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The Clean Perfume Brand to Know About Now

After two pregnancies, I realize how important it is to check the ingredients in my personal products. And it’s clear, I’m not the only one! Clean beauty, skincare and even fragrance brands are making such an impact in their respective markets. I’ve talked a bit about sustainable products in the past, but today, I’m highlighting, Dossier, a clean perfume brand that should be on your radar for your next fragrance purchase.

I mean, I’m talking clean versions of designer perfumes for only $29. Like this acqua di gioia dupe!

clean perfume brand dossier

Keep Reading About This Clean Perfume Brand

So what makes this perfume brand so different? First, Dossier’s perfumes are all clean, vegan and cruelty-free. NO animal testing y’all! Because their formulas are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly, you can rest assure there are no harmful ingredients going onto your body or onto the planet. Each product is colorant and UV filter free as well as paraban and phthalate-free. I also really appreciate that Dossier is completely transparent about its ingredients – they are literally listed right on the front of each bottle.

Speaking of the planet, I love that Dossier’s packaging is sustainable. I realize it’s probably been a while since I’ve mentioned that I’m an obsessive recycler, but let me remind you.┬áThe boxing and the glass bottles – are 100% recyclable materials which makes my heart happy. And the boxes are already entirely made from recycled materials when they arrive to you. The only plastic used in the product is for the perfume pump itself – otherwise the brand is completely plastic-free. Anyone else trying to lessen the plastics in their home?

Once your perfume arrives in it’s planet-friendly packaging, you’ll find a full-size product for you to try. And get this – if you don’t completely love it, send it back. You’ll get a refund, AND your perfume will be donated to a charity called Give Back Box. The Give Back Box non-profit organization distributes the unwanted perfumes to over 60 charities across the US.

I’ve said all this, and I realize I haven’t even talked about the actual scents yet… It’s hard to buy perfume online if you don’t know what it smells like right? Well the good thing is, you DO know what it smells like. Each Dossier perfume scent is their own clean version of a designer perfume including Flowerbomb, Santal 33, and Coco Mademoiselle. You can get these scents at full-size for as low as $29 because Dossier eliminates unnecessary packaging, advertising and prestige pricing. All of the efforts are instead used to focus on the quality of the scents and the brand’s sustainability. AND they are about to launch their candle collection – very excited to see what scents are included in that launch!

With the price of everything these days being higher than usual, it’s actually pretty cool to have a clean, personal care item that comes with a reasonable price tag. And hint, hint – could be a unique Mother’s Day gift idea! Let me know if you end up trying Dossier and what scent you try out first!

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