Daily CBD Use + Ways I Handle Anxious Feelings

Anxiousness has never been something that I’ve really experienced until postpartum last year, but now, I’m even more able to recognize the feeling on a daily basis. I especially noticed it during quarantine while home with Bennett and not able to spend much time working. And most recently, it’s started happening after spending extended time scrolling Instagram. To say being on social media lately has been heavy lately is an understatement. I’ve also noticed that there’s a more distinct relation to having numbers connected with the “worth” of my business and to myself.

For me, it shows up as irritability and restlessness with a racing feeling of never getting anything finished. There’s a looming feeling of inadequacy. Because of this, I tend to never feel fully present, feel impatient, and be short with people – especially loved ones.  Have you felt it too?

If you have, there are many ways to quiet the noise when the world feels upside down. I’ve started working in more reading, painting, journaling, exercising, dedicated quiet time, and even mind stimulating puzzles and activities. Yoga, meditation, and acupuncture are also great. But all of these can require a block of time to add to your schedule. With a one-year old (especially during quarantine), adding MORE hasn’t necessarily been a feasible option for me most days. I have found that CBD is an easy, actionable step that I can add to my daily routine to find more balance.

Although, I’ve already talked about daily CBD use on the podcast, I wanted to finally share Equilibria here on the blog after several months of extended use. If you’ve been curious to give CBD a try, this post will be a great place to start. I also talk about postpartum anxiety more at length in my podcast episode with Equilibria.

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Handling Anxiousness with Daily CBD Use | Creating A Calm Space In Your Home

For me personally, CBD has helped manage my feelings of anxiousness, but other benefits include:

• better, deeper sleep

• mood improvement

• hormonal support

• cyclical flare-ups

• chronic pain/discomfort

• inflammation

Why Equilibria

I had never really looked into CBD seriously before February because I didn’t think I needed it. But also because it seemed like there were a million brands out there, and I wasn’t sure where to start. Right off the bat, a few things stuck out to me about Equilibria which made me feel more confident in trying it.

First, it’s a female-founded CBD company committed to female-focused science. In other words, they understand the challenges associated with childbirth, hormones, menopause, and more. Second, their CBD is fully traceable meaning no questionable ingredients, no fillers, no middle-man. They control the supply chain to ensure the best product possible.

Another perk Equilibria offers that really sets them apart from other CBD brands is the direct line of communication with a dosage specialist. Anyone who purchases CBD through Equilibria has direct access to a one-on-one dosage specialist via phone consultation and/or email. So if you’re a CBD newbie like I was, you get access to a real live person who makes sure you’re getting the right dosage for best results.

For example, I started out with the Balance Box. I would take a soft gel in the morning and the daily drops before bed. After two weeks of that routine, I noticed better sleep right away, but that wasn’t my biggest reason for starting CBD. So I spoke with the dosage specialist, and we swapped the products so that I was taking the daily drops in the morning. For me personally, this has given me better results for both day and night.

Handling Anxiousness with Daily CBD Use | Creating A Calm Space In Your Home

The first question is always, “does it get you high?”… and the answer is NO.  Equilibria’s products contains less than 0.3% THC which mean you won’t be high or feel high. Everything is also 100% federally legal. You can drink a glass of wine, you can drink a cup of coffee. You can go about your day just as you normally would.

So where to start? I would recommend starting with the Balance Box so you can try both the Daily Drops and Daily Softgels and from there, your dosage expert can help you adjust your dose to meet your personal needs.

Equilibria is giving APOL readers 15% off their first order with code krystalfaircloth.

Handling Anxiousness with Daily CBD Use | Creating A Calm Space In Your Home

On my bedside table, I’ve also curated a number of items that help calm my mind. Linking below all the different things that help me create a quiet space for myself in our home:

Pillow Spray – I’ve used this one for years to spray on my pillow or duvet before bed

Doterra Lavender Oil – I’ll rub this one on the inside of my wrists.

Equilibria CBD oil and soft gels – dosage noted above

Bedtime Reading i.e. not my phone – Currently reading Open Book and listening to The One Thing on Audible

Mind ExercisesBreathe Magazine and Project Calm are two I think are really good.

Salt Lamp – Whether you believe salt lamps clean the air or not, the soft glow is very calming.

Collagen Sleep Shots – I started using these to try to aid my sleep when Bennett was a newborn.

Soy Candles – Just added these by Cedar Street – one of the black-owned businesses I recently discovered.


If you have any questions about daily CBD use, please email me! I would love to hear if there’s anything you do that works to quiet your mind or if you try any of the products in this post!

Handling Anxiousness with Daily CBD Use | Creating A Calm Space In Your Home

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    Love that you shared this. I’ve always been reluctant but I’m experiencing every. Single. Thing…mentioned here. Gonna give this brand a whirl. Also, you’re doing great mama!

    July 15, 2020 at 10:04 am
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