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    How To Clean Out Your Closet + Info on Harvey Donations

    A ritual I have before the start of any new season is purging my closet. While we are on the cusp of early fall months, I want to encourage you guys to do a little summer cleaning! Not only does a clean closet give you major feel-good vibes, it also makes it so much easier to get dressed! (Not to mention, it makes room for fall new arrivals!) So in today’s full post, I’ll be sharing a few of my tips on how to clean out your closet + methods for keeping it organized.

    UPDATE: In light of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, I’m purging my closet for a cause! All of the items not practical for donation will be listed on my Closet Sale site with all proceeds going to Houston women’s charities. Items to be added over the next few days!

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    How to Clean Our Your Closet | Closet Organization

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    5 Ways I Stay Organized Behind-The-Scenes

    I teased this post last week over on Instagram Stories! I’m sharing five ways I stay organized and keep the clutter to a minimum. Like I mentioned in my last home post here, I’m a skincare and beauty product fanatic! I love trying new products and sharing my favorites with you guys. But I also have to find somewhere to put ALL of that stuff, right? See the different ways I’m stashing my stuff in today’s full post!

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    How To Stay Organized At Home | Lucite Organizers

    PS. You can grab these Advanced Clinicals products seen above for 30% off sitewide with code PINCHOFLOVELY until September 8!

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    How to Create a Space For Positivity and Productivity

    How do you feel when you walk into your house? Overwhelmed or tired? Do you want to collapse on the couch and not get up for hours? (No judgment, I definitely enjoy a night with my good “friends” – wine and reality tv.) Working from home has given me fresh perspective on changing the “vibrations” of our house and creating a space for positivity and productivity.

    While I do work a lot on my computer, about 50% of my time is spent in our master bedroom. That’s where I put together outfits, pack for trips, steam all of my clothes and organize all of my accessories, shoes, products. I love spending time in this room – it’s actually my favorite spot in our house because it makes work FUN and enjoyable. Using just a few of the tips that I’ve applied in my own bedroom, you can create yourself space for positivity and productivity too!

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    Master Bedroom Inspiration | How to Create a Space For Positivity | Canopy Bed

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    A Trip to Upstate New York with MacKenzie-Childs

    There are moments in your life that make you realize that time is a flat circle (True Detective reference). And for me one of those moments of clarity and appreciation of life’s little coincidences was on my recent trip to upstate New York. When I was younger, I would travel with my grandparents to upstate New York during the summer. It was the first place I tried my hand at ceramics as I fired my little pieces in my cousin Sarah’s kiln. And 20 years later, I was back in the same area with one of the most whimsical ceramics brands, MacKenzie-Childs! I’m sharing details on my trip to Camp Courtly Check in today’s full post. 

    Meet the other bloggers and their favorite Mackenzie-Childs picks here!

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    Upstate New York with MacKenzie-Childs

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    How To Get Dressed Faster – Ironing Hack

    How many times have you been in a hurry, pulled something out of your closet and put it back because it was a big, wrinkled mess? (ahem, raises hand) Because let’s be honest, the process of ironing is a giant time suck. In fact, I despise ironing, and I haven’t actually used an iron in probably over three years! I’m spilling on a big time and travel hack that enables me to get dressed faster – my hand-held garment steamer.

    If you haven’t tried a steaming vs. ironing yet, you’ll want to keep reading for the details on my Rowenta Steam ‘N Press that’s only $30 at Target!

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    Hand Held Travel Steamer | Wardrobe Steamer | Travel Hack | How to Get Dressed Faster

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