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    Tips For Flying With An Infant + Packing List

    The thought of flying with an infant gave me SO much anxiety until I actually did it. And you can do it too. It just takes some special planning, a detailed packing list, and a little patience (or maybe a lot lol). I think the one thing that you have to fully acknowledge and plan for is that travel days and schedules can be completely “off” for babies AND you. This was a little harder for me to wrap my brain around because we usually stick to our Moms on Call schedule pretty closely.

    I will say – this first trip was very exhausting for me. Constantly making sure that the bags were packed with the necessary items each day before we left the hotel, constantly checking the time to adhere to some sort of schedule, make sure we were both dressed in clean clothes, finding a spot to change a dirty diaper… it’s a lot. I’m not going to downplay it at all, and say it was a walk in the park. When we got home, I wanted to sleep for three days. BUT, it was such a special experience for us as a family, and we will 100% do it again – as soon as I rest up for it haha. Keep reading for everything I learned and packed for our trip to Vermont! 

    In the packing list, I’ve linked everything from Walmart because they literally have EVERYTHING baby in one place, so if you’re trying to plan for an upcoming trip, you’ll just have one place to check out instead of five! Trust me, I now understand the luxury of finding everything you need in one place instead of shopping around + you can schedule it for a pick up or have it delivered in two days. Time is a luxury y’all.

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    Tips For Flying With An Infant + Packing List

    What We Packed:

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