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    Foolproof Packing Tips for Multiple Day Trips

    You’d think that after spending almost the entire beginning of 2018 traveling I would be a packing pro… But I quickly realized that I needed to give myself a refresher course after committing a ton of travel fails on a recent trip to Atlanta. After being home with Bennett for so long, I actually forgot ALL of my own fool-proof packing tips.

    Forgot to check into flight? Check. Forgot to pack basic toiletry items? Check. Forgot to acknowledge a time change? Check. Almost showed up to the airport with an expired ID? Check.

    If you need a refresher or want to see how I packed efficient (and underweight) luggage for NYFW, keep reading for my TOP THREE foolproof packing tips for multiple day trips.

    Plus, download my Easy Packing Checklist that you can copy and paste into your phone notes!

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