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    1st Trimester vs. 2nd Trimester

    I never posted a full blog post on the first trimester of pregnancy mainly because… I was on a major struggle bus for most of it. (And tbh, I didn’t want to write a post that might come off highly focused on negative parts of being pregnant.) I’ve since cruised on into my third trimester, and looking back at my first and second, it’s easy to see the major key differences. So I wanted to dive on into how they were different and what I learned from both stages. If you expecting or hope to be be one day, I’m hoping this will give you a little bit more big picture idea instead of chopping it into stages. Sharing the major differences between my 1st trimester vs. 2nd trimester in today’s full post – but keep in mind, everyone’s pregnancy is different!

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    Pregnancy Trimester Differences | 1st Trimester vs. 2nd Trimester

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    How to Transition from Holiday Home Decor to Cozy Winter Decor

    Now that we’re almost two weeks into the new year, it’s time for all the holiday decorations to come down. I have to admit that it’s always a little sad to finally close out the holiday season, but it’s also nice to declutter and freshen up the house. With more than two months of winter to get through, you might be wondering how you should decorate your home next. Fortunately, you can easily transition your holiday home decor to cozy winter decor with just a few small tweaks. Since I’ve been reorganizing my home, I’m super excited to be partnering with AtHome today to share some quick tips on how you can change up your space before spring hits.

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    January Home Decor | Tips for Transitioning From Holiday Decor to Cozy Winter Decor

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    Christmas in NYC | New York City Christmas Guide

    I got SO many questions while we were in Manhattan during Christmas asking if I could do a Christmas in NYC guide. While I wasn’t originally planning on it, I figured that I better get one up since so many people asked for it. (Especially while it was fresh on my mind.) I still had all of the spots that we mapped out saved in my notes section on my phone. So, instead of waiting until next holiday season to post it, I went ahead and got it up today and included some of the photos from our trip!

    This was not a blog-related trip – spending Christmas in NYC has been something we have always wanted to do. And with baby on the way, this was probably one of our last opportunities! It was one of the BEST trips that me and Jordan have gone on together. I highly recommend trying to make it to New York City for Christmas at least once! So, I’m sharing a list of every single holiday activity we checked off our list in today’s post.

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    What To Do For Christmas in New York

    What I Packed:


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    4 EASY Organization Tips to Jumpstart Your New Year | Wednesday Wishlist

    The holiday distractions are over, now what? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the the daunting task of getting motivated and back to work? Don’t worry, we are in the same boat, sista! My current social media feed is filled with posts about resolutions and dreaming big, but I’m over here like – wait, I’m just trying to put my Christmas decorations away… If you’re feeling the pressure to get to started on a new year of goals, I’m sharing four super EASY organization tips to clear up your desk and your mind.

    Start by clearing up the clutter to help create a fresh space and mindset!

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    More Organization Picks:

    Find a Planner That Works For You

    Name a planner, and I’ve most likely tried it! This year, I’m going back to one of my favorites, The Day Designer. After a lot of trial and (mostly) error, I’ve realized that I am MOST productive when I give myself lists and schedules. Flying by the seat of my pants kinda became my motto for 2018, and I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I neglected the use of my daily planner.

    One of the most effective planners that I’ve used is The Day Designer because of the way each day is given its own full page. There is space for a full schedule, to-do list, notes, top three priorities – and even a space for gratitude. I got the flexible abridged version HERE for about $30, but there’s also a hardback full version complete with goal setting exercises available HERE.

    Invest in Acrylic Storage

    You know that phrase, out of sight, out of mind? Totally applies when it comes to your organization and storage pieces. I’ve slowly but surely started converting all of my organizers to being CLEAR. I’ve talked multiple times about these acrylic storage organizers on IG Stories, but they really have been such lifesavers! (I now have a total of 5 and use them for everything from makeup to skincare and jewelry to office supplies.) Cannot recommend these under $100 enough and even gift them regularly to friends and family!

    Color Coordination

    Seems so basic, but color coordination is one major way that I stay on task. I use specific colored pens in my planner and even use colored pouches for sorting tech accessories, jewelry, and miscellaneous items. Everything is assigned a color even in my business programs like Asana and Trello! I use colored tabs to keep projects and timelines organized. Rainbow pens and markers are my JAM.

    Throw it in the BAG

    I mentioned this above, but I have small colored bags to sort out things like hair accessories and jewelry. Instead of using one big drawer or box to throw all the things inside, I keep them separated in smaller bags or pouches. Even when I travel, I will have multiple smaller bags inside my main backpack/tote. I always know which one to grab for certain items instead of fishing around to find them.

    One thing I would love to get better about is keeping packable bags inside my car for grocery trips or while running errands. Even if it’s just sorting out all the junk that might accumulate in your back seat or trunk! I love these Baggu packable bags that I shared in the collage above, and this brand also has a ton of other color options to choose from.

    How are you planning on staying organized in the new year? Would love to hear some of your easy organization tips below!

    Ps. If you liked this post, make sure to check out: Setting Intentional Power Words for the New Year

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    EVERYTHING On My Amazon Baby Registry

    When I first announced that I was pregnant, I hadn’t quite let the idea of a baby registry sink in. But now that we are closing in on the third trimester, it’s time to research all the cute baby things I might need! There are quite a few big name websites that you can set up a baby registry on, and narrowing it down to the best option was quite a process. I was super lucky enough to get registry lists from friends as examples to go off of as a solid start. I ultimately decided that going with Amazon was a no-brainer because you can literally find everything in one place. Sharing some of the big items on my registry in today’s post!!

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    My Complete Amazon Baby Registry List

    Shop My Registry Picks:

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