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    The Importance of Regular Date Nights After Baby

    Although I’d heard this so many times, I’m finally realizing first-hand that maintaining a marriage post-baby requires a lot of time and energy – the two things I can’t get enough of right now. Between the late-night feedings and constant diaper duty, finding quality time with Jordan feels like an impossible stretch. It’s been a little bit over a month, but I’m already learning so much about relationships (and patience!) after a baby. The first time we left Bennett at home to go eat dinner, I teared up no less than seven times. But now, I totally understand why the two of us getting out of the house is so important. Dishing some of my thoughts on why having regular date nights are so essential to prioritize each week.

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    The Importance of Regular Date Nights After Baby

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    10 Things I’ve Learned in the 4th Trimester

    As a first-time mom, I learned that a lot of people tell you how to prepare for pregnancy. BUT no one really talks about what happens after the baby comes. So I wanted to dedicate a post with all the things that I’ve learned thus far into the 4th trimester. (We are officially over a month in now!) I feel like I’m literally learning something new every day at this point, but these are the biggest lessons that I’ve taken away from life post-pregnancy.

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    What I've Learned in the 4th Trimester

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    My Favorite Spring Beauty Trends

    Spring is my favorite season of all because the day gets longer, the weather gets warmer, and there’s just so much to forward to! As a new mom, that spirit feels especially vibrant this year! I recently shared some of my favorite natural beauty products for healthy skin, and wanted to talk more about my favorite spring beauty trends! Though I love the fun textures and jewel tones of fall and winter, I always look forward to spring’s lighter palette. See which trends and products I’ve been obsessing over in today’s full post!

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    Bennett’s Birth Story + Hospital Tips

    I’m finally sharing all the events leading up to and after Bennett’s arrival in today’s birth story post. Labor was essentially the craziest thing I’ve ever in my life been a part of! The entire hospital stay kind of feels like a dream now three weeks later, so I’m going into detail about exactly how it all happened. As a first-time mom, there are going to be a lot of things you aren’t prepared for, so I’m also sharing some tips at the end of the post. And in case you missed ANY of my posts prior to this one, I’ll list them below for even more pregnancy advice:

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    Bennett's Birth Story | Hospital Tips for New Moms

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    Third Trimester Advice For New Moms

    The third trimester – by far the most challenging one of my pregnancy! Fatigue, swelling, back aches, reflux… not to mention the influx of advice and questions from family and friends. It’s a bittersweet time of feeling ready for pregnancy to be over but also being completely terrified of it being over at the same time. So how do you get through the homestretch? I’m sharing three tips for new moms in today’s post with my third trimester advice. I’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions or additional advice – or if you found this post helpful in some way!

    Ps. It’s a little bit of a longer blog post for me. So curl up with some chamomile tea, a bottle of XL smoothie Tums and your comfiest pajamas or loungwear (sharing my Soma favorites below) to read the full post and cruise through your last few weeks of pregnancy!

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    Third Trimester Advice For New Moms

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