

    computer, paper, printer

    foam brush

    Design/DIY, Home

    Spring DIY Floral Pots w/ Rub N Buff

    Here’s a quick little floral project that I made for my bridal shower hostesses as their thank you gift. You might have seen gold leaf pots and gold paint dipped pots before, but you may not have heard of a little magical product called Rub N Buff. I LOVE this stuff. It’s so much easier and faster than actual gold leafing or paint. It gives you the same metallic glint as leafing and much better coverage than paint without all of the work.

    It comes in a little tube the size of concealer and it pretty much works the same way – a little will go a long way. I dotted my way around the edge of the pots (remember to cover the top edge) and then worked my way around it with a dry foam brush. Pick an old brush you don’t want to keep, the Rub N Buff won’t wash off the foam – BUT – you can still use it over again on your next Rub N Buff project.

    The other good thing about this method – it dries super fast. You won’t have to wait hours until you place your flowers in each pot. Just dab it, brush it, and leave it. All 12 pots took me less than 20 mins to finish. I also made little tags with each flower name on them and care instructions on the back that I tied on with gold and black baker’s twine.

    I’m not the biggest of green thumbs, but I love giving away little potted florals as gifts. They’re just perfect for bringing a little bit of color and spring into the home. They would also be pretty used as mini centerpieces for Easter tables. 🙂