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    Why I’m Suddenly Into Activewear

    The answer to today’s blog post title is technically NOT because I’m starting a rigorous workout routine in pursuit of a fruitless new year’s resolution. In fact, none of my goals for the new year included working out… and if you know me personally, that does not surprise you in the slightest. BUT, when I am around the house or dashing out to run a quick errand, I wish that I had cute leggings or sporty little jackets to throw on. And lately, I’ve been on a sneaker kick, so I need something to wear with them, right? There are SO MANY cute activewear pieces out right now – probably directly related to the new year, duh. And perhaps if I had some really great yoga pants or running pants I might even get the itch to actually be active? We can work on that part later after I have the wardrobe set…

    Looking for athletic wear to actually work out in or just because?? Here are my favorites right now! Hover and click on any piece below to go directly to the product page!

    Product Roundup, Sale Alert

    The Gigi New York Closet Sale!

    This week marks the one-week-only Gigi New York Closet Sale where you can find great deals on some of their best-selling pieces! My favorite Gigi styles are now marked down the lowest that I’ve seen them – the Tori tote, the iPhone wallets – the Hayden satchel has been marked down over $200! I’ve rounded up some of my favorites, but some have already sold out. Scroll below to see my picks!

    Hover and click on any item below to go directly to the product page!

    Product Roundup, Sale Alert

    Nordstrom NYE Styles On Sale!

    Last call for sparkles! You’ve still got time to order your show-stopping New Year’s Eve outfit and receive it right in time to pour the bubbly. I’ve rounded up my favorite NYE party outfits from Nordstrom, and almost all of them are included in the Half Yearly Sale right now!

    For more inspiration check out these two recent posts:

    NYE with Chandon

    NYE with Paper Crown

    Scroll down to find the best sequin dress, cocktail appropriate heels as well as some jewels and bags to complete your New Years Eve look!

    Hover and click on any item below to go directly to the product page!

    Product Roundup, Sale Alert

    Navigating the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale!

    It’s time for the Nordstrom End of the Year sale also known as the Half Yearly sale, and I basically clicked through like all 15,000 sale items to round up my top favorites for you guys. I want to point out that even though the weather has been abnormally warm, that’s AWESOME news, because by the time you need a coat, they will all be on sale! So extra reminder to check out all of the great winter coat sale deals that you can get before the temperatures actually drop. Another key item – all of the fabulous boots now on sale. Be sure to check out these sections of sale items and find my favorite picks below:

    Sale Pajamas

    Sale Coats

    Sale Boots

    Sale Sweaters

    Hover and click on any item below to be brought to the product page!