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    Skincare Gold with Orogold

    “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it…”

    That Mae West quote pretty much sums up my feelings about beauty products. Tell me it will give me better skin, and I’ll at least give it a try, so I jumped at the chance to give the Orogold 24k Nano collection a shot. Now, I’ve only been using it for a week, so I can’t speak on long-term benefits, but I can tell you what I’m thinking so far.

    First of all, the product packaging (here comes the design nerd) is just gorgeous. It’s a super-plus that the black and gold bottles look so pretty on my countertop. Each little bottle came packaged in it’s own fabric lined box. (I felt kind of sad throwing those away.)

    Each one of the products contains flecks of actual gold which I think is pretty cool or at least looks really cool. There is an interesting ingredients page on their website that summarizes Orogold‘s emphasis on using gold in their products. “Gold has a multitude of reputed benefits including slowing the depletion of collagen and elastin in the skin, reducing the appearance of damaged skin.” Gold isn’t the only luxury ingredient that is used, however; mother of pearl, diamond and cavier are also found in these indulgent products.

    I’ve integrated this set of four products seen in the photos into my daily routine. My favorite one so far is the Ultra Silk Serum because it literally makes my face feel like silk before I go to sleep. This product like the other three works to restore skin’s moisture, and I’ve actually noticed that my skin is definitely more hydrated since beginning their use. I chose this collection specifically for the moisture element. Here in the South, we have quite a bit of moisture in the hair – humidity – which is great for the skin but often results in the overproduction of facial oils. For this reason, I already use skincare products that target the bad oil left on my face from said humidity and makeup. But, I also want to replace those bad oils with healthy moisture while I sleep which is why I am trying out the Orogold 24k Nano collection. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkling than moisturized, nourished skin! 

    Like I said, I will have to update you on the long-term benefits of using these products, but so far so good! If you are interested or have any questions for me about my experience with Orogold, please email me at

    All product in this post was c/o Orogold, but all opinions remain my own.


    Stay Matte and Protected w/ Colorescience

    As you are probably well aware, football season is almost upon us. And with football season comes tailgating in the sweltering southern sun and the almost certain melting face, makeup effect. It’s sort of ridiculous to continuously whip out a compact at a tailgate, so I’ve found something quicker and more protective. (Plus, caking on even more makeup on top of your shiny face is going to do a number on your pores!)

    This is where Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen comes in. The mineral powder that comes packed with SPF will protect you from being out in the sun all day and comes in a discrete and easy-to-use brush. Available in SPF 30 or 50 and in 6 different shades, a few sweeps across your face is all you need to knock out both sun damage and sweaty makeup. Not to mention, as your makeup sweats off – IF you’ve applied normal sunscreen, it’s also sweating off too. Reapplying some form of sun protection will be a must.

    This powder sunscreen is easy to apply and reapply throughout the day to keep your skin protected and shine-free. Sunforgettable SPF highly refined mineral sunscreen provides safe, non-irritating, UVA and UVB sun protection. Sunforgettable also has these benefits:

    • Easy to apply and re-apply loose mineral formula
    • 80 minute water-resistant
    • Safe for all ages
    • Does not rub off on clothing
    • Odor free, clear on the skin
    • Will not irritate the eyes when perspiring
    • Refillable

    (This brush is also small enough to carry in your purse and into the stadium!)

    * Also worth mentioning: Colorescience is now running a Buy 3, Get 1 Free + Free Shipping offer on Sunforgettable on their website. Stock up for yourself or your family!

    Special thanks to Colorescience for sponsoring today’s post and for helping me stay matte and shine-free on gameday!

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    Honeymooning with bareMinerals

    bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation c/o bareMinerals

    bareMinerals Moxie lipsticks & lipliner c/o bareMinerals

    bareMinerals READY blush c/o bareMinerals

    Alexis Maxi dress (old) / similar

    sunglasses c/o zeroUV / similar

    druzy bracelet & wrap-around rhinestone bracelet c/o Itchelita Jewelry

    purple leather bracelet c/o Marissa del Rosario

    white beaded bracelet & necklace c/o Marlyn Schiff

    photos of me by Jordan 🙂

    There’s more to strategic travel packing than just clothes! It’s also about which beauty products to pack along for the ride. Like I mentioned before, all I brought to Greece for our honeymoon was a carry-on and another small bag, so for me, packing light was key. While I resorted to travel-size shampoos, conditioners etc, I also had to tailor down my makeup bag to just my essential makeup pieces. I packed my everyday, can’t-live-without beauty products that included three main staple bareMinerals items. 

