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3 Surprising Places to Keep Your Vitamins

I don’t often talk about health-related products unless I find them super interesting or innovative which is why I’m talking vitamins today – crazy right?! Olly vitamins target certain areas of your personal health where you’d like to hone in on or rather become more well-balanced. To share this in terms of my own needs, I’ve teamed up with Olly to creatively show you the three surprising places that I’m keeping my vitamins (and in doing so, I’m more likely to remember to take them)!

See all three gummy vitamin variations that I chose from the Olly vitamin collection at Target and why in today’s full post! Plus, find out how to win the Sweet Bliss Sweepstakes!

Olly Nutrition vitamin supplements

vitamin supplement for hair and nails

vitamin for hair and nails

Undeniable Beauty Vitamin
What girl doesn’t wish for healthier skin, hair and nails? I picked this beauty blend of Biotin, Vitamin C and Borage Oil to keep in my makeup bag to remind me each morning that beauty starts from the inside and what you’re putting in your body too. I’m hoping to get a boost of collagen production and nutrients essential for the growth of healthy hair, nails and skin cells. Stronger nails and thicker hair – yes please!

sleep supplement for a restful night

gummy vitamin for a restful sleep

Restful Sleep
More than ever, I find myself up at night thinking of all the things I need to do the next day. To help calm my mind and promote a healthy sleep cycle, this vitamin is filled with Melatonin, L-Theanine and Floral Botanicals. An amino acid that encourages calmness and chamomile to soothe and relax the mind are all found in this vitamin that is taken 30 minutes before bed time. I’ve got mine right next to my bed to take right before my last scroll through social media and off to dreamland.

how to get enough Vitamin D

how to get enough Vitamin D without the sun damage

Simply Vitamin D3
I’ve read and heard many times that women especially do not receive enough Vitamin D – the vitamin that is responsible for supporting important functions in the body. This vitamin occurs naturally when sunlight hits your skin, but for those of us who spend our days at a desk or are actually avoiding sun for various reasons, we might need a daily dose. On top of that, it’s also been proven to be key in keeping a sunny disposition. So rather than soaking up the sun (and sun damage) on the beach, I’ll be under the umbrella with a smile on my face because I’ll have my Simply Vitamin D3 in my beach tote.

There are a ton of other vitamin variations that Olly offers. I’m also super motivated to try out the Digestion and Women’s Multi-Vitamin options. See the full selection now being carried at your local Target and of course, because all I do is online shop – the Target website!

Now all about the Sweet Bliss Sweepstakes! Entrants have a chance to win a Day Spa package for two, a 6 month supply of Olly Vitamins and a personal wellness consultation with Olly’s resident nutritionist! 100 runners up with also receive Olly product of their choice. To enter to win, head to the Sweet Bliss Sweepstakes homepage!

Thank you to Olly for teaming up on this post for a healthier summer. All opinions are my own!

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