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    Two Long-Lasting Lip Colors for the Perfect Pout

    Summer brings forth plenty of opportunities to experiment with new makeup trends and colors. Whether it’s glowing skin, sultry eyes, or a perfect pout, I’m always ready to tackle it all. One thing I’ve been really into is lip color! What’s great about lips this season are the different finishes. I don’t think there’s anything prettier than glossy lips with a hint of color, but I can also get on board with a fiery matte hue. The perfect pout can be challenging to pull off in humid weather when I’m constantly reaching for water or sipping the occasional margarita. But that’s not stopping me from enjoying the full range of gorgeous, colorful hues this season! Luckily, Clarins has us covered with two long-lasting lip colors I’ve been obsessed with!

    Find out which two I’m loving in today’s post!

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    Long-Lasting Lip Products For the Perfect Pout | Clarins Lip Oil and Water Lip Stain

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    5 Skincare Products to Pack for Long-Haul Trips

    I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but my spring and summer has been packed with trips! I love visiting new places and exploring the unfamiliar but the downside to it is ALWAYS packing! I have a strong urge to overpack every. single. time. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, or my beauty bag, my luggage is brimming to the top. My week-long trip to France really challenged me to pare back and only take the essentials! Since skincare and makeup goodies tend to be my biggest battle (and the heaviest to pack), I wanted to share a basic packing list that caters to sunny, gorgeous weather and perfect skin. Read on to find out the basic skincare products to pack for long-haul trips and why I always pack eos products!

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    Products to Pack for Long-Haul Trips | EOS Sensitive Shaving Cream

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    The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift All Moms Will Love

    Mother’s Day is something that always creeps up on me out of nowhere. However, this time around, I promised myself that I am going to be fully prepared beforehand…and now, you can be prepared too! Pampering oneself is something I truly believe in, and I don’t think moms get to do it enough. They’re often so busy taking care of everyone else that they neglect their own needs. As a result, beauty gift sets are the perfect Mother’s Day gift. I’ve been browsing around nonstop these last several weeks for the best set, and finally found an amazing collection at Belk.

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    Mother's Day Gift Ideas | YSL Fragrances available at Belk

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    5 Budget-Friendly Green Beauty Products I’m Loving

    In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to focus on budget-friendly green beauty products I’m loving these days. I agree with the idea that what you put on your body is equally as important as what you put into it. And that requires reading labels and being pickier about the beauty products you use. I know you might be thinking that all-natural beauty brands are super expensive, so trading your goodies for a few natural ones can wind up costing a fortune. Not only that, but do they even work? Luckily, the demand for green beauty has forced brands to formulate products that deliver results – and it’s allowed all-purpose retailers like Walmart to stock more of these items.

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    Budget-Friendly Green Beauty Products | Walmart Green Beauty

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    How to Get a Long-Lasting, Smooth Shave

    With spring underway, there’s nothing as imperative as having soft, smooth skin to accompany all the flirty dresses and breezy skirts I’ve been stocking up on. And there’s just something about silky skin that makes me feel more confident in these summer pieces.

    Although lotions and oils are great solutions for treating your skin, there’s an important step we often overlook: shaving. So, I wanted to share one of my tips to get a long-lasting, smooth shave if you have sensitive skin – like me. (Shaving foams give me awful razor burn on my lower legs!) My sister introduced me to eos Sensitive Shave Cream years ago, and it has literally changed my legs. Read on to find out why you should be using it and how you can get a long-lasting, smooth shave!

    Ps. And after you shave, get the perfect sunless tan with my tips in this post!

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    How to Get A Long-Lasting, Smooth Shave | eos Sensitive Skin Products

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