Discovering New Products w/ Gloss48

One of my favorite things is trying out new products, but sometimes the price tag attached doesn’t make that entirely possible. Luckily, there are now so many great websites and programs that make it incredibly simple and affordable to receive sample products right to your doorstep – including Gloss48.

Gloss 48 is a site featuring weekly promotional sales on up-and-coming beauty brands to let you try new products without breaking the bank. Every day, they pick out a fresh dose of niche products and offer them on sale for one week before they return to full-price. I’ve been able to try a couple of new brands offered by Gloss48, and most recently, I experimented with this mini set of SW Basics.  It’s an all-natural brand that produces skin care products using only three ingredients each!

The line is completely chemical-free and uses ingredients like apple cider vinegar and rosewater to lessen the chance of irritation, offer higher potency and have a smaller overall ecological impact. This is a great line for people with sensitive skin or those who are just concerned with using products loaded with harsh chemicals – and it’s on sale on Gloss48 now.

I could definitely tell by trying each one of these products that they are entirely made from natural ingredients – there were no chemical or artificial smells and each had a very rich texture about it. I cannot tell you about long term use of the product yet, but so far it’s very good! (Plus, I just love good packaging too!)

Head over to Gloss48 to get more details on SW Basics and for more information on their weekly promotional sales!

All skin care product in this post and on social media were courtesy of Gloss48 and compensation was received, but all opinions remain my own.

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