    My three go-to makeup items on the trip:

    foundation & powder



    I’ve featured the bareSkin foundation multiple times because I love how you can adjust the coverage depending on the occasion. Packing this was a no-brainer. A couple of drops meant light day coverage – which was a must in the heat btw – and I applied a heavier amount on the foundation brush for dinner and night time activities. After dusting over a setting powder, my skin was good-to-go. There were many days that I just wore a light layer of the bareSkin/powder, and that was all I needed because we were outside the entire time. Yep, there were days I had no eye makeup on at all!

    Since were out in the sun so much (yes, I had my 50 SPF sunscreen!), I didn’t need much of a bronzer, but I did dust READY blush on the apples of my cheeks at night to give my makeup a more dressed up look. Since I was wearing very minimal face makeup the entire trip, I did bring a range of lipsticks shades to instantly brighten up my face in the evening. The bareMinerals Moxie lipsticks and glosses have become instant favorites of mine. The Moxie Gloss in Rebel never leaves my purse. Ever.

    Hopefully, this might inspire you to pack lighter on your next trip – I learned that it’s definitely not necessary to bring your entire product collection on vacation, and to be honest, it was nice to not worry so much about my makeup on this trip! 

    Shop my honeymoon makeup bag:

    Compensation was received for this post from bareMinerals, but all opinions expressed are my own.


    Discovering New Products w/ Gloss48

    One of my favorite things is trying out new products, but sometimes the price tag attached doesn’t make that entirely possible. Luckily, there are now so many great websites and programs that make it incredibly simple and affordable to receive sample products right to your doorstep – including Gloss48.

    Gloss 48 is a site featuring weekly promotional sales on up-and-coming beauty brands to let you try new products without breaking the bank. Every day, they pick out a fresh dose of niche products and offer them on sale for one week before they return to full-price. I’ve been able to try a couple of new brands offered by Gloss48, and most recently, I experimented with this mini set of SW Basics.  It’s an all-natural brand that produces skin care products using only three ingredients each!

    The line is completely chemical-free and uses ingredients like apple cider vinegar and rosewater to lessen the chance of irritation, offer higher potency and have a smaller overall ecological impact. This is a great line for people with sensitive skin or those who are just concerned with using products loaded with harsh chemicals – and it’s on sale on Gloss48 now.

    I could definitely tell by trying each one of these products that they are entirely made from natural ingredients – there were no chemical or artificial smells and each had a very rich texture about it. I cannot tell you about long term use of the product yet, but so far it’s very good! (Plus, I just love good packaging too!)

    Head over to Gloss48 to get more details on SW Basics and for more information on their weekly promotional sales!

    All skin care product in this post and on social media were courtesy of Gloss48 and compensation was received, but all opinions remain my own.

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    Rehearsal Ready w/ bareMinerals

    products c/o bareMinerals

    French Connection dress (no longer available)

    photos by Lacey Rabalais

    I’m back with another post on how bareMinerals helped me get wedding ready, and in this case, I’m talking rehearsal dinner prep. In the last post, I introduced the new bareSkin foundation and how I am finally learning to use a lightweight foundation instead of wearing just powder on top of a moisturizer – sounds crazy, but yes, I’m just learning to use foundation

    When getting ready for my rehearsal dinner, I started with the bareSkin serum one shade darker than my skin tone as my makeup base and dusted the sheer mineral veil to set (the veil will lighten the color a tad). I then went on top of that base with the Well-Rested face and eye brightener to highlight certain areas of my face. It contains light-reflecting minerals to even skin tone while minimizing pores. It’s also good for creating contours to certain areas like your cheekbones or right above the arch in your eyebrow. This process has become my go-to routine when applying foundation and highlighter. 

    I’ve also found that Well-Rested is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up for tired eyes or rejuvenating your concealer when you’ve got somewhere to go after work. It’s sheer and doesn’t get cakey, so it’s completely fine to add on top of your makeup that you already have on. I can compare it to YSL’s Touche Éclat that I’ve used in the past. It works just as well in my opinion and is about half the price tag.

    And yes, I did do my own makeup for my rehearsal dinner AND these bridal portraits!

    Shop my favorite bareMinerals products here:


    A special thanks to the Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge for allowing me to get ready in their pretty bridal suite that is available in the hotel for wedding weekend use. The suite includes multiple makeup stations, a full length mirror for dressing and full bathroom amenities. For more information, check the Renaissance Hotel Facebook page!

    Compensation for this post was provided by bareMinerals, but all opinions are my own. I regularly use bareMinerals products, and this is a brand that I genuinely believe fits me personally and my blog.