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    Why The Classic White Sneaker is The Most Important Shoe in Your Closet

    Spring is no doubt my favorite season not only because the change in weather – but because I get to bring out the best spring shoes too. Obviously, this year is a BIT different with social distancing, so instead of reaching for (and ordering more of) my typical strappy sandals, I’ve just been wearing my sneakers. The one I’ve been wearing the most has been the classic white sneaker because they go with EVERYTHING.

    Perfect for quick dashes to get groceries, taking Bennett for a walk, and just hanging out together on the back porch. They’re basically on the same level as a classic white button down or your favorite pair of jeans. They’re ultra comfy, timeless, and look great with anything. You can style them with joggers when it’s chilly out and with casual dresses once the weather warms up. Either way, they always make a stylish outdoor-ready outfit. My exact pair are the Sofft Somers lace-up sneakers – see why I love this brand so much in this blog postand see all the ways I’ve been wearing them below.


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    5 Ways to Wear Your Classic White Sneaker

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