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    2019 Power Words | Coffee & Questions with Jordan

    This post series started off as a half-joking conversation between me and Jordan, but somewhere during it, I was like “Wait a minute… it’s not actually a bad idea.” So here we are, Jordan now has his own guest post which I’ve named “Coffee & Questions with Jordan” – a spot we can pick his brain on his REAL thoughts about being married to a crazy person who decided to jump head first into self-employment. I’m also excited to have a space where we can share little tips that we’ve picked up during the last few years of marriage, blogging and future parenting together. In today’s post we are both spilling on our power words for 2019you might remember I did a full post on the importance of power words two years ago!

    To help ease Jordan into his first post, we brewed a big pot of Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake of course. (Because hey, it’s carnival season in Louisiana right now, and this is the only time of year you can snag this limited-time flavor!) This was my absolute favorite coffee flavor when I worked for Community Coffee – it’s a mix of vanilla and cinnamon. I’d pop a K-cup in every morning as soon as I got to the office. If you don’t believe me when I say it’s like dessert in your cup, check all the 5-star ratings on their site!

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