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    Mother’s Day Giveaway with Laura Row Studio

    Okay you procrastinators, you’re running out of time to get that perfect Mother’s Day gift, but luckily for you, today I’m hosting a giveaway with Laura Row Studio that will make for the absolute best gift! 

    I haven’t done a print/art post in a very long time, so today’s post is well overdue. I had so much fun styling these little vignettes for today’s photos too. I’m excited to introduce you to Laura Row Studio! In her own words, Laura is a watercolor artist with a “focus on frivolity.” She loves painting pretty perfume bottles, fancy desserts and famous ladies. TWO readers will win prints by Laura to either keep for yourself (tsk, tsk) or give to a lovely mother (way to go, daughter of the year!)

    For the glamorous mom, we’ve got a selection of perfume prints. I’d love to hang these in a powder room or on top of a vanity. For the home decorating pro, there’s a lovely floral arrangement print, that would look oh-so elegant on a gallery wall or on a well-edited shelf.

    So it’s your pick! Which one would you love to give your mom on Sunday? Here’s how to enter:

    1. Follow @KrystalBennett on Instagram
    2. Find the giveaway photo posted this morning
    2. Tag a friend who you think would love Laura Row Studio

    This is a super short giveaway in order for the winners to receive their prints in a timely manner. For that reason, the contest will end tomorrow at midnight to ensure the prints will ship out on Thursday morning via Priority Mail.

    This giveaway was sponsored by Laura Row Studio. See more of her work in her Etsy Shop and on her Facebook page!

    Giveaway, Home, Lovely Favorites

    Derby Ready Giveaway with Cottonelle!

    The Kentucky Derby is one of the most fashionable events of the year in the South, and just like any special event, you’ll want to put your best face (and hat) forward. So today, I’ve teamed up with Cottonelle to share some of my bathroom essentials when it comes to feeling clean, fresh and confident for your major events.

    For special occasions, I always use a primer and makeup setting spray. Concealer, a fabulous mascara and a chic lip color are all absolute musts. But while some of the main staples in my beauty case are the obvious makeup products, there are also makeup cleansers that round out my essentials list. I can’t live without my eye makeup remover pads and face cleansing cloths. In the same way, I always have a couple squares of tissue ready.

    A thick and durable tissue like Cottonelle’s Clean Care toilet tissue is always handy while you’re getting ready in the bathroom. I use it for wiping down my makeup products, cleaning up my makeup area and blotting my lipsticks – the last thing you want is to blot and end up with paper stuck all over your lips like with thinner tissue. I also use it to wipe off makeup brushes before switching bronzer or blush colors. Plus, once you’re finished, you’re safe to flush or throw away because all Cottonelle products are flushable and septic-safe.

    And now, Cottenelle wants to help YOU get ready all year long – The Cottonelle Great Finish Sweepstakes is a giving you the opportunity to win Cottonelle products for a full year depending on the outcome of this year’s Kentucky Derby! The best part – there’s not just one winner, there could be as many as 15,000 winners if the race outcome aligns.

    Want to enter the Cottonelle Kentucky Derby Great Finish Sweepstakes?
    1. Visit the Cottonelle website
    2. Click on the Great Finish Giveaway
    3. Click “Sign Up Now”
    4. Register!

    There’s no denying you will always, always need bathroom tissue products – so how about the chance to get them for free for a year? Think of all the money you’ll save to spend on next year’s derby dress. 😉

    This post was sponsored by Cottonelle, but all opinions and the products pictured are my own.

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    What to Register For – Baking

    I will come right out and say this – I am not someone who bakes a lot. I hear people say it’s therapeutic or relaxing, but baking can turn into a stressful event for me. However, Jordan LOVES cookies, brownies and any other type of baked goods. Thus, I have to bake from time to time, so I need essentials to make it even easier than baking already is. I was super lucky to get gifted many fabulous baking pieces off of my registry at my bridal shower. These are the ones that I’ve already put to use and think are necessities for any girl whose future husband has a serious sweet tooth:

    Cake stands of various sizes

    Muffin pans of various sizes – I have jumbo, normal and mini!

    At least one brownie or cake pan and in my case – donut pan

    A dessert stand to display your hard work!

    A wide selection of measuring cups

    Dessert or breakfast appliances

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    Spring DIY Floral Pots w/ Rub N Buff

    Here’s a quick little floral project that I made for my bridal shower hostesses as their thank you gift. You might have seen gold leaf pots and gold paint dipped pots before, but you may not have heard of a little magical product called Rub N Buff. I LOVE this stuff. It’s so much easier and faster than actual gold leafing or paint. It gives you the same metallic glint as leafing and much better coverage than paint without all of the work.

    It comes in a little tube the size of concealer and it pretty much works the same way – a little will go a long way. I dotted my way around the edge of the pots (remember to cover the top edge) and then worked my way around it with a dry foam brush. Pick an old brush you don’t want to keep, the Rub N Buff won’t wash off the foam – BUT – you can still use it over again on your next Rub N Buff project.

    The other good thing about this method – it dries super fast. You won’t have to wait hours until you place your flowers in each pot. Just dab it, brush it, and leave it. All 12 pots took me less than 20 mins to finish. I also made little tags with each flower name on them and care instructions on the back that I tied on with gold and black baker’s twine.

    I’m not the biggest of green thumbs, but I love giving away little potted florals as gifts. They’re just perfect for bringing a little bit of color and spring into the home. They would also be pretty used as mini centerpieces for Easter tables. 🙂

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    How I’m Spring Cleaning

    I recently realized that I was wearing the same jewelry over and over again – which isn’t always a bad thing, some people do have their signature pieces – but, I was doing it bc I was lazy. I’d basically pick up the same jewelry to wear bc it was easily accessible. It’s that old saying “out of sight, out of mind.” That’s basically what I was doing to with my jewelry.

    I have a couple of organizers on top of the dresser, but the larger selection I keep in two of the drawers. I’m also one of those people who keep pieces in the original box or jewelry bag that they come in to keep everything separated which means really having to dig around to find what I’m looking for. Not to easy to do when I’m in a hurry or late which I almost always am.

    I decided it’s time to get a better system of jewelry organization so these acrylic storage boxes are the ideal solution for me. Everything remains neatly separated (exactly how I like it), but it’s also visible for fast access. The stackable trays make the most of your space too. I am obsessed with these guys, and I’m even going to get more of the smaller earring size boxes – it’s like a really chic tackle box…

    Anyone else starting to get their spring cleaning plan in action?

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