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    How to Wear Your Boring Black Tights

    Y’alllllll, I’m so excited about this COLDNESS. I know that sounds super weird, and I agree that it’s totally not something I would normally say, BUT I’m loving the weather right now! I previously stocked up on things like warm black tights and knit socks, so I finally get to wear them now. Trust me your eyes are thanking me that today’s outfit includes opaque tights instead of my blinding legs!

    Thick black tights can be tricky to add into an outfit, so one key you need to know is to watch out for proportions. As slimming as black can be, if you are wearing opaque black tights with a chunky sweater, chunky boots and a chunky scarf, you’re still going to most likely look… well, like a walking knit blanket with chicken legs. Just sayin. I like to wear winter tights with either a sleek, black shoe or a colored heel like in today’s post to elongate the legs. Opaque (and I emphasize opaque) tights are a great way to break out your mini skirts this month too! I am loving the plaid, fringe mini skirt in today’s post – it also happens to be on sale!

    Get the full details in today’s post!

    a cute way to wear tights and a turtleneck for winter

    how to wear your opaque black tights

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    cute outfit that will help you stay warm this winter

    gigi new york teddie tote

    personalized leather handbag in camel

    hide your turtleneck with a knit infinity scarf

    personalized camel leather tote bag

    how to dress up your boring black tights

    how to wear your boring black turtleneck

    pair your camel handbag with classic black pieces in your wardrobe

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    How I’m Getting Motivated in 2016

    New year, new goals – and this year, I’ve given myself some pretty big ones. (insert cringe-y faced emoji) And basically, I’ve been working ALL DAY on one of them. Okay technically, it wasn’t all day because we went out for brunch and oysters, BUT since then, I’ve been parked in front of the computer reading and learning and implementing. I can’t give you the big reveal yet since it launches on Monday, but I can give you a hint… it involves that button on my sidebar that says The Lovely List. And you are going to want to go ahead and sign-up for that… 

    The past few months have really taught me the value of a fresh start and a clean slate. Starting a new job at a new company seriously refreshed my motivation, my creativity and my overall “energy” towards design which has carried over into A Pinch of Lovely. It has sparked a bunch of new ideas and renewed some ideas I had last year that well, fell on the backburner. SO, I’m going to be a busy bee all weekend to try to get a head start on them all. 

    When I saw this Sundry Make It Happen sweatshirt (looks like it’s sold out, so I’ll let you know if it gets restocked!), it basically spoke to me and said “Krystal, it’s time to get your sh*t together in 2016.” SO looks like it’s working guys. Stay tuned for Monday!!

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    The LAST Outfit Post of 2015!

    I can’t even believe that it’s the very last outfit post of the year! When I was trying to think of what I wanted it to be, I realized that I wanted it to reflect this past year blogging for me – serious but whimsical, ambitious but authentic. I don’t even know if that makes sense to you guys, but those are the words that come to mind when I think about APOL in 2015.

    I wanted to have some grandiose words of wisdom as I looked back over the past year, but really all I need to say can be summed up in two words – THANK YOU! I cannot believe where this little blog has taken me in the past year and all of the happiness that spills over in my heart thinking about it. Thank you for letting me share all of the things that I love with you and for inspiring me to be creative each and every day. 

    Thank you for making APOL such a joy for me in 2015 and cheers to more adventures together in the New Year. xo Krystal

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    Lovely Favorites, Winter Outfit

    How to Wear Your Crop Top in December

    Faux fur is always a winter must-have in my book, but this year, I’m crushing hard on ombre faux fur! And since the weather is so thrown off (thanks El Nino), I’ve found just the right amount of fur for the record-breaking warm temperatures here in Louisiana. This Chicwish ombre faux fur vest allows me to wear lighter layers while still appearing winter appropriate. In this case, I wore a Wayf crop top and pleated midi skirt set. Both were pieces that I picked up for fall, but since it still feels like fall… I get to wear them even longer!

    If you are unsure about wearing a crop top, topping it with a vest is a great way to keep things modest. I know I always worry about crop tops outside of summer vacations, but this way it still looks cute and seasonally appropriate. Also works with light jackets too! When (and if) it ever gets cold, I also want to wear this vest over my leather French Connection jacket!

    See more of this outfit and get the product links below!

    wear a fur vest over a crop top

    chicwish faux fur vest

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    Merry Christmas Wishes!

    Can you believe it’s Christmas Day? (And can you believe it’s 80 degrees in Louisiana?) Christmas can mean a lot of different things to different people – a time to celebrate, a time for giving, a time to spend with friends and family. And besides the obvious reason to exchange and open gifts, it’s a reason to GIVE to the people that mean the most to you.

    It can get easy to forget the real reason for the holiday and get lost in the pretty, shiny things that we want and wish for. It can get easy to caught up stressing about buying the perfect presents when in fact, the perfect presents are things that we already have been given throughout the year. Christmas is actually about celebrating how we have already received the very best gift of all with Jesus’ birth. So this year, I started thinking about all the ‘gifts’ I’ve received that might be easily overlooked or lost in the mix of everyday life.

    It was easy for me to see that one of the very best gifts I have received this year has been all of your support and friendship. With every pageview of this blog and every Instagram like, you have given me endless amount of happiness in knowing that I can connect with each one of you in a way I would never be able to. (Some of you guys have even become friends along the way too!) So this Christmas, I am wishing you guys all the peace, love and joy that you have given to me this year. I hope your Christmas is filled with laughter and smiles and spend with the ones you love most!

    And to me, you guys mean the world. Lots of love to you and yours!

    what to wear for christmas eve

    this red chicwish skirt is party perfect for every holiday event

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